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John Edwin (Ed) Dumville (1887-1966)

photograph: Ed and Emily Dumville
Ed and Emily Dumville
as newly-weds in 1922

Ed Dumville had his own farm in Rocanville, Saskatchewan. It was mixed farming, with about 100 head of cattle, some pigs and chickens, oats and barley for fodder, and wheat. Milking six to ten cows provided milk for the family and cream to sell to the Moosomin Creamery. Until about 1938 horses were used, then a tractor.

In 1936 he inherited his father Joseph's (1856-1933) homestead and farmed it as well as his own for a number of years. Ed's brother Charlie then took over until Ed finally sold it to Trevor Dumville, his nephew (son of Thomas Charles Dumville), who still owned it in 2003.

Ed married Emily Parker Jones in 1922. She was born in Bethnal Green, London, England, in 1890.

Ed's hobby was bee-keeping. At first he had just a couple of hives to produce for the family, but later it expanded into a cash crop. At its peak during the war years he kept some 20 hives producing about 4000 lbs of honey a year.

Fred Dumville eventually took over the farm from his parents, who moved to Vancouver to be near most of their family. Ed and Emily Dumville's ashes are scattered at the base of Cypress Tree #87 planted in Ed's honour just east of the flagpole by the Lower Pond in Victory Memorial Park, Surrey, British Columbia.

Their names are on the Memory Board in Memory Glen near the Chapel at the rear of the Park.

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