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William Dumville (1840-1907)

In 1815 the new immigrants to Prince Edward Island included a family of Dumvilles from England: father James Sr (39), sons Thomas (15), Joseph (11), Edward (6), and Samuel (5), and a pregnant wife who delivered a son, Thomas Jr, after landing (the ages are approximate). Many descendants of James Sr believe he was the son of Henry Dumville (born in 1725 in Ireland, died in 1789 in Scotland) who was the son of Edmund Dumville (born in about 1701 in Ireland, died in 1762 in Olney, Buckinghamshire).

William Dumville (1840-1907) was the second child of Thomas Dumville (c1800-1890) and Janet Dumville née Jardine (b c1807), and a grandson of James Dumville (b c1776).

William Dumville
father: Thomas Dumville (c1800-1890)
mother: Janet Jardine (b c1807)
born: 1 January 1840 in Prince Edward Island
wife: Jane Crooks, married: 3 October 1845 in Restigouche County, New Brunswick
born: 3 October 1845 in Restigouche County, New Brunswick
died: 15 August 1927
John Dumville (b 13 May 1874 in Bonaventure County, Quebec)
Frances Dumville (b 24 March 1876 in Bonaventure County, Quebec)
William Dumville (b 4 May 1880 in Bonaventure County, Quebec)
Ellen (Nellie) Dumville (b 12 December 1882 in Bonaventure County, Quebec)
Aretus (Arthur) Garfield Dumville (b 18 September 1885 in Bonaventure County, Quebec)
Mary Jane Dumville (b 15 February 1888 in Bonaventure County, Quebec)
Some of the Children of William Dumville (1840-1907) and Jane Dumville née Crooks (1845-1927)
John Dumville
b 1874
father: William Dumville (1840-1907)
mother: Jane Dumville née Crooks (1845-1927)
born: 13 May 1874 in Bonaventure County, Quebec
wife: Victoria Ann Pike
Henrietta Dorothy Dumville (b 16 April 1906)
William Maxwell Dumville (b 25 April 1908)
Walter Howard Dumville (b 17 September 1916, married 8 December 1945 at St. Mary's Parish Church, Greenfield, Yorkshire, Marian Bolton)
Grace Dumville
William Dumville
father: William Dumville (1840-1907)
mother: Jane Dumville née Crooks (1845-1927)
born: 4 May 1880 in Bonaventure County, Quebec
died: 27 May 1968

William Dumville moved his family from the Gaspe, Quebec to a farm in Raymore, Saskatchewan in 1918, and it was at about this time that the spelling was changed to Dunville. William farmed this land until his death in 1968, when his son Earle took it over.
(reference: letter from Stan Dunville, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
wife: Isabella (Ella) MacKenzie, married: 30 June 1909
born: 18 July 1882
died: 24 November 1960
Avis Elizabeth Dunville (b 2 May 1910, married (1) Anthony Lightfoot, two daughters, married (2) Robert Fletcher Norris, one son, one daughter)
Florence Mary Dunville (b 26 March 1912, married (1) Percy Luck, one daughter, married (2) Murry Robinson, no children)
William Shirley Dunville (b 27 April 1914, married 9 October 1946, Margaretha (Greta) Aaltje Terschuur, one son)
Arthur Lindsay Dunville (b 21 November 1915, married Cecily Marion Smith, two sons)
Ena Mae Dunville (b 8 July 1917, married (1) 21 April 1941, Arthur Boam (b 24 April 1918), two daughters)
Stanley Thomas Dunville (b 5 November 1921, married Nell Forest (b 4 March 1925), one son, one daughter)
Margaret Jenny Dunville (b 17 April 1924, married Leslie Digney, one son, three daughters)
Joyce Isobel Dunville (b 9 December 1925, married Leslie Brentall, one son)
Earle Cecil Dunville (b 27 December 1926, married 4 November 1955, Iona Dillabough (b 26 March 1934), three daughters)
Harvard Stewart Dunville (b 29 December (?), married 8 December 1958, Natasha (Nell) Davies, one son)

The information on this page was copied from a book by Clifford Dumville, 'The Dumvilles of Prince Edward Island, Restigouche County, New Brunswick, and The Gaspe, Quebec'. The information on the descendants of William Dumville (1880-1968) and Isabella (Ella) Dumville née MacKenzie (1882-1960) was copied from a book by Ramond M Martin of Victoria, British Columbia, 'The Burtons of Black Cape and their Descendants', published in 1972.

One of Bessie Howard's grandsons is looking for information about his grandmother up to the date of her marriage. She was born in 1898 in Campbellton, New Brunswick, and was adopted officially or unofficially by William Dumville (1840-1907) and his wife Jane Dumville née Crooks (1845-1927), who lived across the river in Fleurant.

Bessie had siblings who were not adopted out, except for a brother Robert. William and Jane Dumville had six children of their own, born between 1874 and 1888. William and Jane were named as Bessie's parents on her 1921 marriage certificate.

Bessie had five children, all of whom were sent in the early 1930s to a children's home in New Hampshire, after her husband left her and she could not afford to raise their children on her own in the Depression.

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