Laing Genealogy
The Laing Family of Durham

This website is mainly about members of the Laing family who are descendants of Alexander Fullerton Laing (1898-1935) and Elizabeth Jane Laing née Dunn (1893-1968). Alexander Fullerton Laing was born on 13th August 1898 in Jarrow, Durham, with the surname Fullerton, the son of James Fullerton and Elizabeth Fullerton née Robinson (b 1868/69). He added the surname Laing after his father died and his mother married James Laing (b 1866). Therefore most of the research has been into the Fullerton, Dunn and Robinson families.

This page has been added in case any of the members of the Laing families visiting this website are related to David Laing (b c1835 in Scotland), John Laing (b c1842 in Scotland), or any of their children, most of whom were born in Hebburn, Durham.

Brothers David Laing (b c1835) and John Laing (b c1842)
David Laing
b c1835
born: c1835 in Scotland
residence: Hebburn, Durham (1881)
occupation: Labourer Iron Ship Yard (1861), Driller (1881)
WIFE: Elizabeth
born: c1837 in Scotland
residence: Hebburn, Durham (1881)
Jane Laing (b c1860 in Jarrow, Durham)
Kat Laing (daughter, b c1871 in Hebburn, Durham)
David Laing (b c1873 in Hebburn, Durham)
Charles Laing (b c1875 in Hebburn, Durham)
William Laing (b c1880 in Hebburn, Durham)
John Laing
b c1842
born: c1842 in Scotland
residence: Hebburn, Durham (1881, 1891)
occupation: Boiler Maker (1861), Plater (Ship) (1881, 1891)
WIFE: Jane Jevin [surname?]
born: c1845 in Scotland
residence: Hebburn, Durham (1881, 1891)
James Laing (b 1866 in Hebburn, Durham; married Elizabeth Ann Fullerton née Robinson)
Edward J. Laing (b c1870 in Hebburn, Durham; Platers Apprentice (1891))
David Septimus Laing (b c1875 in Hebburn, Durham; Platers Apprentice (1891))
John Laing (b c1880 in Hebburn, Durham)
Ellen J. Laing (b c1880 in Hebburn, Durham)
Flora W. Laing (b c1883 in Hebburn, Durham)
One of the Children of John Laing (b c1842) and Jane Laing née Jevin (b c1845)
James Laing
b 1866
father: John Laing (b c1842)
mother: Jane Laing née Jevin (b c1845)
born: 19 August 1866
residence: Hebburn, Durham (1901)
occupation: Apprentice Plater (Ship) (1881), Plumber (1901)
WIFE: Elizabeth Ann Fullerton née Robinson, married: 13 November 1901 in South Shields, Durham
father: Joseph Robinson (b c1837 in Wooler, Northumberland, Shoemaker)
mother: Sarah Ellen Robinson née Gilholm (1838-1870)
born: 23 July 1868 in Darlington, Durham
residence: Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland (1871), Wooler, Northumberland (1881), Hebburn, Durham (1901)
children (by first marriage, to James Fullerton (c1837-1901):
Minnie Fullerton (b c1890 in Gateshead, County Durham)
James Fullerton (b c1891 in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland)
Alexander Laing formerly Fullerton (1898-1935, b in Jarrow, County Durham)
children (by second marriage, to James Laing (b 1866):
Agnes Laing (b c1904 in York, Yorkshire)
Louisa Mary Laing (b c1905 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire)
1. Elizabeth Ann Robinson married (1) on 5 February 1898 in South Shields, Durham, James Fullerton (c1837-1901).
2. See Fullerton Genealogy.
3. See Robinson Genealogy.