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James Dumville (1824-1887): Source Documents

In chronological order
1851 Census 1851 in Hunton:
Robert Dumville, Head, married, 84, Molecatcher, born in Masham
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 67, born in Marrick
James, Son, unmarried, 26, born in Hunton
Robert, Grandson, 4, born in Crakenhall
James was not with his parents in Hunton in the earlier 1841 census
5 November
1854, Patrick Brompton. James Dumville, Bachelor, and Margaret Shields, Spinster, both of this parish, were married by licence, 5 November, by me, Robert Close.
22 August
Death Certificate, Registration District Leyburn in the Sub-district of Leyburn in the County of York, No. 324
22nd August 1855 in Hunton, Robert Dumville, 13 days, Son of James Dumville Agricultural Labourer, cause of death Convulsions not Certified, signature, description and residence of informant: James Dumville Present at death Hunton, registered: 23rd August 1855, John Teale Registrar
1855-1857 In the baptismal records of 1855 and 1856 James is described as a Molecatcher; in 1857 as an Agricultural Labourer.
4 May
In the Hunton Manorial Court Rolls list of Tenants and Residents the name of James' father, Robert Dumville, is crossed out and James Dumville substituted (plus George Dumville). Robert had died earlier that year.
1861 Census 1861 in Hunton
James Dumville, Head, married, 36, Molecatcher, born in Hunton
Margaret, Wife, married, 24, born in Ravensworth
Mary Ann, Daughter, 4, born in Hunton
Robert James, Son, 3, born in Hunton
Elizabeth, Daughter, 1, born in Hunton
William Shields, Brother-in-law, 13, Ravensworth
or 1869
Margaret, and probably James, must have visited his older brother Joseph (1819-1900), in Lockport, USA, because we learn from the 1871 census, below, that Lucy J had been born there.
1871 Census 1871 Hunton
James Dumville, Head, married, 46, Agricultural Labourer, born in Hunton
Margaret, Wife, married, 35, born in Kirby M
Elizabeth, Daughter, unmarried, 11, Scholar, born in Hunton
George, Son, 10, Scholar, born in Hunton
Joseph, Son, 5, born in Hunton
John, Son, 4, born in Hunton
Lucy J, Daughter, 2, born in East Lockport, America
Margaret, Daughter, 4 months, born in Hunton
Why is Margaret's birthplace given as Kirby M in this and the 1881 censuses, whereas earlier her birthplace was given as Ravensworth?
1877 William Dumville: son of James, Birth Certificate. Born 21 June 1877, Hunton, William, son, of James Dumville, Mole Catcher, and Margaret Dumville formerly Shields. Informant: Margaret Dumville, Mother, Hunton, 23. Registration District Leyburn, no. 95, July 1877.
1880 Birth Certificate of Amanda Phillips née Pearson (b 1880)

Registration District
1880 Birth in the Sub-district of       in the County of
1. When and where born 15th April 1880 Bellerby
2. Name, if any Amanda
3. Sex Girl
4. Name and surname of father John Thomas Pearson
5. Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Elizabeth Pearson formerly Dunnville
6. Occupation of father Joiner
7. Signature, description and residence of informant John Thomas Pearson, Father, Bellerby
8. When registered Fourth May 1880
9. Signature of registrar George Spensley, registrar
1881 Census 1881 in Hunton
James Denneville, Head, married, 56, Molecatcher, born in Hunton
Margaret, Wife, married, 44, born in Kirby M
John, Son, 14, born in Hunton
Margaret, Daughter, 10, born in Hunton
Lilly, Daughter, 5, born in Hunton
Alfred, Son, 6, born in Hunton
William, Son, 3, born in Hunton
Robert James, Son, 11 months, born in Hunton
Henry Kendrew, Son-in-law to Head of house, 32, Coachman, born in Bedale
Mary Ann Kendrew, Wife, married, 24, born in Hunton
James Kendrew, Son, 16 weeks, born in ?
Note the spelling of the surname: Denneville - most probably the census enumerator's invention! Young Robert James, born 1880, must have been named in memory of his older brother, also Robert James, who had died the year before, in 1879, aged only 21.
1881 Census in Langthorne, Yorkshire
John Thomas Pearson, Head, married, 24, Joiner, born in Bellerby
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 21, born in Hunton
Amanda, Daughter, 11 months, born in Bellerby
Elizabeth was Joseph's fourth child, born in 1860.
1889 Birth Certificate of Johnson Dumville (b 1889)

Registration District Stokesley
1889 Birth in the Sub-district of Stokesley in the County of York
No. 370
1. When and where born Twenty Seventh September 1889 Great Ayton R.S.D.
2. Name, if any Johnson
3. Sex Boy
4. Name and surname of father George Dumville
5. Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Susanna Dumville formerly Johnson
6. Occupation of father Police Constable
7. Signature, description and residence of informant Esther Smith Present at the Birth Great Ayton
8. When registered Eighth October 1889
9. Signature of registrar Abraham Trowsdale Registrar
Transcript of notes written in family Bible by James Dumville (1824-1887)
Page 1 James Dumville Born July 12/1824
Margaret Dumville Born December 3/1836
when Married November 12/1854
Robert Dumville — Born — August — — 1855
Mary Ann Dumville Born June 21/1856
Robert James Dumville Born January 3(?)/1858
Elizabeth Dumville Born January 25/1860
George Dumville Born November 2th 1860
1 Lucy Dumville Born July 24th/1863
Joseph Dumville Born April 14th 1865
John Dumville Born October 15th 1866
Born In America Lockport Niagara County
New York States America
2 Lucy Isabell Dumville
Born July 4th 1868
Margaret Dumville Born November 25/187?
Lilly Dumville Born January 15/18??
Alfred Dumville Born Sep 4/18??
Lilly Dumville Born March 16/?
left edge
of page 1
Johnson Dumville Born at Gt Ayton Septr 27/1889
Page 2 Robert Dumville my father Died February 2/1857 Aged ? yrs
Lucy Dumville Died January 20th 1865 Ag 18 Mon
Elizth Dumville my Mother Died August 8th 1870 Ag 88
Lilly Dumville Died April 28th/1873 Ag 4 Months
Robert James Dumville July 28/1879 Aged 21
John Dumville May 11/1886 Aged 19
James Dumville died May 4th 1887 age 62
Suson Dumville Son Georges Wife Died
at Gret Ayton Octr 7/1889
Robert James 2nd Dumville March 11th/1903 Age 22
George Dumville Died Dec 27th 1906
Margaret Dumville Mother died
May 4th 1920. aged 83.
Alfred Dumville died March 4th 1922 Aged 47.
Page 3 Joseph Dumville and Mary ?
Gilyead was married at Hornby C?
on the 15th of October 1890
J J Etherington and Lucy Dumville was
Married at Great Ayton on November 15/189?

Note: Photocopies of the pages of notes written in the family Bible were provided by Margaret Jones née Dumville.

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