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Drawings of Redburn House and Dunville Park
by the Reverend McConnell Auld, M.A.

Redburn House

Redburn House, Holywood, County Down
drawing: Redburn House Main Entrance

Redburn House
Main Entrance
drawing: Redburn House Garden Façade

Redburn House Garden Façade
drawing: Holywood Gate Lodge

Holywood Gate Lodge
drawing: Belfast Gate Cottages

Belfast Gate Cottages
drawing: Keeper's Lodge in Dunville Park

Keeper's Lodge in Dunville Park
drawing: The Dunville Fountain in Dunville Park

The Dunville Fountain in Dunville Park
drawing: Robert Lambart Dunville's Memorial

Robert Lambart Dunville's Memorial
'In Memory of Bobby Dunville of Redburn January 10th 1931'
photograph: The Dunville Vault

The Dunville Vault
Clifton Street Cemetery

All the drawings are Copyright © Con Auld and published with his kind permission. They are from two books by the Reverend McConnell Auld M.A.: 'Holywood Then and Now' (2002, ISBN 0-9542274-0-9, £12.99) and 'Forgotten Houses of Holywood' (2003, ISBN 0-9542274-1-7, £7.95). The books, and full colour, signed and mounted copies of the watercolours on which the drawings were based, can be obtained post-free directly from the publisher of the books: Con Auld, 14 Victoria Road, Holywood, County Down, BT18 9BD, Northern Ireland. This is not a paid advertisement, but please mention that you learnt about these books and pictures on

The photograph of the Dunville Vault was also provided by Con Auld. It was published in the 'Belfast Magazine' with a reprint of an obituary for William Dunville (1812-1874), which was originally published in the 'Weekly Northern Whig' on 23 May 1874.

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