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The Family Bible of John and Ann Dumville

The Family Bible of John Dumville (1820-1900) and Ann Dumville (nee Baldwin) (1834-1921) was published about 1874 and procured about 1875. The entries up to and including May 24th, 1874, are made in the same handwriting with the same pen and ink. It is therefore assumed that they were made at the time of purchase of the Bible. The next entry is different.

Except for some cosmetic deterioration of the suede leather cover, it is in original mint condition.

Traditionally it has been handed down to the first-born son, from John to Joseph (1856-1933), to John Edwin (1887-1966), to Clifford Edwin (1923-2016).

The Certification of Marriage page

This Certifies that John Dumville and Ann Baldwin were solemnly united by me in the Holy Bond of Matrimony at the town of Niagara on the eighteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State.

In the presence of Francis Willowby and Alex Nixen
Signed John Alexander , Minister of Presby. C of Canada


The first 'Births' page lists the births of John and Ann, and their seven children.

Mary Ann Dumville born December 3rd 1854 at Niagara, Canada W.
Joseph Dumville born July 21st, 1856, Niagara, Canada West
Eliza Jane Dumville born July 21st, 1861, Niagara, Canada West
Charles Henry Dumville born April 29th, 1863, Niagara, Canada West
Sarah Elizabeth Dumville born July 30, 1856, Niagara, Canada West
George Robert Dumville born May 23rd, 1865, Niagara, Canada West
Amanda Louisa Dumville born March 5, 1871,Niagara, Canada West
John Dumville, born 11th November, 1820, Yorkshire, England
Ann Baldwin, born April 5th, 1834, Lincolnshire, England


Mary Ann Dumville married May 25th, 1874
Eliza Jane Dumville married 18th October 1882
Joseph Dumville married 30th May 1883
Sarah Elizabeth Dumville married 8th February, 1887 by Rev Armitage, Rector of St Thomas’
Charles Henry Dumville married October 31st, 1889
George Robert Dumville married April 9th, 1890
Amanda Louisa Dumville married


John Dumville died April 7th, 1900 in Grantham
Catherine Dumville Jan 16, 1916
Ann Baldwin Dumville died, 1921, in Superb.
Sarah Dumville Gibson died Dec. 25, 1926, in Rocanville, Sask.
Chas Dumville died Oct 25, 1952
Eliza Dumville Wood died
Amanda Dumville Arbuthnot died
George R Dumville died May 1938
Frederick Edward Dumville died 17 Mar 1997

Following is a separate column referring to the Brown family, relatives of Catherine Brown Dumville, wife of Joseph Dumville (1856-1933).

Wm Brown died May 14, 1907, born 1828
Beatrice Tripp died Jan 10, 1919, born 1825
Tom died July 23, 1904, 23 years
Sarah (Wester) died
Catharine (Dumville) died Jan 21, 1916, born 1860


Children of Joseph Dumville and Catharine Eliza Brown
Annie Helena Oct 31, 1885 died Feb 9th, 1957
John Edwin May 7, 1887 died Aug 7th, 1966
Thomas Charles Mar 1, 1890 died Aug 1st, 1966
Grace Catharine Dec 23, 1892 died Dec 18th, 1982
Joseph Clifford Jan 23, 1899 died 1972

Children of John Edwin Dumville and Emily Parker Jones
Clifford Edwin Mar 17, 1923
Frederick Edward Mar 13, 1925 died 17 Mar, 1997
Josephine Lorraine Jul 17, 1926
Frances Elaine Dec 31, 1927

Children of Clifford Edwin Dumville and Marjorie Ruth Flock
Laura Kim 24 Jul 1946 Calgary married John Allan Fedor 31 Aug 1969
Lawrence Clifford 7 Nov 1947 Regina married Gail Wright 24 Aug 1969
Leslie Elizabeth Emily 16 Jan 1953 Gimli married Paul James Bown 9 Oct 1976
Lloyd Edward 14 Mar 1955 Gimli
Eric Joseph 9 Jul 1964 Alliston married Luz Marina Selva 26 Apr 1997
Ian James 9 Jul1964 Alliston

Annie Helena, Hugh Arnold Little, June 26, 1912
Thomas Charles, Elsie Andow, Mar 24, 1920
Grace Catharine, Peter Donald McGregor, Mar 24, 1920
John Edwin, Emily Jones, April 18, 1922
Joseph Clifford, Ina Hilts, July 6, 1927
Clifford Edwin, Marjorie Ruth Flock, 8 Jan 1945 St Chads Chapel, Regina
Frederick Edward, Thelma Gray, 3 Nov 1951, Rocanville United Church
Josephine Lorraine, Harold Douglas Paget, 18 Jul 1949 Trinity United, Vancouver
Frances Elaine, J. Ralph Burrett, 10 Nov 1956 Ryerson United, Vancouver

This transcript of the Family Bible entries was very kindly provided by Clifford Dumville.

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