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Elizabeth Dumville (1830-1907): Source Documents

In chronological order
1841 1841 Census in Hunton
William Bell, Agricultural Labourer, and others including
Robert Dumville, 70-75 years, Agricultural Labourer, born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth, 60-65, born in Yorkshire Joseph, 20-25, Agricultural Labourer, born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth, 10 years, born in Yorkshire
Thomas, 35-40 years, Agricultural Labourer, born in Yorkshire
Mary, 35-40 years, born in Yorkshire
Mary, 8 years, born in Yorkshire
George, 5 years, born in Yorkshire
Robert, 3 years, born in Yorkshire
17 January
Marriage in Hornby, diocese of Ripon, Yorkshire. Robert Lawson, bachelor, age 26, labourer, son of Robert Lawson, labourer and Elizabeth Dumville, spinster, age 20, daughter of Robert Dumville. Both resident in Hunton. Both signed. Witnesses: John Dumville, Ann Lawson. Vicar: George Alderson.
1851 1851 Census in Hunton, at number 23 (no road name is given)
Robert Lawson, Head, married, 28, Labourer, born in Hunton
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 21, born in Hunton
Elizabeth, Daughter, 3 months, born in Hunton

Robert and Elizabeth Lawson were living right next-door to Elizabeth's parents!:

1851 Census in Hunton, at number 24
Robert Dumville, Head, married, 84, Molecatcher, born in Masham
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 67, born in Marrick
James, Son, unmarried, 26, born in Hunton
Robert, Grandson, 4, born in Crakehall

I think this grandson, Robert, must be the son of Joseph (born 1819) and Harriet. Perhaps he was staying with his grandparents while his parents made their preparations for their great emigration to the USA later in 1851?
1857 When Grand Old Molecatcher Robert Dumville died, his son-in-law Robert Lawson was the informant of his death:

Death Certificate, Leyburn Registration District, Yorkshire, No 257, 2 February 1857, Robert Dumville, male, 95 years, Agricultural Labourer, died from natural decay, not certified, Informant Robert Lawson, present at death, Hunton, registered 4 February 1857, Registrar John Ridley
1881 1881 Census in Hunton Robert Lawson, Head, married, 58, Farmer/Grocer, born in Hunton
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 50, born in Hunton
Charlotte, Daughter, 17, born in Hunton
Ada, Daughter, 9, born in Hunton
1890 Entry in Bulmer's 'History and Directory of North Yorkshire' (1890): Robert Lawson, shopkeeper in Hunton. Several grocers and other businesses are listed too. No molecatcher.

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