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Alexander Kellock (d 1776)

Alexander Kellock
d 1776
died: 1776
occupation: Linen Draper (1775 will. One of the executors was John Dumville.)
wife: Elena Royle, married: (1) 13 February 1715 in Alderley, Cheshire
Mary Kellock (b 1716, baptised in Mobberley, Cheshire)
George Kellock (b 1724, baptised in Mobberley, Cheshire d 1764)
Eleanor Kellock (b 1726, baptised in Mobberley, Cheshire)
John Kellock (b 1728, baptised in Mobberley, Cheshire)
William Kellock (b 1731, baptised in Mobberley, Cheshire)
George and John went to Devon.
wife: Martha Orrell, married: (2) 22 April 1755 in Nether Alderley, Cheshire
One of the children of Alexander Kellock (d 1776) and Elena Kellock née Royle
John Kellock
b 1728
father: Alexander Kellock (d 1776)
mother: Elena Kellock née Royle
born: 1728
occupation: Mariner, Mercer (Linen Draper, like his father)
John Kellock was made a Freeman of Plymouth in 1765, when he was described as a 'gent'.
wife: Joanna Courtis, of Kingston, Devon
John Kellock (b 1763)
William Kellock (b 1765)
Elizabeth Kellock (b 1792)
One of the children of John Kellock (b 1728) and Joanna Kellock née Courtis
William Kellock
b 1765
father: John Kellock (b 1728)
mother: Joanna Kellock née Courtis
born: 1765
wife: Mary Berry
born: 13 November 1768
John Alexander Kellock (b 1792 in Modbury, Devon)
Mary Efford Kellock (b 1794 in Modbury, Devon, married James Bell Domville MD (1778-1846))
William Kellock (b 1796 in Modbury, Devon)
Catherine Kellock (b 1798 in Modbury, Devon)
Susan Kellock (b 1802 in Modbury, Devon)
Mary and her sister Catherine opened a school at 3 Bexley Place, Greenwich just before 1827, when the school is listed in Pigott's Directory. Among the pupils were the sons of her husband James (1778-1849) and his first wife Sarah (1786-1826). James was the Deputy Inspector of Hospitals in the Navy, at Greenwich Hospital.
At some time between the census of 1841 and the making of his will in 1845, James and Mary retired to Paignton in Devon.

Information for this page was provided by Hilary Soper, who is a descendant of William Kellock (b 1796), and by Alastair Kellock.

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