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Joseph Dumville (1819-1900)

name: Joseph Dumville spouse: (1) Harriet Auton
father: Robert Dumville father:
mother: Elizabeth Johnson mother:
born: 16 March 1819 born: c1827
place: Hunton, Yorkshire place: Arrathorne, Yorkshire
died: 30 December 1900 (heart failure) died: 1860
buried: Cold Springs Cemetery, Lockport, USA buried: Cold Springs Cemetery, Lockport, USA

married: (1) 1845, in England, Harriet Auton
(2) 1860, in USA, Eliza Davis
(3) in USA, Amanda Thorne
(4) 1891, in USA, Alicia (Forsythe) McQueen
(5) November 1897, in USA, Eliza A Thorne
occupation: Brewer: Dumville and Son Brewing Co, 153 Van Buren St, Lockport, later Lockport Brewing Co
Also, with son George: a stave business (probably making barrel staves for beer barrels), and a boat business on the Erie Canal, Lockport.
main residence: 363 Market St, Lockport, New York, USA


Robert born 1845, Crakehall, Yorkshire, England, died 1854, USA
Elizabeth born 1846, Crakehall, Yorkshire, England, died 1854, USA
George born 1849, Crakehall, Yorkshire, England, died 1888, Lockport, USA
residence: 351 Market St, Lockport
married Harriet Lewis (Born 21 August 1855, died 20 October 1935, daughter of Elias Lewis and Ann Charles, both from Wales. He had a boat business on the Erie Canal, Lockport: see book 'Stars in the Water' for canal history. Harriet returned to nursing after George's death at age 39.)
Annie Lewis born 24 September 1875 in old Lewis home, 88 Jackson Street, died 1978
from 1920, Mail Room Supervisor at the Upson Company
Harry Charles MD* born 20 December 1877 at 351 Market Street, died 30 June 1969, Texas
married 1906, Sue Bendinger
Joseph Jr born 1851, Crakehall, Yorkshire, England, Died 1939, Lockport, USA
Shirt Manufacturer
married Eliza Mackay, residence 233 High Street, Lockport
Lillian born 1880, died 1923, unmarried
Florence Annie born 1881, died 1967, unmarried
Nettie Eliza born 1886, died 1974, unmarried
Janie born 1853, USA, died 1854, USA
Margaret born 1856, USA, died 28 December 1928, Lockport, USA
accomplished pianist
married Lewis P Gordon
Joseph Dumville* born 28 January 1897, died 1951
married 29 August 1929, Almira Margaret Wagner
Annie born 1859, USA, died 1881, USA

* We know that this person has descendants who are alive today.


Joseph Sr is buried in Cold Springs Cemetery, Lockport, USA. There is a large Dumville monument, with markers for 'Father, Mother, three children and two of Joseph's five wives'. In October 1924 Joseph Dumville Jr (1851-1939) donated a memorial window to Christ Episcopal Church in memory of his father, Joseph Sr. It is a reproduction of a painting by William Holman Hunt depicting Christ, crowned with thorns and carrying a lantern in his hand, knocking on a vine covered door. In Glenwood Cemetery there is a monument to his sons Joseph Jr and George, George's wife Harriet, Harry C (1877-1969), and Harry's wife Sue, sister Annie (Lewis), and son George (1912-1989).

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