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John Foxton Dumville (1861-1891)

John Foxton Dumville (1861-1891) was a son of Mary Ann Dumville (1833-1911) and Francis Foxton
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John Dumville
(died when children
were young)
= Margaret Ann White
(lived in stone cottage
in Allhallow Gate,
off square)
John Francis
b 6.10.1886
b Ripon
d 30.11.1961
= (1)
Elizabeth Eveleen
b Gateshead
d 1935
= (2) (1939)
Jessie Dawson
d 1971
b Ripon
G Sanderson
b Ripon
possibly more
John Derrick
b 24.9.1920
d 30.5.1990
= (1942)
Muriel Lily
b 12.3.1922
b 25.9.1920
Lynda Anne
b 15.11.1943
= (7.9.1963)
William Thornton
John David
b 19.12.1946
= (6.8.1966)
Evelyn Smith
b Morpeth
Julie Elizabeth
b 13.4.1965
b Gateshead
Joanne Louise
b 10.5.1968
b Ipswich
b 25.4.1969
b Morpeth
b 2.2.1971
b Morpeth


This is our copy of the original tree drawn by Muriel Dumville (nee Arkless). Our main copy of the tree can be viewed by clicking Family Trees, Great-Great-Grandchildren of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857), British Descendants, John Francis Dumville (1886-1961).

We did not at first know if this family tree was related to our family tree. It was given to us by Richard Dumville. He wrote 'I also enclose a Dumville tree that was passed to us by a Muriel Dumville, who lives in Morpeth, and contacted my brother out of the blue some while ago. Her tree (if correct) goes back to a John Francis Dumville, born in Priest Lane, Ripon on 6 October 1886, dying on 30 November 1961. She later wrote to say that his parents were John Dumville and Margaret Ann Dumville (nee White).'

Clifford Dumville carried out some research for this family tree and found that John Dumville, the father of John Francis Dumville (1886-1961), was the John Dumville, also known as John Foxton Dumville, (born 1861) who was a son of Mary Ann Dumville (1833-1911) and Francis Foxton (1824-1900). This is some of the information from Clifford's research:

The Births, Marriages and Deaths records show the marriage of John Dumville and Margaret White in Ripon in March 1886, and the death of John Dumville, age 30, in 1891 in Ripon (ie born c1861).

The 1881 Census shows John Dumville, also known as John Foxton Dumville, born 1861, son of Mary Ann Dumville, at 3 Priest Lane, Ripon. Their first child John Francis Dumville was born in Priest Lane. This agrees with Muriel Dumville's information that John Francis Dumville was born in Priest Lane, Ripon. John Francis Dumville could have been named after his Grandfather, Francis Foxton.

The 1891 Census shows John (Foxton) Dumville in Ripon with his wife Margaret White and two sons John Francis, age 4, and Thomas H (Harry), age 2.

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