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Dr Harry Charles Dumville (1877-1969)
Newspaper Cuttings

Dr Harry C Dumville spent most of his life in Lockport, Niagara County, New York State

This article was published on 10 February 1958:

Doctor's Work Done

That was a fitting and well earned tribute that Niagara Falls doctors paid the other night to Dr Harry C Dumville, retiring after practising Medicine here for 52 years.

There are thousands of residents who would have welcomed a chance to add their testimony of Dr Dumville's worth to the accolade offered by his associates. Few Men in this city's history have become so widely known and so genuinely beloved during a lifetime of dedicated and untiring service.

For more than half a century Dr Dumville has exemplified the finest features of the relationship that exists between the family doctor and his patients, between a gifted and ethical professional man and his community. Who can measure - or attempt to guess - the great amount of good that has flowed from his ministrations, daily and nightly, over such a long time?

Happily, he enters retirement in good health and with a keen appetite for the fruits of his life's labours. Friends everywhere will join in wishing him many years of comfort and contentment.

photograph: Dr Harry C Dumville
Dr Harry C Dumville

This article was published on 26 September 1958:

Farewell for the Doctor

Dr Harry C Dumville was a physician for 52 years, and former chief of staff, chief of surgery and member of the Board of Trustees for Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital. On his retirement, the newspaper reported on his retirement dinner:

'Dr Dumville has been a success because of his great natural piety - which shows a man that he is a link between those who preceded us and those who will come after', said Dr T J McBlain, Dean of Niagara County Physicians.

Dr E E Gillick Sr, said: 'This city is very fortunate to have a doctor practice here for 50-odd years with the honesty and intense interest in his patients that Dr Dumville always exhibited.'

...Dr Dumville, who will leave for Dallas, Texas, October 1, was born in Lockport in 1877. He was graduated from Union School, (Lockport High School) in 1899 and from New York Medical College in 1906. He interned at Genesee Hospital, Rochester, in the summer of 1906, and came to Niagara Falls in September of that year. His first office was in South Ave. Later he moved to Fourth St.

Dr Dumville is affiliated with the staffs of Memorial Hospital and Mt St Mary's Hospital and has been a member of Niagara Falls County Club since 1931. One of the early members of the Niagara Falls Academy of Medicine, he served on the preparedness committee of the Niagara Falls Medical Society from 1942 to 1945. During that period, he was chief of surgery and chief of staff of the hospital.

A member of one of the first boards of managers of the Niagara County Sanatorium, Lockport, he has been city bacteriologist and was elected coroner for this area on the Democratic ticket.

In 1906, he married the former Miss Sue Bendinger of Lockport. They have two sons, Harry Dumville Jr, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and George L Dumville, Dallas.

This is from an e-mail message received from Sandra Myers Kelly on 25 April 2005:

I was born in Niagara Falls, New York and delivered by Dr Harry C Dumville. He was our family doctor until I was in my teens. I remember him as a very kind man who having diagnosed me with scarlet fever at the age of five, and knowing that I was frightened of going to hospital by ambulance, wrapped me in a blanket and delivered me there himself.

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