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John Dumville (1820-1900)

name: John Dumville spouse: Ann Baldwin
father: Robert Dumville father: Sea Captain, lost at sea without trace
mother: Elizabeth Johnson mother: lost at sea with husband
born: 11 November 1820 born: 5 April 1834
place: Hunton, Yorkshire place: Lincolnshire
died: 7 April 1900 died: 20 November 1921
place: Grantham, Ontario place: Superb, Saskatchewan
buried: McNab Christ Church (Anglican) buried: McNab Christ Church
(There is a headstone near the rear of the churchyard, just west of St Catharines.)

married: 18 February 1854, Niagara, Ontario
occupation: Farmer, Niagara Township, Lincoln County, Canada (1861 census), Grantham Township (1871 census)
Ed Dumville, John's grandson, told the story that it was John's intention to retire as soon as he had $1000 in the bank, and he did.


Mary Ann born 3 December 1854, Niagara, Ontario
married 25 May 1874, Alex Pfeffers, no children
Joseph* born 21 July 1856, Niagara, Ontario
died 25 July 1933, buried Welwyn Cemetery, Saskatchewan, Farmer
married 30 May 1883, at Niagara, Ontario, Catharine (Cassie) Eliza Brown
Annie Helena born 31 October 1885, St Catharines, Ontario
died 9 February 1957, buried in Welwyn Cemetery, Saskatchewan
married 26 June 1912, in Rocanville, Saskatchewan, Hugh Arnold Little, three sons, one daughter
John Edwin (Ed) born 5 May 1887, St Catharines area, Ontario
died 7 August 1966, Barrie, Ontario
married 18 April 1922, Emily Parker (Mrs John Jones), four children, two stepchildren
Thomas Charles born 1 May 1890, St Catharines area, Ontario
died 1 August 1966
maried 24 March 1920, Elsie Andow (joint wedding with Grace Catherine), three sons, two daughters
Grace Catherine born 23 December 1892, St Catharines area
died 18 December 1982, Moosomin Hospital
married 14 March 1920, Peter Donald MacGregor (joint wedding), three sons, five daughters
Joseph Clifford born 23 January 1899, Rocanville, Saskatchewan
died 1972, Regina, Saskatchewan
married 6 July 1927, Ina Hilts, no children
Sarah Elizabeth* born 20 July 1858, Niagara, Ontario
died 25 December 1926, buried Rocanville, Saskatchewan Cemetery
married 9 February 1887, at Niagara, Ontario, John Gibson (worked for Canadian Pacific Rail, Moosomin and Regina)
Ethel L born 16 June 1889, North West Territories
died December 1968
married V Simon
John R born 17 October 1891
married Dorothy Chapman, no children
Eliza Jane* born 25 July 1861, Niagara, Ontario
died 26 May 1947, buried Vancouver, British Columbia
married 18 October 1882, at Niagara, Ontario, Stephen Wood (Eliza and Stephen opened Woods Hardware, Regina)
Frank Russell married Alice Carl
Charles Alexander born 11 May 1887 in St Catharines, died 12 March 1946
married Ela Mary Ginn (born 6 July 1888 in Croydon, England), one son William Charles Wood (born June 1910/1911 in Saskatchewan, what happened to him?), first daughter Marion Ela Wood (born 28 September 1912 in Regina, Saskatchewan, married (1) on 25 November 1935, Milo Linwood Jones (born 2 October 1906 in Salt Lake City), married (2) on 7 June 1945 in Akron, Ohio, Frank Raful (born 30 December 1904)), second daughter Katherine E. Wood (born 18 June 1915 in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1930 lived in Fullerton, California, married on 11 October 1979 in Los Angeles (when 64) John Gilda (born 11 April 1917, died 9 May 1984))
in 1916 lived in Montague Street, Regina, Saskatchewan
in 1930 was a truck driver despatcher in Fullerton, California, where his family was brought up
Margaret Dumville born 30 March 1889, died 12 August 1977
married William Parker, one son, one daughter (both adopted)
Helen Wilson born 23 March 1897, died 6 September 1986
married George Harding, one son, two daughters
Charles Henry* born 28 April 1863, Niagara, Ontario
died 25 October 1952, Vancouver, British Columbia
married 31 October 1889, at Niagara, Ontario, Ella Lauder
Nettie born 28 November 1891, Assiniboine District, Northwest Territories
died 16 November 1980, Vancouver, British Columbia
married 4 December 1912, Henry T Graine, one daughter (Carell)
Ruby born 20 October 1897, Grantham, Ontario
married 20 December 1920, James Hunter MacDonald
four sons, one daughter
George Robert* born 23 May 1865, Niagara, Ontario
died 31 March 1938, Langenburg, Saskatchewan
married 9 April 1890, at Niagara, Ontario, Harriet (Hattie) Couchman (1865-1919), who arrived in Canada with her elder sister Emma Couchman on the SS Sarmatian through Quebec City in May 1873 (Source: David Hemmings, President, Niagara Historical Society, and Kevin Hoeg, grand-nephew of Vincent Cavanaugh)
Hazel Elyen born 14 June 1892, St Catharines area, Ontario
died 12 April 1971, buried Hamilton, Ontario
married at Melville, Saskatchewan, Vincent Cavanaugh, five sons, four daughters
Wilfred Leslie born 18 August 1894, Winnipeg, Manitoba
died 10 May 1976, buried Thunder Bay, Ontario
married 23 November 1922, Olga Amelia Hubred, five sons, one daughter
Laurence George born 18 April 1896, Moosomin, Saskatchewan
died 1959, buried Malton, Ontario
married Elva McDonald, two sons, two daughters
Harold Ernest born 11 March 1900, Rocanville, Saskatchewan
died 9 December 1977, Butte, Montana
married 15 October 1929, at Butte, Montana, Louise Elizabeth Leistiko, one son, one daughter
Amanda Louise* born 3 May 1871, Niagara, Ontario
died before 1939, buried St Catharines, Ontario
married c1890/91, at Niagara, Ontario, Samuel Arbuthnot
Roy R born 2 January 1893
married Clara May Collard, two sons, one daughter
May born 1897
died December 2000 in her one hundred and fourth year
married Bromley Johnson, two daughters Louise (d 1981) and Dora

* We know that this person has descendants who are alive today.

Most of the information for this page was provided by Clifford Dumville. Additional information was provided by Lori, a great-granddaughter of May Johnson née Arbuthnot (1897-2000), and by Charles Fergusson-Wood.

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