Government European School
Burton Street, Dar es Salaam
now known as Bunge Primary School



Welcome to a few web pages about Dar es Salaam in the 1950s and the Government European School in Burton Street!

In 1949 my parents and older sister left the U.K. on a B.O.A.C. Short Solent flying boat for Kenya, flying from Southampton Water to Lake Naivasha, with several stops on the way. They lived in Nakuru, which is 86 miles north of Nairobi and where I was born.

In 1955 we moved to Dar es Salaam. I went to the Nursery School in Burton Street and then the Government European School, which my sister also attended. Dar was an idyllic place to live, with its picturesque setting, sandy beaches, sunshine and adventure, and the Government European School was a wonderful part of all this. Its see-through walls made it particularly distinctive.

In 2013 I was contacted by a lady who had been in the same class as my sister, and her younger brother had been in the same class as me. We exchanged a few photographs of the school and Dar es Salaam. There seemed to be very little on the web about the school, and so I decided to add these pages and photographs.

If you were also lucky enough to attend the Government European School, you are very welcome to contact me using the button below.

Asante sana,

The February–March 2018 edition of Old Africa magazine ("Stories from East Africa's Past") has three and a half pages of an article titled "Burton Street School in Dar es Salaam", written by Henry Wainwright and others, and illustrated with early and recent photographs. The Old Africa website is at

On 14th July 2014 I received an e-mail message from Graham Hutton, who is a grandson of C.A. Bransgrove, the architect of the Government European School. He is researching his grandfather's work, and would be very grateful for any photographs, drawings or text relating to the Government European School or any other buildings designed by his grandfather. I would be happy to forward them to him. He pointed out that another floor has been added to the school, as you can see in two of the photographs on the Return to Dar es Salaam page.