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Laurence George Dunville (1897-1959)

name: Laurence George Dunville spouse: Elva McDonald
father: George Robert Dumville father:
mother: Harriet Couchman mother:
born: 9 January 1897 born: 30 July 1909
place: Moosomin, Saskatchewan place: Manitoba
died: 6 June 1959 died: 17 February 2000 in Brampton, Ontario
place: Malton, Ontario place:

married: 1936 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Children and Grandchildren

Donna Helen Dunville born 17 August 1938 in Fort William, Ontario, died
married Gerald Williams (born 3 October 1934 in Perth, Ontario)
Michael (Mike) Laurence Williams (born 30 November 1960, married Sue (born 8 July 1961), children: Ryan Michale Williams (born 13 December 1982), Mathew David Williams (born 15 May 1985))
Dawn Louise Williams (born March 1967, married 1991, divorced 21 September 2002)
Joanne Marie Dunville born 1 March 1940
married McQueen
Joey McQueen
Janice McQueen (died)
Johnny McQueen
Jodene McQueen (died 15 June 1989)
William (Bill) Campbell
born 10 December 1941
married (1) 1 May 1962 in Malton, Ontario, Josephine Bell (born 19 May 1944 in Owen Sound, died 1969), (2) Ellen Wilson and divorced 1981, (3) 9 September 1995, Andrée Guilbault
Rhonda Lee Dunville (born 15 January 1963 in Brampton, Ontario, married Donald Stead and divorced 1997, children: Sarah Stead (daughter Haylie Paris Puritch, born 24 May 2005, son Ryder Cullen Cantwell, born 20 April 2010), Shanyn Stead, Jordyn Stead)
Shelley Lynn Dunville (born 11 July 1963, adopted)
Tammy Lynn Dunville (born 9 November 1964 in Brampton, Ontario, married Paul Apsitis, daughter Cassidy Apsitis, born 18 June 2000, son (adopted) Kyle Dunville, born 18 April 1998)
William (Billy) Douglas Dunville (born 12 August 1968 in Brampton, Ontario, died 11 May 2008 in Brampton, Ontario, married Natalie Davis (died 2001), son Kyle Dunville, born 18 April 1998)
Douglas James McDonald
born 22 August 1945 in Toronto, Ontario
married 25 May 1963, Wendy Kiteley (born 28 September 1947), divorced
Toni Marie Dunville (born 12 May 1963), daughter Faith Isobel Secord
Douglas Richard Dunville (born 16 April 1964 in Weston, Ontario, children Krista Pamela Joanne Dunville, William Raymond McDonald Dunville, Haley Marie Dunville, grandson Jacob Dorrington)
James Michael Dunville (born 7 February 1967, died 16 May 1967)

Information for this page was compiled in 1972 by Wilfred Leslie Dunville (1894-1976) and given by his son Lawrence Leslie Dunville (b 1924) to Clifford Dumville (b 1923) in 1991. It was published in Clifford Dumville's book 'Robert Dumville of Hunton England and his Descendants in England USA and Canada', where it was revised in 1997. Additional information was provided by Wendy Pitre, Sarah Stead and Dawn Louise Williams.

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