Fullerton Genealogy

b c1795
born: c1795 in Grindon, Northumberland
residence: Nesbit, Northumberland (1851)
occupation: Farm Labourer (1851)
WIFE: Isabella
born: c1797 in Little Hill, Northumberland
Jane Fullerton (b c1822 in Flodden, Northumberland)
Robert Fullerton (b c1825 in Flodden, Northumberland)
Isabella Fullerton (b c1832 in Flodden, Northumberland)
James Fullerton (c1837 in Flodden, Northumberland -1901)
Mary Fullerton (b c1848 in Flodden, Northumberland)
One of the Children of Thomas Fullerton (b c1795) and Isabella Fullerton (b c1797)
James Fullerton
father: Thomas Fullerton (b c1795)
mother: Isabella Fullerton (b c1797)
born: c1837 in Flodden, Northumberland (birthplace also given as Milfield and as Ford, which are nearby)
died: 27 January 1901 in Jarrow, Durham
residence: Milfield, Northumberland (1861), Farmwellgate (1871), Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland (1881), Hebburn, Durham (1891)
occupation: Farm Labourer (1851, 1898), Agricultural Labourer (1861, 1871), Carter (1881), Shipyard Laborer (1891), Plasterers Labourer (1898), Contractors Cartman (1901)
WIFE: Jane Luke, married: (1)
born: c1833 in Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland
died: 18 October 1885 in Tweedmouth, Northumberland
Isabella Fullerton (b 14 April 1861 in Milfield, Northumberland)
Margaret Fullerton (b c1863 in Bellmont, Durham)
Jane Fullerton (b c1865 in Bellmont, Durham)
Mary Fullerton (b c1867 in Bellmont, Durham or Moorhouse, Durham)
Elizabeth Fullerton (b c1869 in Bellmont, Durham or Moorhouse, Durham)
Thomas Fullerton (b c1873 in Newton Grange, Durham)
WIFE: Elizabeth Ann Robinson, married: (2) 5 February 1898 in South Shields, Durham
father: Joseph Robinson (b c1837 in Wooler, Northumberland, Shoemaker)
mother: Sarah Ellen Robinson née Gilholm (1838-1870)
born: 23 July 1868 in Darlington, Durham
residence: Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland (1871), Wooler, Northumberland (1881), Hebburn, Durham (1901)
Minnie Fullerton (b c1890 in Gateshead, County Durham)
James Fullerton (b c1891 in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland)
Alexander Laing formerly Fullerton (1898-1935, b in Jarrow, County Durham)
Agnes Laing (b c1904 in York, Yorkshire)
Louisa Mary Laing (b c1905 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire)
1. Minnie Fullerton (b c1890) and James Fullerton (b c1891) are listed in the 1901 census. They were born about seven years before the marriage of James Fullerton (c1837-1901) and Elizabeth Ann Robinson (b 1868) and so their birth certificates may give their surname as Robinson or as some other name.
2. Elizabeth Ann Fullerton née Robinson married (2) on 13 November 1901 in South Shields, Durham, James Laing (b 19 August 1866 in Hebburn, Durham; Plumber (1901); father: John Laing, Shipwright; mother: Jane Laing née Jevin).
3. See Robinson Genealogy.
Two of the Children of James Fullerton (c1837-1901) and Jane Fullerton née Luke (c1833-1885)
Mary Fullerton
b c1867
father: James Fullerton (c1837-1901)
mother: Jane Fullerton née Luke (c1833-1885)
born: c1867 in Shincliff, County Durham
note: Mary Moderate née Fullerton (b c1867) was the informant on the death certificate of her father James Fullerton (c1837-1901)
Joseph Moderate (b c1895 in Jarrow, County Durham)
Thomas Harold Moderate (b c1897 in Jarrow, County Durham)
Annie Moderate (b c1899 in Jarrow, County Durham)
Florence Moderate (b c1900 in Jarrow, County Durham)
HUSBAND: William Moderate
born: c1871 in Walker, Northumberland
occupation: Ship Plumber
Thomas Fullerton
father: James Fullerton (c1837-1901)
mother: Jane Fullerton née Luke (c1833-1885)
born: c1873 in Shincliff, County Durham
occupation: Stoker on Steamship
Child of James Fullerton (c1837-1901) and Elizabeth Ann Fullerton née Robinson (b 1868)
Fullerton Laing
also known as Alexander Fullerton, Alexander Laing
father: James Fullerton (c1837-1901)
mother: Elizabeth Ann Fullerton née Robinson (b 1868)
born: 13 August 1898 in Jarrow, County Durham
died: 1935
occupation: Stager in Shipyard (1920)
WIFE: Elizabeth Jane Dunn, married: 28 December 1920 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
father: George Frederick Taylor Dunn
mother: Martha Dunn née Young
born: 30 March 1893 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
died: 17 May 1968
Donald (Don) Laing
Alexander (Derry) Fullerton Laing
Malcolm (Mac) Laing
Gordon Laing
Neil Laing
Alan Laing
See Dunn Genealogy.

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