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Thomas Dumville (1806-1893): Source Documents

In chronological order
1806 No birth record located for Thomas at Patrick Brompton
Baptized 23 November 1806 at Hornby by Bedale, Yorkshire (IGI)
1832 Banns of Marriage between Thomas Dumville of this parish bachelor and Mary Horseman of the parish of Masham, spinster, were published on three Sundays: 15, 22, 29 April
1841 In the 1841 Census Thomas and Mary are living with his father and stepmother, Robert and Elizabeth, at Hunton:
Wiliam Bell, Agricultural Labourer, and others including
Robert Dumville, 70-75 years, Agricultural Labourer, born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth, 60-65 years, born in Yorkshire
Joseph, 20-25 years, Agricultural Labourer, born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth, 10 years, born in Yorkshire
Thomas, 35-40 years, Agricultural Labourer, born in Yorkshire
Mary, 35-40 years, born in Yorkshire
Mary, 8 years, born in Yorkshire
George, 5 years, born in Yorkshire
Robert, 3 years, born in Yorkshire
1851 Census 1851 in Ellingstring
Thomas Dumville, Head, married, 45, Farmer, born in Hunton, Yorkshire
Robert, Son, unmarried, 13, Scholar, born in Ellingstring
Isabella, Daughter, 9, Scholar, born in Ellingstring
Thomas, Son, 7, Scholar, born in Ellingstring
John, Son, 4, Scholar, born in Ellingstring
Elizabeth Horsman, Visitor, 40, born in Myton, Yorkshire
1861 Census 1861 in Fearby
Thomas Dumville, Head, married, 54, Mole-killer, born in Hunton
Mary, Wife, married, 56, born in Myton on Swale
Henry, Grandson, 8, Scholar, born in Ellingstring
James, Grandson, 5, Scholar, born in Ellingstring

Henry and James were the sons of Thomas's unmarried daughter Mary Ann (1833-1911). In 1861, the year of this census, Mary Ann gave birth to her third son, John, in Helperby. Three years later, in 1864, she married Francis Foxton, and had three more children.

Also in 1861, Thomas's son Robert (1838-1875) was married.
Marriage certificate 9 March 1861, in the Parish Church of Bradford, by banns. Geo de Penzy, Asst Curate. Robert Dumville, age 23, bachelor, whitesmith, resident Bradford, son of Thomas Dumville, farmer. Elizabeth Furby, aged 24, spinster, servant, resident Bradford, daughter of George Furby, shoemaker. Both signed full names. Witnesses William Holmes and Christopher Gibson.

In the same year, 1861, Thomas's son John is shown in Cowling Hamlet, parish of Burrill with Cowling, with others, in the household of Richard Outhwaite, widower, aged 96, blind, and his unmarried son Christopher aged 37, farmer of 194 acres:
John Dumbille, Servant, unmarried, 14, Carter, born in Ellingstring

1871 Census 1871 in Fearby
Thomas Dumville, Head, 64, Mole Catcher, Born in Hunton
Mary, Wife, 66

In the same census Thomas's grandson Thomas, son of Robert and Elizabeth (who had married in 1861, above), is listed with his mother's family in Masham, Yorkshire:

11 Market Place, Masham
George Firby, Head, married, 66, Shoemaker, born in Masham
Mary, Wife, 64, born in Kirbymoorside
George, Son, 26, Shoemaker, born in Masham
Margaret, Daughter, 20, Dressmaker, born in Masham
Tom Dumville, Grandson, 8, Scholar, born in Bradford

1881 Census 1881 in Fearby
Thomas Dumville, Head, 74, Molecatcher, born in Hunton
Mary, Wife, 76, born in Myton
Mary E Metcalfe, Granddaughter, 14, born in Hackforth
John T Metcalfe, Grandson, 11, born in Hackforth
Wiliam Metcalfe, Grandson, 8, born in Hackforth

The mother of these three grandchildren was Thomas's daughter Elizabeth (1843-1880) who had died the year before. Their father had died in 1874. In this census the youngest son, Arthur (aged 5) is staying with his cousin James and his family, in Snape (for details see Mary Ann Dumville (1833-1911): Source Documents)

Thomas's grandson Thomas (son of Robert) is again listed in Masham, living with his mother's family, while his mother has become a widow, but still lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Thomas is actually listed in two places in this census; in Masham, but also with his mother in Bradford:

Market Place, Church House, Masham
George Firby, Head, 76, Shoemaker, born in Masham
Mary, Wife, 74, born in Kirbymoorside
George, Son, 37, unmarried, Shoemaker Journeyman, born in Masham
Margaret, Daughter, 28, unmarried, Dressmaker, born in Masham
Thomas Dumville, Grandson, 18, Apprentice Shoemaker, born in Bradford

46 Chandos Street, Bradford
Elizabeth Dumville, Widow, 45, Charwoman, born in Masham
Thomas, 19, Shoemaker, born in Masham
Fred, 15, Spinner, born in Bradford
Polly, 11, born in Bradford
Arthur, 9, born in Bradford

Thomas's son John is working away from home, in County Durham:

20 West Street, Middlesborough
Lodging with David Morton, several people, including:
John Dumville, 35, Labourer, born in Fearby
James Metcalf, 32, Labourer, born in Enfield
Was James an in-law of John's sister Elizabeth?

1886 June: Thomas's wife Mary died in Fearby and was buried in Healey.
1891 46 Chandos Street, Bradford
Elizabeth Dumville, Widow, 54, born in Masham
Tom, Son, single, 28, Bootmaker, born in Masham
Fred, Son, single, 24, ? Overlooker, Wool, born in Bradford
Polly, Daughter, single, 20, Mill Hand, Worsted, born in Bradford
Arthur, Son, single, 18, Mill Hand, Wool, born in Bradford
1893 12 June: Thomas died in Fearby, and was buried in Healey.


Birth Certificate

Registration District Bradford
1894 Birth in the Sub-district of Bradford-East in the County of Bradford
No. 333
1. When and where born Seventh January 1894 37 Barkerend Fold, Bradford U.S.D.
2. Name, if any Harry
3. Sex Boy
4. Name and surname of father Fred Dumville
5. Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Ada Dumville formerly Watson
6. Occupation of father Worsted Drawing Overlooker
7. Signature, description and residence of informant F. Dumville Father 37 Barkerend Fold Bradford
8. When registered Twentieth January 1894
9. Signature of registrar John J. Clarke, Registrar

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