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Caroline Marie Dumville née Ohst (1890-1928)
Automobile Accident

published in the Galvain, a local newspaper

Mrs. Caroline (Ohst) Dumville, of 74 Maple Avenue, Hackensack, was almost instantly killed last night when a car in which she was a passenger, crashed into the brick wall, just south of Madison Avenue on River Road, New Milford, and turned over twice. Arthur C. Barry, of 386 Grand Avenue, Leonia, the driver of the car, is reported seriously injured, sustaining a possible fracture of the skull and possibly broken ribs. He is in the Englewood Hospital.


Mr. Barry, an automobile salesman for the Nash Service Company, of Englewood, was driving north on River Road, apparently at high speed, when the accident occurred. The car hit the wooden fencing, caromed to the left and headed for the brick wall to the left of the thoroughfare, when in an attempt to prevent any further damage, the driver applied the brakes. Apparently only the right front brake held, as a lengthy scar on the macadam pavement indicated, and the car swerved and crashed into the brick wall to the right of the street. The impact was so great that a heavy flagstone slab resting on top of the brick railing was thrown off into the adjoining culvert and the car somersaulted twice, hurling Mrs. Dumville onto the pavement.

Mrs. Dumville, whose skull was fractured, was carried to the Witte home, nearby. Chief Harry L. Jordan, of the New Milford Police Department, and Officer Nicholas Cioglia, took charge.


A doctor was secured to examine Mr. Barry, and the body of Mrs. Dumville was removed to the Naugle Morgue in Oradell. Mrs. Dumville, a widow of 32, was the mother of four children and lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ohst, of 74 Maple Avenue, Hackensack.

Mr. Barry has a wife and two children living in Leonia. He has been a resident there four years. Mrs. Dumville was in his employment and it was said he was on his way with her to Hackensack at the time of the accident. The crash occurred at about 7.45 pm. Chief of Police Jordan will serve papers on Barry when he is able to leave the hospital, charging him with manslaughter.


The Hackensack ambulance was summoned to the scene with a physician but as the woman was dead, the ambulance returned, the physician having told the driver was not injured to any extent. Just how Barry came to be removed to the Englewood Hospital is not known, but it is believed it was his request. At the hospital this morning, it was said that the extent of Barry's injuries had not been determined. Mrs. Dumville was the sole support of her four children and her parents, her father, Mr. Ohst having been incapacitated by an injury to his foot some time ago.

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