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Edwin John Dumville (1848-1923)

Newspaper article published 23 June 1923


Returning American Dies in Sight of Land


... to rejoin his relations, whom he had left over fifty years ago to seek a career in America, and to "end his days," as he himself put it, at his nephew's home at Ealing. Mr. Edwin John Dumville crossed the Atlantic on the "Aquitania," only to die as the ship was in dock at Southampton on Tuesday morning

Mr. Edwin Joseph Dumville, the nephew, had been looking forward to the arrival of his uncle. He had made all preparations for his reception at his home, "Osterley," 8, Weymouth-avenue, South Ealing, and travelled down to Southampton on Monday to meet his uncle, who was 75 years of age. On Monday night he went on board the "Aquitania," which was berthed in Southampton Dock, and there saw his uncle, whom he had not seen since his boyhood, when the uncle had visited his brother's home at Stoke Newington, thirty years ago.

Mr. Joseph Dumville found his uncle in good health and spirits and remarkably vigorous for his age. He declared that he had had a smooth passage across the Atlantic, and that he was looking forward to setting foot again on English soil, which he had left fifty-two years before, and had only once visited in the interval. The two chatted for an hour, and arrangements were made for the nephew to call the next morning on the boat, when disembarkation was to take place.

Mr. Joseph Dumville re-visited the boat accordingly on the Tuesday morning, shortly after nine, and was then told that a few minutes earlier an old gentleman had dropped down dead. The old gentleman proved to be his uncle.

The late Mr. Edwin John Dumville was a native of Baldock, Herts, and as a young man he came to London and was in business with Messrs. Spencer, Turner and Boldero, of Lisson-grove, W. Being of an ambitious nature, however, he was attracted by the prospects offered in America, and he crossed to the States at the age of 23, joining the firm of Arnold Constable and Co., New York, silk merchants. He had an unbroken record of service with this firm of over fifty years, and only left them about three weeks ago. Although he became an American citizen, the dominant ambition of his later years was to return to his native land, and he was looking forward to spending pleasantly the evening of his life at Ealing.

The late Mr. Dumville was the last surviving member of the family of his generation. A brother, Mr. Benjamin Dumville, who made his home in Stoke Newington, was the father of Mr. Edwin Joseph Dumville, who after his marriage lived for some time at Seven Kings, and five years ago came to live in Ealing.


The inquest was held at Southampton on Wednesday afternoon by Mr. H.K. Pope (Southampton borough coroner), and a verdict of "Death from natural causes" was returned.

The deceased gentleman's address was given as 105, West 101st-street, New York.

Capt. Leonard Millington, emigration officer for the Port of Southampton, said that at 8.35 a.m. on the previous day he entered the second class smoking room to inquire if there were any more passengers for examination. He saw deceased standing there. As witness was leaving he heard a fall, and turning round, saw it was deceased.

Dr. Harold Trenchard Rossiter, assistant medical officer on the "Aquitania," said that a post-mortem revealed the cause of death to be syncope. Deceased received no medical attendance while on board.

Mr.Edward Joseph Dumville gave evidence as to his uncle's identity, and the Coroner, returning his verdict, expressed sympathy with the nephew.

The funeral will take place at Southampton New Cemetery, on Monday, at 2.30 p.m.


This newspaper cutting was enclosed with a letter dated 21 February 1978 from Hubert Hudson Dumville (b 1888) to a relative named Benjamin. Edwin John Dumville (1848-1923) was an uncle of Hubert Hudson Dumville. Copies of the letter from Hubert Hudson Dumville and the newspaper cutting were provided by Dr. James C. Dumville, Ph.D.

The name of the newspaper is only partly shown: '...LESEX COUNTY T...'. Could it be the Middlesex County Times?

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