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Thomas Dumville (1806-1893): Biography

We don't know much about Thomas himself, but two of his 21st century UK descendants, Geoffrey Brown and Anthony Dumville, have researched his descendants in some detail. Thomas spent most of his adult life in the same small north Yorkshire village of Fearby, where he was the local molecatcher. His descendants moved far and wide.

An American researcher, Martin Dunville (1922-1992), of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and Florida, believed that Thomas's son Thomas, born in 1843, went to America. This was later confirmed by research by Mary Nolte, Clifford Dumville and Jill Holroyd.

Thomas (born 1843) married Sarah Elizabeth Tongue. They had nine children: Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie), John, George Robert (16 April 1877, Louisville, Kentucky - 31 January 1936, St Louis, Missouri), Adelaide (Addie), Annie (Nancy), Walter F, Emma Gertrude (Trudy), Thomas Craighead (18 June 1893, Missouri - 12 February 1974, Missouri), and Edwin. Thomas died in St Louis, Missouri, 27 October 1925.

George Robert Dunville married Minnie Stringfellar. Their son, Robert Edwin Dunville (24 November 1906, St Louis, Missouri - 28 February 1963), was President of the Crosley Broadcasting Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. He was also a qualified civilian pilot. Robert Edwin Dunville married Edna Roberta Buder in 1933, and was the father of Robert Edwin Jr and Roberta Edna.

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