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Robert Dumville (1796-1887)
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In chronological order
1796 Baptism record: Robert Dumville, son of Robert Dumville of Hunton, farmer (and) son of Margery, daughter of Thomas Smothwaite of Bramper, farmer, born 16 December 1796, baptized 26 December 1796
1821 Marriage: In Ripon Cathedral, by Banns, 14 May 1821, by John Clarke, vicar, between Robert Dummel (sic) of this parish, bachelor, and Ann Wilkinson of this parish, spinster. Robert signed 'X' his mark, Ann Wilkinson signed her name. Witnesses Christopher Exelby? (his mark 'X') and Jane Wilkinson (her mark 'X').
1822 9 April, baptized at West Tanfield, Thomas, the son of Robert and Ann Dummil of Binsoe, a Labourer
1824 2 May, baptized at West Tanfield, George, the son of Robert and Ann Dummil of Binsoe, a Labourer
1826 Born in Tanfield, William (according to his marriage certificate)
1828 22 June, baptism at Masham, Elizabeth, Daughter of Robert and Ann Dummill of Lambs Hill, Masham
1830 15 August, baptism at Masham, John, Son of Robert and Ann Dummill of Lambs Hill, Masham
1832 23 Nov, baptism at Masham, Jane, Daughter of Robert and Ann Dummill of Lambs Hill, Masham
1851 Census 1851 in Thornton Steward
Robert Dumville, Head, Married, 55, Agricultural Labourer, born in Hunton
Ann, Wife, Married, 58, born in North Lees, Ripon
Jane, Daughter, 18, born in Masham

1852 Marriage Certificate

1852. Marriage Solemnized at St. John's Church
in the district of St. John Waterloo in the County of Surrey
No. 37
1. When Married Oct 17 1852
2. Name and Surname George Dumville Lucy Emily Lovett
3. Age Full
4. Condition Bachelor Spinster
5. Rank or Profession Whitesmith
6. Residence at the time of Marriage Westminster Road
7. Father's Name and Surname Robert Dumville George Lovett
8. Rank or Profession of Father Farmer Messenger
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by banns by me, J A Johnston
This Marriage was solemnized between us, George Dumville, Lucy Emily Lovett In the Presence us, George Lovett, Mary Keating

1861 Census 1861 in Thornton Steward
Robert Dumville, Head, Married, 63, Agricultural Labourer, born in Hunton
Ann, Wife, Married, 69, born in North Lees, Ripon
1861 Census 1861 in Todmorden, Spa Mole
Isaac Hartley, Head, 27, Fustian Dealer, born in Erringdon, Todmorden
Jane, Wife, 28, Fustian Dealer, born in Masham
William, Son, 2, born in Erringdon, Todmorden
Dumville, Son, 1, born in Stansfield, Todmorden
Jane Hartley was Robert's younger daughter Jane
1871 Census 1871 in Woodmill, Stansfield, St Paul
Isaac Hartley, Head, 37, Soap Manufacturer, born in Yorkshire, Erringdon
Jane Hartley, Wife, 38, born in Masham
William, Son, 12, Scholar, born in Halifax
Dumville, Son, 11, Scholar, born in Halifax
Louisa, Daughter, 9, Scholar, born in Halifax
Edith, Daughter, 7, Scholar, born in Halifax
Sidney, Son, 4, born in Halifax
Kate, Daughter, 3, born in Halifax
Robert Dumville, Father-in-Law, Widower, 74, Farm Servant, born in Hunton
(information provided by John Hrycan)
1881 Census 1881 in Todmorden, Spring Villa, Langfield
Isaac Hartley, Widower, 47, Dry Salter, born in Todmorden
William, Son, 22, Dry Salter, born in Todmorden
Dumville, Son, 21, Fustian Worker, born in Todmorden
Louisa, Daughter, 19, Housework, born in Todmorden
Edith, Daughter, 18, Scholar, born in Todmorden
Sidney, Son, 14, Scholar, born in Todmorden
Robert Dumville, Father-in-Law, 84, born in Masham
Sarah Ann Cheetham, Niece, 23, housekeeper, born in Rochdale
Isaac is a widower. His wife was Robert's daughter Jane (born 1832). BMD references confirm Dumville was born in 1860 (March quarter, Todmorden, volume 9a, page 192), Louisa was born in 1862 (page 191), Edith was born in 1866 (page 225). Sarah Ann may be the daughter of Robert's other daughter, Elizabeth (born 1828). Todmorden is in the Calder Valley, which at that time was famous for its fustian trade. Fustian is a strong heavy cotton or linen fabric, used mainly for men's wear, eg labourers' clothing. A 'dry salter' (in this context) dealt in dyes for fabrics.
1887 Death Certificate, 1887, Registration District Todmorden, no. 157, 24 February 1887, Spring Villa, Langfield, USD Yorkshire, Robert Dumville, male, 90 years, formerly a farmer, died of old age, certified by Charles W Thorp, FRCSJ. Informant (28 February 1887): S Hartley, grandson, present at death, Spring Villa, Langfield.
1887 Friday 4 March, 1887, death notice in the Todmorden and District News: 'On the 24th ult, aged 90 years, Robert Dumville, Spring-villa, Langfield'.
1925 Sexton's Grave Plot List for St. Peter's Church, Walsden, Todmorden:
Grave no. 315 Alice Hartley Walsden 25 Nov 1925 64
Durnville [sic] Hartley Walsden 28 Mar 1932 72
(information provided by John Hrycan)

The 1852 Marriage Certificate of George Dumville and Lucy Emily Lovett was provided by Mick Burton.

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