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Joseph (Joe) Dumville (1856-1933): Biography

photograph: Catharine and Joe Dumville

Catharine and Joe Dumville

Joe Dumville left St Catharines, Ontario, in 1893 by train with a carload of settlers effects, arriving in Moosomin, Northwest Territories, in March of that year. He was met by brother Charles, and brother-in-law John Gibson who helped him move about 12 miles north to what is now the Rocanville District, where he farmed, and was joined by his wife and their four children. A family home was built in 1907 (SW 1-16-31), and several of the Dumville family settled nearby, including Catharine Dumville's father, William Brown, Joseph's brothers Charles and George, and his brother-in-law John Gibson.

In order to resolve some local dissent, and to ensure that the school was built nearby, Joe donated two acres of land and in 1896 Cambridge School was built. Many Dumville children attended it. When the school closed the building was moved to Moosomin to become part of their museum, and the land returned to the former owners.

Joseph loved good horses and won many prizes showing them at local fairs. After retiring from farming he moved to his son Ed's home, and usually spent some time each summer visiting his other children and winters in the Vancouver/Victoria area visiting relatives.

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