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John Dumville (1830-1901)

name: John Dumville spouse: Jane Parker
father: Robert Dumville father: John Parker
mother: Ann Wilkinson mother:
born: born: 1826
baptized: 15 August 1830 baptized:
place: Masham, Yorkshire place:
died: December 1901 died: December 1896?
place: Bradford, Yorkshire place: Bradford, Yorkshire?

married: 24 November 1852, at Ripon Cathedral, Yorkshire
occupation: Farm Servant, Gardener, Coachman


Robert born 1854, died aged 88 in early 1943
married 1899, at Bradford, Annie Maria Richards
one daughter? (but she is not mentioned in his will, drawn up in 1927)
William born 1858/59, died 25 May 1861
Annie born 1860
married 1881, at Bradford, Richard Carr
two daughters, one son
Joseph* born 29 April 1862, in Headingley, near Leeds, Yorkshire
died 20 May 1959, Bradford
Lecturer, Bradford Technical College, Author of technical books on the Textile Industry, Textile Consultant
married 1888, at Bradford, Yorkshire (1) Emma Kidd
Lilian born 13 June 1889, died 13 September 1983, no children
married (1) Mr Bateman
married (2) George Thomas
Alice* born 11 April 1891, died 26 September 1966
married John George Cassells
daughter: Jean Dumville*, born 17 May 1924
Herbert* born 18 August 1896, died 21 December 1948
married 31 July 1923, at Sowerby, Yorkshire, Mabel Hellewell, daughters:
Gwynneth Brenda*, born 5 August 1924 in Bradford
Elizabeth Roma, born 25 April 1930
Mary Paula*, born 19 May 1936
married (2) Annie Elizabeth Lee, no children
Thomas* born 1866, Bradford, died aged 90+ (c1956?)
Wool Combing Overlooker (1891, 1901), Grocer
married 1890, at Bradford, Annie Richards
John Charles*
born 24 November 1890 in Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire, died c1956?
Grocer in Bradford then Blackpool
married Alice Busford (born 1886 to 1889, ran pie and pastry shop in Bingley with her sister, later Manageress of chocolate department of Colinson's on the promenade in Blackpool)
son Denis born c1917 in Bradford, died 20 December 1984, married (1) 15 June 1942 at Blackpool (div 1 April 1949) Eveline Mary Hornby (born November 1920), daughter Carole (born 1945), married (2) Rosemary, daughter Susan (born November 1969)
Ernest born 8 March 1892 in Horton, Bradford, Yorkshire
died 24 June 1918 in the First World War
Second Lieutenant, Royal Air Force. Transferred to Royal Air Force 62nd Squadron as an Army Observer on 25 April 1918. Reported missing 24 June 1918. Buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, near Arras, France. Grave/memorial reference VI. H. 2
married E., twin daughters, Kathleen and ?
born 1870?, possible marriage 1890, at Stokesley, north Yorkshire, to either John Joseph Etherington or John Thomas Mountain, no children

plus at least four other children, who may have died in infancy, and who are probably those listed in the Births Register for Hunslet (see Source Documents)


* We know that this person has descendants who are alive today.

Some of the information for this page was provided by Carole and Bill Timms. Carole Timms (née Dumville) is a great-granddaughter of Thomas Dumville (born 1866).

Kelly Selcher has a large amount of information on the Kidd family.

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