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Edmund Dumville (b c1570)

Edmund Dumville
of Rostherne
b c1570
born: c1570 in Lymm, Cheshire
Marriage settlement. Thor 1/1/14/1 11th February 1627
Signed Elizabeth Massye; seal missing.
Parties: William Millington of Millington co. Chester gent. and Elizabeth Massye widow late wife of Hugh Massye late of Denfield in Rostherne gent.
Property: the manor of Millington with lands there and in High Leigh and Partington as in Thor 1/1/13/2.
Consideration: a marriage between John son and heir of William Millington and Anne Massye daughter of Elizabeth.
500 to be paid to William Millington.
The property to be granted to trustees Edmund Dumville of Lyme esq. and William Massye of Mossehouse in Audlem gent.
Conditions: to the use of John Millington for life, then to Anne Massye for jointure for life, to the heirs of John and Anne, to the heirs of William as regards the property set out in Thor 1/1/13/2 above.
As for the rest of the manor and property: to William Millington for life, then to the heirs of John and Anne William Millington the right to have his portion apart from the capital messuage and demesne lands. The right of William Millington to make a jointure to a wife to the value of £20 per annum.
Elizabeth Massye to give the wedded pair one year's table or pay £16 and William Millington to give the same.

The groom John Millington's father William Millington of Rostherne was a grandson of Roger Millington and Elizabeth Domville of Lymm, and he was born in 1576. This was within a few years of the birth of Edmund Dumville. It is possible that Edmund Dumville's grandfather was a brother of Elizabeth Domville, and that this is the link between the Domville family and this branch of the Dumville family. Elizabeth Domville was a descendant of Hugh Domville.
WIFE: married: (1) c1595
born: c1575
buried: 13 January 1613 in Rostherne, Cheshire
[2F] Elizabeth Dumville (christened 17 March 1596 in Rostherne, Cheshire)
[3M] William Dumville (christened 5 October 1600 in Rostherne, Cheshire, died young, buried 1 May 1610 in Rostherne, Cheshire)
[4M] Hugh Dumville (christened 6 March 1603 in Rostherne, Cheshire)
[5F] Ellen Dumville (christened 22 October 1609 in Rostherne, Cheshire, died young, buried 10 May 1612 in Rostherne, Cheshire)
[6F] Ellen Dumville (christened 7 August 1612 in Rostherne, Cheshire)
WIFE: Margaret Gandy, married: (2) 19 February 1622 in Rostherne, Cheshire
buried: 16 October 1622 in Rostherne, Cheshire
[7M] John Dumville (christened 7 March 1622, buried 7 April 1663)
Child of Edmund Dumville (b c1570) [1] and Margaret Dumville née Gandy (d c1622)
John Dumville
father: Edmund Dumville (b c1570) [1]
mother: Margaret Dumville née Gandy (d c1622)
christened: 7 March 1622 in Rostherne, Cheshire
buried: 7 April 1663 in Rostherne, Cheshire
WIFE: Elizabeth Humfrey, married: 10 May 1653 in Rostherne, Cheshire
[8M] John Dumville of Rostherne (christened 3 June 1654, buried 13 July 1703)
[9F] Ellen Dumville (christened 26 April 1656 in Rostherne, Cheshire, married Joseph Ridley on 25 December 1678 in Rostherne, Cheshire)

The information for this page was researched and provided by Steve Brown.

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John Dumville (d 1703) [8M], grandson of Edmund Dumville (b c1570) [1]