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Robert Dumville (c1767-1857)
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1789 First marriage. At Ainderby Steeple, Robert Dumvill and Margery Smirfit both of this parish were married by Licence the 26th day of May, by me John Dent, vicar. This marriage was solemnised by us, Robert Dumvil and Margery Smirfit now Dumvil in the presence of us, Jos Tennant and Geo Houden (?) (Entry no.1218 on 25 May 1789 in the Reg of Licences 1777 - 1790. The actual marriage bond is missing from Leeds Archives Dept, Sheepscar)
1799 Robert Dumville is first in a list of 18 names in Hunton, in Appendix 3 'List of persons in Hang West who pay for saddle horses', page 102 of the book 'To Escape the Monster's Clutches', notes and documents illustrating the preparations in North Yorkshire to repel the invasion threatened by the French from 1793, compiled by M Y Ashcroft, pub Nov 1977
26 November
Robert was a member of the Hunton Manorial Court Jury and signed his name 'Robert Dumvil'
17 November
In the Hunton Manorial Court Rolls: 'Robert Dumville fined 2/6d for refusing to take the oath of fealty' (not listed as member of Jury)
17 October
Court Roll: Tenants and Residents include Robert Dumville
1818 Second marriage. At Patrick Brompton. Robert Dumville of this parish, husbandman, and Elizabeth Johnson of this parish, spinster, were married by banns this 18th day of May in the year 1818 by me, Hugh Rigg, curate. This marriage was solemnized between us, Robert Dumville (he signed), and Elizabeth Johnson (X - her mark) in the presence of James Lumley and Thomas Fawcett
1821 'In 1821 wages of 13 shillings were paid to Dumville for Molecatching' This was in the Accounts and Memorandum Book of John Brownless of Exelby, Bedale, 146 pages of accounts for period 1816 to 1894, found on Web page Geoff's Mole and Mole Catching Page:
Geoff's email is
20 October
Court Roll: Tenants and Residents include Robert Dumvill (George Smirthwaite listed as Juror)
2 May
Tenants and Residents include Robert Dumvill, Geo Dumville. This Roll includes a long list of residents one of whom was George Dumville fined 'for making Dunghills in the Townstreet in Hunton. If not removed and taken away before 9th June next, for neglecting or refusing to do so, 10/-
30 April
Court Roll Tenants and Residents include Robert Dumville, George Dumville
(Also 16 May 1832, 7 October 1836, 4 May 1843)
26 July
Wensley Parish Registers: Baptism of Ann, illegitimate daughter of Rebecca Dunvill (information provided by Brenda Lodge)
At Hunton
Wiliam Bell, Agricultural labourer, and others including:
Robert Dumville, 70-75 years, Ag lab, born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth, 60-65, born in Yorkshire
Joseph, 20-25, Ag lab, born in Yorkshire
Elizabeth, 10 years, born in Yorkshire
Thomas, 35-40 years, Ag lab, born in Yorkshire
Mary, 35-40 years, born in Yorkshire
Mary, 8 years, born in Yorkshire
George, 5 years, born in Yorkshire
Robert, 3 years, born in Yorkshire
1848 Tithe records for Hunton. The entry for the field called Chapel Garth shows:
Landowner: Robert Tinker
Occupiers: Robert Dumbill, Matthew Todd
State of cultivation: grass
Size: 2 rods, 36 perches
Robert had to pay four shillings rental to C H Elsley Esq (a major landowner and owner of Brompton Hall at Patrick Brompton); he paid nothing to Robert Tinker, apparently. In 1990 Jill Holroyd saw Chapel Garth in Hunton: 'there's only a tumbledown building there now, overgrown with brambles and other weeds. It may have been the barn. There's an old horseshoe on one of the doors, and several now wild fruit trees nearby, including an enormous pear-tree, so old and huge it must surely have existed in Robert's time. The field is easy to find, as it's immediately below (south side) the tiny chapel at Hunton, and just up the road from the Countryman's Inn.'
1851 Census in Hunton, at number 24 (no road name is given)
Robert Dumville, Head, married, 84, Molecatcher, born at Masham
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 67, born at Marrick
James, Son, unmarried, 26, born at Hunton
Robert, Grandson, 4, born at Crakehall

I think this grandson, Robert, must be the son of Joseph (born 1819) and Harriet. Perhaps he was staying with his grandparents while his parents made their preparations for their great emigration to the USA later in 1851?

The Census shows that right next-door to Robert and Elizabeth were another Robert and Elizabeth: Robert Lawson and his wife Elizabeth (born 1830) who was actually Grand Old Molecatcher Robert's youngest daughter:

1851 Census in Hunton, at number 23 (no road name is given)
Robert Lawson, Head, married, 28, Labourer, born in Hunton
Elizabeth, Wife, married, 21, born in Hunton
Elizabeth, Daughter, months, born in Hunton
1857 Death certificate. Leyburn Registration District, Yorkshire. No 457, 2 Feb 1857 Robert Dumville. Male. 95 years. Agricultural labourer. Died from natural decay. Not certified. Informant Rob't Lawson, present at the death, Hunton. Registered 4 Feb 1957. Registrar John Ridley
4 May
Tenants and Residents. Here Robert Dumville is crossed out and James Dumville substituted, plus George Dumville.

Several people have contacted us concerning the information on Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) on the website.

The Ancestral File published on the website of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints,, gives Robert Dumville's (c1767-1857) place of birth as Lurgan, Ireland, and his father as Robert Dumvill (c1735-1819). The information that Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) was the same Robert Dumville who was born in Lurgan in 1766 was contributed to the website by Jonnie and Jerry Sisler of Stevensville, Montana. They have not however offered any evidence other than the name and approximate date of birth being the same.

The website states, 'Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records submitted to the Family History Department since 1978. The information has not been verified against any official records. Since the information in Ancestral File is contributed, it is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy.'

In the 1841 Census Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) gave his place of birth as Yorkshire (which is in England, not Ireland) and in the 1851 Census he gave it as Masham (in Yorkshire). Robert's father was described in a short biography, dated 1891, of Robert's son Joseph (born 1819) as 'a farmer and lifelong resident of England. He married, and reared a family of industrious sons and daughters, who settled in different parts of their native land. His son, Robert Dumville … was born and reared on his father's farm …' There is more evidence therefore that Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) was born not in Ireland, but in England.

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