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Dunville Family Gravestones

William Dumvill (c1740-1793) Left: the gravestone
of William Dumvill (c1740-1793)
in Shankill Cemetery.

'Here Lieth the Body of William
Dumvill of Belfast who Departed
this Life November 1st 1793
Aged 55 Years'

The hand is that of Christopher Dunville,
who is a descendant of William Dumvill.
The Priory Church Holywood Priory Cemetery

The Priory Church
viewed from the Dunville Family Grave.

Left: the Priory Church
The clock mechanism is said to be from
the clock over the stables at Redburn House.
The Presbyterian Church is in the background.
The Dunville Family Grave in the Holywood Priory Cemetery

The Dunville Family Grave in the Holywood Priory Cemetery
Annie Evans Gordon (1840-1891), John Dunville (1866-1929), Violet Dunville (1861-1940) John Dunville (1785-1851), Agnes Dumvill (c1756-1824), Anne Dunville (1788-1865), Margaret Dunville (1819-1832), John Dunville (1814-1841), Sarah Dunville (1817-1863), William Dunville (1812-1874)
In memory of
Annie Evans Gordon
whose remains rest in this ground
wife of General Evans Gordon and
daughter of John Dunville the younger
died 31st of July 1891 aged 50 years

To the immortal memory of
Wing Commander
John Dunville, C.B.E. R.A.F.
only son of Robert Grimshaw
and Jeanie Dunville of Redburn,
Holywood and beloved husband
of Violet Lambart of Beau Parc.
who died June 10th. 1929, aged 62.
Rest comes at length
tho' life be long and dreary.

Violet Dunville,
7th March 1940.

A few more struggles here,
A few more partings o'er,
A few more toils, a few more tears,
And we shall weep no more.
Erected by
Robert Grimshaw Dunville
in memory of the following members
of his family whose remains
rest in the family burying ground
in the Clifton Street Cemetery Belfast

John Dunville of Richmond Lodge died 21st of
March 1851 aged 65 years + Agnes Dunville
his mother died 25th of December 1824 aged
68 years + Anne Dunville his wife died 25th of
January 1865 aged 76 years + the children of
John and Anne Dunville Margaret died 8th of
January 1832 aged 12 years + John died 15th of
April 1841 aged 26 years + Sarah died 24th of June
1863 aged 45 years + William of Richmond Lodge
died 18th of May 1874 aged 62 years

Mary daughter of Robert Grimshaw and Wife
of John Dunville the younger died 15th of
March 1855 aged 39 years

Anne Georgina wife of William Dunville died
8th of January 1886 aged 59 years

Robert Grimshaw Dunville (1838-1910), Jeanie Dunville (1842-1914), John Spencer Dunville (1896-1917)
Robert Lambart Dunville (1893-1931)
Robert Grimshaw Dunville
of Redburn
born 28th May 1838
died 17th August 1910
Jeanie Dunville
of Redburn
born 19th August 1842
died 15th April 1914
To commemorate
John Spencer Dunville V.C.,
2nd. Lieut. Royal Dragoons,
second son of
John and Violet Dunville.
He gave his life for his country
in the Great War
and died of wounds in France
on 27th June 1917, aged 21 years
buried at Villers Faucon
was awarded the Victoria Cross
for consipicuous bravery.
Let those who come after see to it
that his memory is not forgotten.
Robert Lambart Dunville
son of
Violet and
John Dunville
who died at
10th January 1931

Sunset and evening star
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar
When I put out to sea

Twilight and evening bell
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell
When I embark
These photographs were taken by Sam Christie.

The date on John Spencer Dunville's memorial stone, 27th June 1917, is incorrect, and should be 26th June 1917. There is more information about John Spencer Dunville at

The line 'Rest comes at length tho' life be long and dreary' comes from a hymn written by Father Frederick William Faber. The verse beginning 'A few more struggles here' is from a traditional hymn whose first line is 'A few more years shall roll'. It was also used in a hymn written by Horatio Bonar. The two verses beginning 'Sunset and evening star' are the first and third verses of 'Crossing the Bar' by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The sources of the verses were provided by The Right Reverend Dr. Aaron Orr.

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