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3 July 2024

Hi, I am Patricia (Patsy) Dunville and I was born in Nipigon, Ontario, Canada in 1959. My great-grandfather was Robert and my grandfather was Wilfred. My father is Harvey Clayton Dunville and he was born in Waldron, Saskatchewan in 1935. My dad also had a sister Helen along with brothers Lawrence, Gordon, Arthur and Robert.

Patsy Dunville

• Patsy Dunville is a granddaughter of Wilfred Leslie Dunville (1894–1976).

11 June 2024

Cyril Domville

My great-grandfather Cyril Domville worked the White Star Line out of Liverpool. He eventually immigrated to the United States and settled around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My granddad, Thomas Domville (Cyril's middle son), and dad Richard Domville (Tom's oldest son) were both born in Pittsburgh. My parents moved to New Jersey where I was born.

There are lots of Domvilles all over as Tom had two brothers (William and Richard) and my dad has two brothers (John and James). I also have two brothers (Kevin and John) and my dad's younger brother James Domville has three sons (Jeff, Chris, and Matthew). My uncles, John and James, stayed in New Jersey while we eventually settled in Atlanta, Georgia where I grew up. My dad and brothers are still there while I live with my wife and two daughters in Chicago, Illinois.

Would love to connect with any family in Pittsburgh or Liverpool. Planning a Europe trip next year and planning on visiting Liverpool.

Brian Domville

21 April 2024

Relatives of Alan Dumville

Hi, I have been looking at this site for a lot of years and I have just found out I have an adopted brother called Peter Anthony Dumville, I don't know any of his history except that he was adopted 15/2/1949, d.o.b. 15/7/1946. I would be very interested if anyone has any more information.

Thank you,
Alan Dumville

• Alan Dumville is a great-grandson of George Dumville (1835-1875).

20 July 2023

I am Ron Dunville, born in Nipigon, Ontario in 1961. My great-grandfather was Robert and my grandfather was Wilfred. My father is Harvey Clayton Dunville, who was born in Waldron, Saskatchewan. He is now 88 years old. I have resided in the Estevan, Saskatchewan area for the better part of the last 44 years.

• Ron Dunville is a grandson of Wilfred Leslie Dunville (1894-1976).

London SE10
26 May 2023

Admiral Sir Barry Domvile

I have seen the details on your most informative website about Barry Domvile but thought this additional information might be of interest on your guestbook pages.

I volunteer at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, home until 1868 of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, famously designed by Sir Christopher Wren, featuring the Painted Hall of Sir James Thornhill. It is here that Admiral Sir Barry Domvile was born in 1878 when his father was officer in charge of the Naval College.

Sadly, his abhorrent views blight the story of his distinguished naval career and he was imprisoned during WW2 as a potential Nazi collaborator.

Lest we forget!
Jacky Robinson

Old Royal Naval College
London's award-winning riverside masterpiece
2 Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich, London SE10 9LW
For the most up to date information regarding opening times please refer to our website

• See Admiral Sir Barry Edward Domvile, K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G. (1878-1971).

27 July 2022

Hello Cousins,

I wanted to write to say that Rosemary June Dunville passed away today July 27, 2022.
She was married to Richard Martin Dunville.
She was the BEST grandmother anyone could ask for. She was 98 years young.
She will be greatly missed by many.

Emily J. Dunville

• Richard Martin Dunville (1922-1992), husband of Rosemary June Dunville, was a grandson of Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896).

24 January 2022

Hello cousins,
I just wanted to say hello and let you know that my Dad Joseph R. Dunville passed away this summer July 29, 2021. My mother Judith A. Ruff is still very much alive and happy in Naples, Florida.
My dad's wife Lynda M. Dunville is still living in Palm Beach Gardens.

Julie Ann Dunville

27 October 2019

DUMVILLE Relations

Hi there. My name is Linda Holloway. I am the granddaughter of Thomas Charles Dumville and the daughter of Helene Holloway (née Dumville). I am from Wapella SK but am currently living in Lumsden SK. So nice to read about our heritage. Thanks for this!!

• Linda is a great-granddaughter of Joseph (Joe) Dumville (1856-1933).

30 August 2019


I love looking at this site … my dad's mam was Florence Dunville … he did say we had French connections but we had to play it down. I don't know how he knew this information. Because this information was given to me in the 80s … before computers. It would be lovely to know the full history of the family.

Angela Young

• There is a little information about some of the possible ancestry of the Dumville and Dunville families on the page Other Notable Dumvilles: Introduction.

21 July 2019

I am Jason Dunville and I live in Jefferson City, Missouri in the United States. My father's name was Ronald and my grandfather's name was Walter.

15 April 2019

Winifred Wonnacott (1902-1969, married name Tunnicliffe)

I am enquiring about the above who received a grant from Dunville in 1917–18 approx., to attend the Royal College of Art, London. Her husband, Charles Tunnicliffe (1901-1979), became one of the most distinguished bird artists of the 20th century. Winifred was also an artist and her father ran a sewing machine firm in Belfast. They later moved to Manchester.

Any information regarding a grant to Winifred or information about other recipients of Dunville's generosity would be very helpful indeed.

John Maengwyn

18 January 2019

Bessie Howard (Dumville)

One of Bessie Howard's grandsons is looking for information about his grandmother up to the date of her marriage. She was born in 1898 in Campbellton, New Brunswick, and was adopted officially or unofficially by William Dumville (1840-1907) and his wife Jane Dumville née Crooks (1845-1927), who lived across the river in Fleurant.

Bessie had siblings who were not adopted out, except for a brother Robert. William and Jane Dumville had six children of their own, born between 1874 and 1888. William and Jane were named as Bessie's parents on her 1921 marriage certificate.

Bessie had five children, all of whom were sent in the early 1930s to a children's home in New Hampshire, after her husband left her and she could not afford to raise their children on her own in the Depression.

• See William Dumville (1840-1907).

14 February 2018

Olive Georgina Dumville

My nephew put me onto this site which interests me due to the fact that my great-uncle Albert Keays was married to Olive Georgina Dumville in Fleaurant Point Quebec, where I spent a lot of time as a young lad with my grandfather Stanton Keays. I actually have a photo of Allister Dumville in RCAF uniform standing in front of what appears to be a barn. It was taken in the summer of 1941. Anyway, it has been a pleasure to peruse your site.

Daniel Keays

• Olive Georgina Keays née Dumville (1906-1978) and Sergeant Allister George Dumville, RCAF (1915-1941) were grandchildren of James Dumville (b 1837). Daniel very kindly sent the photograph of Allister Dumville in RCAF uniform and it has been added to the page for James Dumville (b 1837).

3 January 2018

Violet Dunville

I had only shortly commenced my research into an Irish balloonist of the early 20th century, Violet Dunville, when to my absolute delight I came across this amazing website of Jill & Miles Holroyd. The detail contained on the site will leave me with very little work to do in order to tell Violet's story! They have amassed a vast amount of family material and obviously with the support of a considerable number of extended family members. Congrats to everyone in bringing this family story into the public domain. Thank you all,

Michael Traynor

• See photographs of Violet Anne Blanche Dunville née Lambart (Mrs. John Dunville) (1861-1940) and the story of The Dunville Family of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky.

3 December 2017

The Site

Well done. The addition of the Canadian stuff a boon.

James Waddell

• See John Dumville (1820-1900), who emigrated from England to Canada in 1851, and one of his sons: Joseph (Joe) Dumville (1856-1933).

21 March 2017

Sergeant Allister George Dumville

My family originate from a village called Pelton Fell, near Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England. The village are in the process of replanting a Memorial Wood, locally known as 'The Forty Trees'. We are proposing to plant native trees to restore the number of trees to forty. It is fabled that the Romans originally buried their dead and planted forty trees at their burial sites. During our research we discovered that Sergeant Dumville's Hawker Hurricane crashed near the forty trees and, sadly, he died. We know he is buried in the Castletown Cemetery War Graves in Sunderland. We would like to include him in our 'village family' on the Memorial Wood plaque.

Kind regards, Janice Bertram

• Sergeant Allister George Dumville, RCAF (1915-1941) was a grandson of James Dumville (b 1837). [RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force] We have added a photograph that was very kindly provided by Janice Bertram, of Sergeant Allister George Dumville in his uniform, to the page James Dumville (b 1837).

20 October 2016

Tommy Thompson (Dunville Family)

I randomly came across your website whilst searching for the name Tommy Thompson, who was the gamekeeper for the Dunville Family at Redburn House.

My father, James Malone, lived in Holywood and often spoke fondly of Mr Thompson many times, who he assisted for a number of years before he moved to London. So much did he talk about his enjoyable times with Tommy, we eventually placed Dad's ashes in the Holywood hills.

My brother and I often visited Holywood during our summer holidays over the 1970s and early 1980s and have our own fond memories of visiting the local cinema, which Dad's brother Patrick ran, as Manager/Projectionist during that time.

Always interested to hear about this piece of history and view the historical images.

Many Thanks and Regards
Dave Malone

• See Gordon Thompson's Stories of the Dunville Family and Redburn House.

North Yorkshire
11 September 2016

Did Jude the Obscure drink Dunville's Whisky?

I have just read a book where someone drinks Dunville's Whisky. Was it 'Jude the Obscure', I wonder, and it reminded me of my connections with the Dumvilles of Hunton of whom I know so little.

Susannah, daughter of Robert, would be my great-great-great-grandmother as she married a great-great-great-grandfather William Pearson – already having a daughter Rebecca. I have often thought of searching the churchyard at Patrick Brompton to see if she would be buried there – no sign of her at Wensley with the family graves. Living to a good old age as a widow, I wonder she was not supported by her family as she is recorded as working as a Labourer when in her 80s.

I am sorry I know so little of Hunton in spite of living in Middleham now and being born at Wensley. My grandfather was William Pearson who died aged 40 years in 1916, leaving a widow and three children. He and his father and mother are buried in Wensley churchyard and other Pearsons are scattered around there, but no sign of Susannah – maybe she is resting at Patrick Brompton but not a trace is left of her life.

Audrey Waudby née Watson

• Susannah Pearson née Dumville (baptised 1789) was the first child of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857).

• The Royal Irish Distilleries of Dunville & Co. were built in 1869 and Thomas Hardy's 'Jude the Obscure' was published in 1895.

• Does anyone know the passage in which Dunville's Whisky is mentioned?

Prince Edward Island
16 May 2016

PEI Dumville

I am Jonathan Clayton MacLennan. Son of George Laurids MacLennan. Son of Walter Ralph MacLennan. Son of John and Suzanna (Dumville) MacLennan.

• Jonathan MacLennan is a great-grandson of Susannah Cordelia MacLennan née Dumville (b1876), who was a great-granddaughter of James Henry Dumville (1776-c1850).

14 February 2016

Prince Edward Island Dumvilles

I am Stanley Forrest (Bush) Dumville, son of Stanley Benjamin Dumville and Bessie Elizabeth (Boulter) Dumville of O'Leary PEI.

• Bush Dumville is a great-grandson of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

New Zealand
11 January 2016

Henry Domville and HMS Tortoise; logging spars in New Zealand 1842-43

Very interested to see your web page on Henry Domville. I'm an amateur archaeologist, working mainly in the Coromandel Peninsula area. Last year, with a few volunteer colleagues, we investigated two camp sites used by HMS Tortoise near Tairua during 1842-43. The main site was adjacent to the beach, in the area now known as Sailors Grave, as one of the ABs was drowned when a small boat capsized in the surf early in the deployment. There was another 'Camp in the Forest', so named in the journal of Thomas Laslett, the timber purveyor on board, about one km up the Te Karo Stream. We searched for, and located, this site, finding enough archaeological evidence to confirm the site to a high level of probability. We were even able to identify individual terraces for the officers' tents, from a Laslett sketch plan of the CITF site - including that of the assistant surgeon, Henry Domville.

Laslett's journal also has a description of a three-day walk that he and Domville did to visit the Hauraki Mission Station at Thames, on the western side of the peninsula - we've worked out the route they would have followed and most of it can still be traversed today (still mostly on foot). I can supply the report we wrote on the investigation, plus there are other documents we acquired, including a transcript of Laslett's journal, which has numerous references to Henry Domville. They should appear on-line at some stage, but I'm not sure how long it'll take - we are unfunded volunteers after all!

I'd be pleased to hear from family members. When we did the investigation, all we knew about Henry Domville was his last name and the fact that he was the ship's assistant surgeon. Finding your web site has greatly added to the picture - thanks to the wonders of modern IT. If any of the family are visiting NZ, please get in touch - I'd be happy to guide a trip around the two Tortoise camp sites at Te Karo Bay. (The CITF site is only about a 15 min walk into the bush - if you know the way!) It's a very beautiful spot in its own right and well worth visiting.

Kind regards, Dave Wilton

• See Henry Jones Domville CB MD JP RN (1818-1888)

3 February 2016

Henry Domville and HMS Tortoise in New Zealand

Regarding my previous posting on this subject, I can now supply a link to a www version of the article about HMS Tortoise at Te Karo Bay, near Tairua (NZ):

If anyone wants to contact me, webmaster Miles has my contact details (or contact Kae, the webmaster of The Treasury site).

Regards, Dave Wilton

Bishop's Waltham
9 January 2016

Alice Gillington

Thank you for this very informative website.

I am researching the life of poet/journalist Alice Elizabeth Gillington. In her extensive correspondence she mentions a number of relatives which have been, up until now, difficult to identify. Alice's mother was Sarah Dumville Thorpe, daughter of Mary Dumville and Richard Hall Thorpe. Alice wrote poetry and short stories for magazines. She lived for many years in a Gypsy caravan in the New Forest. She was interested in and wrote about the Gypsies that she met in the Forest and near Southampton.

Alice's sister Mary (May) Clarissa Gillington (Byron) is a better known writer. She produced a number of cook books, a whole series of A Day In The Life Of books and poetry. She is best known as having abridged Peter Pan for children.

There are Wikipedia entries for both sisters.

Your entry for Mary Dumville also led me to Hugh Northcote. He married Mary Frances the daughter of Rev. Richard Joshua Thorpe. Alice describes him as her cousin but I could not find the link until I found your website. Hugh Northcote wrote on Christianity and homosexuality.

So thank you again for making all this research available. It has been an enormous help.

Best wishes
Simon Harmer

• Sarah Dumville Thorpe was a great-great-granddaughter of William Dumville of Chelford (1722-1779).

22 November 2015

Dunville & Co Bonded Warehouse

My second great uncle, William Wilson, of Botanic Avenue, Belfast, was a warehouse manager for this company when he passed away in 1907… now I know more about him after reading about this business!!

Marilyn Wilson

• See The Dunville Family of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky and Dunville & Co. Ltd. Buildings.

18 August 2015

Reimer Connection

Hi, Your web site was a wonderful find for me. Today I am working on my wife's tree.

While there is no relationship between her family and yours, there is a nice little overlap that you took the time to document.

I had some of this, but you filled in a few blanks for me. Emily Parker married John Jones, in England, and had two daughters. Unfortunately he died, possibly a death related to events of WWI, and left her with two infants. She immigrated to Canada and found a new husband, John Edwin Dumville. Fortunately for me you included her first two children, daughters, in your research even though they are not technically part of the Dumville clan, except I suppose by adoption, which may or may not have happened officially.

Regardless, you led me to the descendants of my wife's first cousin, Peter Reimer, and filled in an interesting bit of history as well. He is from my wife's father's side of the family, the Neufeld family (also Neufeldt and Newfield). Peter Reimer married Lilian Laura Jones (Dumville). Below I have pasted her obit.

Lilian Laura REIMER (née Jones) – Lilian passed away early Thursday morning, March 22 [2012] at her home in Vancouver. She was born on September 7, 1916 in London, England, second child of John Jones and Emily Parker. After John died in the closing years of WWI, Emily brought her two young girls (Rose Emily and Lilian) to Canada – eventually settling near Rocanville, SK. It was here that she met, married, and raised four more children with John Edwin Dumville. Lilian met Peter Reimer in Regina and they married on November 11, 1937 in Rocanville. They moved to Vancouver in 1941 and raised three sons – enjoying 70 years together before Peter died in 2007. Lilian is survived by one of her brothers (Clifford), two of her sisters (Lorraine and Elaine), her three sons (Peter, William, and Robert), 10 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. She will be remembered for her unfailing support of those around her, keen and critical interest in the events of the world, and joy over the gatherings of family members.

Many thanks,
Ralph Buck

• Lilian Laura Reimer (née Jones) was the adopted daughter of John Edwin (Ed) Dumville (1887-1966), who was the son of Joseph (Joe) Dumville (1856-1933).

2 July 2015

E and A Dumville

I am transcribing the diary of John Newton, author of Amazing Grace, former curate-in-charge at Olney. On 11 November 1777 he writes: "Drank tea with E and A Dumville." Simplicity would have this to be Edmund and Ann! But the facts don't seem to agree as far as the dates go. Can you work out who these might be?

Kind regards,
Marylynn Rouse

• See The Dumvilles of Olney and their Descendants. The dates for Edmund Dumville and his wife Ann were c1701-1762 and 1705-1763, both dying before John Newton drank tea with E and A Dumville in 1777. Their daughter Elizabeth Dumville was born in 1742 and did not marry until 1783. If she was E Dumville, who was A Dumville? We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages to Marylynn.

30 May 2015


Hello, I am Elaine Domville, daughter of Colin Domville of Formby, Liverpool. Marriage has turned me into a Gardner and I live in Staffordshire.

My grandfather was James Stanley, known as Stan, younger brother of Norman mentioned in the last guest book entry. Stan contracted polio as a child and was left with a paralysed leg so never joined the forces. He and his wife, Irenie Plummer, ran a grocer's shop for many years in Liverpool, and then moved to Bournemouth where they ran a proper old-fashioned hardware store.

I am really pleased to find this site, even though most of you are Dumvilles!

22 January 2015


Hi, my grandmother was a Domville until marriage to a Harris in the 1920s. She gave me the family tree which shows a direct male ascendancy back to 1090. Dorothy Domville was proud of her family tree. She passed away at the grand age of 101.

I have a copy of a book written by Alan Domville, named 'We came with the Conqueror'. This book charts the Domvilles back to the family home in Wirral, Brimstage Hall, itself still extant and on through the generations.

I have my great uncle Norman Domville's first world war campaign medal and record of enrollment. He survived and was a machine gunner. The family had a small shop in Liverpool at the time of the first world war. Norman enlisted age 18. I have a wonderful photograph of him and his father, my great-great-grandfather, outside this shop. A very apt name, Norman Domville.

Nik Harris

See The Domvilles of Lymm, Cheshire and Hugh Domville, who lived at about the time of William the Conqueror (1027-1087).

23 September 2014

Dunville of Sunderland

Being the grandson of Edward Dunville (1886-1956) of Sunderland and the great-great-grandson of Thomas Dunville (1822-1878), I have tried to acquire a photograph of my grandfather, Edward (Ted). To date I have had no success. If any of his relations or family members can help me out, I would be extremely grateful.

In his Guest Book message of 6 November 2009, Neville Bourgourd refers to Edward Dunville, great-grandson of Thomas Dunville (1822-1878), who was lost at sea on the ship S.S. Creofield during WW2. Edward (Ted Junior) was my uncle, being the son of Edward Dunville (1886-1956), my grandfather.  I vaguely remember meeting him and his head of red hair, just before he was lost at sea. Whilst serving my apprenticeship, I worked with Ted's great friend, a chap called Jackie Middlemiss, who had served his apprenticeship with Ted at the Sunderland company of The NorthEastern Marine Engineering Co., manufacturers of ships' engines.  He married a woman called Jenny Spendley, and they had a daughter, also called Jenny. Unfortunately they moved south after the end of WW2. I think that they moved to the  Blackheath district. Sadly they never kept in touch with the family, and it would interesting if they could be contacted.

Ted, as he was called, was on loan to the Hunting Line, of Newcastle, at the time of his loss. The reason he was loaned, was to bring the S.S. Creofield back to the River Tees from the Thames, for modifications and the fitting of Anti Magnetic Mine equipment. His parent company at that time was the Cairn Noble Line, of Newcastle. He was ashore, awaiting delivery of Cairn Noble's new ship, which I think was the "Cairnesk". hence his loan to Hunting's.  Apparently the loan was for one trip only.

The story goes that, at that period of time, he was the youngest Chief Engineer "on the coast", having gained his Chief's ticket shortly before his loss.

Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson also sent a message to the Guest Book on 10 December 2006. We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages or photographs to him.

26 July 2014

John Dunville of 46 Portland Place

My husband's grandmother Sophie Short, née Statham was one of the nursery maids in the 1901 census at 46 Portland Place. She emigrated to Canada in 1910 to join her brother and sister. She worked as a nanny in Vancouver, British Columbia before meeting her future husband at the Anglican church choir. They had two children, six grandchildren and lived into their 80s.

It was very interesting to see who her employer was in London, and the beautiful house they lived in.

Thank you!

There is a transcript of the 1901 census entry for 46 Portland Place, St Marylebone, London on the Source Documents page for William Dumvill (c1740-1793), the great-great-grandfather of John Dunville Dunville (1866-1929).

10 April 2014

Dumvilles of Prince Edward Island, Canada

What a great site!

Could I strike a discordant note about the Prince Edward Island Dumvilles? I think your source, the book that you quote, is incorrect about the first Dumville family to settle on PEI. I disagree that it was James Henry Dumville who emigrated, and that the emigration year was 1815. I think the emigration date was earlier than 1815 as there's a PEI Council meeting minute dated 26 May 1813 where James Dumville, farmer, applied for a grant of land in Charlotte Town, PEI. In fact it may have been much earlier as his son Edmund, who you show as Edward, on baptism on 26 Feb 1832 gave his birth as being on 27 Sep 1805 at West Cape PEI. But of course Edmund may have erroneously believed that he was born on PEI, as a younger brother gives his birthplace as England. But unless there's firm evidence that the family emigrated in 1815 I think the best that can be said is that they emigrated before May 1813 and possibly before Sep 1805, although I think it was probably 1812/13

The vital detail which you show about the 1815 birth on PEI of James Dumville, is his mother's maiden name, Mary Figus, which I think is the key to the whole PEI family.

There's a marriage in Potton, Bedfordshire, England on 5 June 1797 between James Dumville widower and Mary Fickess spinster. They baptised a son Thomas on 17 Mar 1798 at Ashwell Independent Chapel, 14 miles from Potton, who was buried in August 1798, and a daughter Eliza on 20 Jul 1800, born Oct 1799, at the same non-conformist chapel. I lose touch with them after that, although a daughter from James' first marriage, Sarah Sturges Dumville, was baptised as a 21 year old in 1812 at Norton, Hertfordshire, 5 miles from Ashwell. I don't know if she was living with James in 1812. If she was, it points to an emigration in 1812/13 which fits with the Land Grant application, but not with Edmund's claim that he was born on PEI in 1805. I think Figus is a phonetic rendering of Fickess – in fact two of Mary Fickess' siblings, who like Mary were baptised at Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, were recorded as Figes. This would make Mary Fickess/Figus mother of all the PEI children of James Dumville. James Dumville isn't a common name. What are the odds against there being two James Dumvilles, one marrying a Mary Figus, marriage not found, and the other marrying Mary Fickess which is well documented?

James Dumville, widower, had earlier married Elizabeth Kirbyshire on 8 Jun 1794 in Ashwell. Elizabeth was buried in Ashwell on 11 Jun 1796, "smallpox in the 7th month of her pregnancy, aged 20".

You show Thomas Samuel Dumville b 1809 as being the son of James Henry Dumville and Jane Barker. Has a marriage been found evidencing this union? Or is the assumption that she must have been Barker as Samuel's daughter, Sarah Dumville born 1835, had a middle name Barker? In any event Samuel – I can find no evidence of a first name Thomas, as he is always shown as Samuel – was aged 75 in 1881 which gives him a birth of c1806, born England. Which again contradicts Edmund's claim to have been born on PEI in 1805.

As I see the position, there is no evidence for:

But there is evidence for:

In your page on Dumville Watch and Clock Makers in England you make reference to John Winter Dumville being resident in Ashwell, Herts at the time of his marriage at Olney in 1799. I don't think it was a coincidence that James Dumville, whose father was born in Olney and who was John's first cousin, was also living in Ashwell at the same time.

You say on your The Prince Edward Island Dumvilles page that many descendants believe they are descended from Edmund Dumville, hatmaker from Olney. They are, but not via the route claimed. They descend from Edmund's son Thomas Churchman Dumville, whose mother was Edmund's second wife Mary Turner née Churchman - it was her second marriage too.

With no English baptisms being found for James' children on PEI, probably because he was non-conformist, and with no passenger lists to Canada existing for that time, it's always going to be problematic proving beyond reasonable doubt that a person in Canada is the same person as one of the same name in England, and in the end it comes down to the balance of probabilities. But for me Mary Fickess/Figus clinches it. I know which way I'm jumping!

EDMUND DUMVILLE (c1701-1762) (First Marriage)
EDMUND DUMVILLE(c1701-1762) (Second Marriage): The Dumvilles of Olney

Edmund's first wife appears to have been Sarah Fellows. There's a marriage at Daventry, Northants on 12 May 1725 between Edmund Dumvile and Sarah Fellows, both otp (source: Northants Marriage Index)

His second wife who you show as Ann Turner was actually a widow. Her maiden name was Churchman, hence their last son's middle name - Thomas Churchman Dumville. Her first husband was Richard Turner – his MI in Olney churchyard reads:

In memory of Richard, the husbd. of Ann Turner, died June 25th, 17--, aged 30 years; also Ann Dumville (formerly the wife of Richard Turner), died April 10th, 1798, aged 93 years, who at the age of 88 years, cut 4 teeth; also Willm their son, who died in infancy.


David Cooper

17 March 2014

Elizabeth Dumvill and James S Major

I have really enjoyed reading the family history you have compiled and learning more about our family roots. My father is a descendant of William Dumvill on his mother's side of the family. His 3rd great-grandmother is Elizabeth Dumvill and she married James S. Major in Kentucky. I was really tickled to learn about the whisky distillery because my great-grandfather, Joseph Major, made whisky in the basement of his home in Evansville, Indiana during prohibition.


Elizabeth Major née Dumvill (1792-1835) was a daughter of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836).

13 February 2014

10th Great-Grandfather Edmund

Hi, Thanks for your well researched and organized website. It has helped me trace our family back across the ocean. Edmund Dumville of Rostherne (b 1570) was my 10th great-grandfather. Martha Dumville, daughter of John Dumville of Astle, is my 6th great-grandmother. She married George Corner, who helped settle Ohio. We are descended through the Corner, Leggett, Leonard, Velguth, Bowder line.

George and Martha came to America in 1795, having purchased a large tract of land in the Green River Area of Kentucky. They settled instead in Ohio. It is fascinating to learn more of the Dumville line. It is always interesting to find what prompted our ancestors to come to America. It would be interesting to know why they decided to relocate.

Thanks again,
Valerie Hanada

John Dumville of Astle (chr 1687) was a son of John Dumville (d 1703).

15 January 2014

Hello, I believe that my 10 x great grandfather Edward Millington, who was the grandson of Roger Millington and Elizabeth Domville, may have lived in Millington, Rostherne and Buerton in the Parish of Audlem in the late 1500s early 1600s.

Many thanks,
George Millington

Elizabeth Domville, who married Roger Millington, was a descendant of Hugh Domville. See also Steve Brown's Guest Book message of 4 September 2010.

20 December 2013

Thank you so much

Thank you to everyone who has worked to put this history together. I found your site today when searching for my grandmother Elaine Nellie Watts, whose great-grandmother was, it appears, Eleanor Dumvill Orton. It will take a long time to read all the of the available information and look at all those photos… let alone adding it to my existing tree… wow. Overwhelmed by the depth here.

Just, thank you all. Amazing stuff.

Gloria is a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836).

St John's
County Meath
8 December 2013

I came on your fascinating and wonderful website when tracing James Jolly a onetime Farm Manager / Land Agent with the Clive family of Ballycroy Co Mayo and Perrystone Court in Herefordshire. He left Ballycroy circa 1922 to take up a similar position (it would seem) at Santry House where he lived with his wife Alexandrina and their children in a wing of the house, possibly up to the mid 1930s. If there is anything on record about him or his family I would much appreciate hearing of it.

Very best regards and many thanks,
Pat Mullarkey

• We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages to Pat Mullarkey.

Milton Keynes
16 October 2013

Thomas Stubbs Baxter Photographs

Dear Friends,

This may sound a bit odd but I am looking for photos for an 81 year old cousin who is descended from from Thomas Coxon Stubbs and Elizabeth Dumville. One of their descendants was a Thomas Stubbs Baxter who was born 1900s and died 1939/40 tragically young and my cousin is his child and was very young when he died. Even though she has photos of my side of the family she has none on the Stubbs/Baxter side and at such an old age she has "lost" the image of her dad and has started to ask me to search if I could find some. If anyone could help I would be grateful.

Yours Peter Stanley

The wife of Thomas Coxon Stubbs (born 1847), Elizabeth Ann Dumville (born 1848/49), was a daughter of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878). We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages to Peter.

9 October 2013

Kentucky Dunvilles

Hello, I just stumbled across your website and what a treasure trove it is! Margaret Dunville Timmons 1800-1873, (the daughter of Richard Andrew Dunville 1760-1836) is my great, great, great grandmother. She married Fielding Timmons and lived in Webster County, KY. I thought that Robert Dunville 1735-1819 was Richard's father, but I see according to your research that it is actually William Dunville and Agnes McNeilly Dunville. Finding your site has filled in so much of the brick wall I was hitting with the Dunville/Dumville family history. Thank you for sharing all of your research so that the rest of the "family" can know about this wonderful heritage! Do you have any information on who William's father was? Perhaps I need to look around a bit more before asking that question. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Nice to "meet" cousins from all over the world!

Kim Herald Snoddy

Kim is a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836). See also the photograph of the gravestone of the father of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836), William Dumvill (c1740-1793).

17 August 2013

I discovered the Dumville site by accident, what a find.

I am Margaret Anne Malone née Dumville, the great-granddaughter of Joseph Dumville, the last Dumville in Hunton. My Granddad is Henry Dumville, and my father is John who was born in Kirk Merrington, moved to Doncaster when he was young and became a hairdresser. John married Vera Hatton at Stainforth, they had three children (I see your family tree only shows Ronald). They are Raymond, Ronald and Margaret. We all have children. Sadly my brother Ronald died four years ago. My Mum Vera died four years ago, and Dad John died in 1971. Henry died a year or so before John I think. We live in Doncaster. I have vague memories of visiting Blanche Airey when I was a little girl, and remember Uncle Raymond and Cousin Peter.

I believe there are more of the Dumville family in the Doncaster area.

All the best to all out there,
Margaret Malone

Margaret is a great-granddaughter of Joseph Dumville (1865-1945).

British Columbia
11 June 2013

Hunton Building

Elizabeth Dunville and John Pearson married at Patrick Brompton in May 1879. A few years later, with their first two children - the eldest being Amanda, who became my grandmother - they moved to Perth, Ontario from whence they ultimately moved to Smith Falls, Ontario.

We have learned that Elizabeth took her children back to Hunton, where she had been born, late in 1889 and they stayed there for 2 years before rejoining John in Smith Falls, Ontario late in 1891. Sure enough you can find her with her four children in the 1891 UK census.

The enumerator's handwriting is pretty bad but he seems to have written that they were living in 4 (or maybe 2) rooms in Mill House (or maybe Well House) in Rattan Row, Hunton. It seems to have been a huge building, for he enumerated another family living in 4 rooms of the same building, three other families each living in 2 rooms of the same building, and one family living in 3 (I think) rooms of it - so there were about 20 inhabited rooms.

Has anyone ever heard of this building?

Gordon Phillips

Gordon Phillips is a great-great-grandson of James Dumville (1824-1887).

27 March 2013

Hi, I am the grandson of Blanche Airey née Dumville. She married William Airey and had three sons, Wilf, Maurice and a son who died young. Maurice, my dad, married Brenda Boddy and they had two sons, Ian and myself. Mum passed away twenty-seven years ago and Dad two years ago.

Best wishes,
David Airey

David is a great-grandson of Joseph Dumville (1865-1945).

Nova Scotia
30 January 2013

Dumville/Domville of West Cape PEI


I am Christine Ward née Domville, daughter of James Allison Domville, granddaughter of Walter James Domville, great-granddaughter of John James Domville (Dumville) of West Cape PEI. I'm a bit confused with the name changes along the way but just read an entry on the guest book of a Peggy Dumville, of PEI. Oddly enough, my sister is named Peggy Domville.

Surely we are related as I had reviewed some of the handwritten records at the Albert County museum several years ago. The records indicated that my ancestor had a brother Samuel whose name changed to Dumville when transcribed. I guess there are many of us still around the maritimes. My husband's family has a summer cottage in Stanhope and we visit a few times a year. (His grandmother's family is from Charlottetown.) I have an inexplicable attraction to PEI, as do my brother's children (born in Toronto). They visited the beautiful island for the first time ever last summer. We all feel like it's our home, I can't explain it but to say it has to be in our bloodline. :) They are longing to come back next summer.

I wrote to Miles several years ago but just wanted to touch base again.

All the best to the Domvilles and Dumvilles of PEI

Christine Domville Ward

Christine is a great-great-great-granddaughter of James Henry Dumville (1776-c1850).

30 May 2012

Family of Mary McGill who married Robert Dumville (c1735-1819)

Hi, I am a descendant of Mary Dumville (b. 1784 South Carolina) who married Eleazar Clay (b. 1779). Mary is a daughter of Robert Dumville (c1735). I have been looking for the family of Mary McGill (c1750) who married Robert Dunville (c1735) in South Carolina in 1772. I think I have found her parents and siblings, but could use some help to confirm it. Mary McGill would be my fourth great-grandmother. If interested in reviewing this family, let me know.

Janis Hendrick

Robert Dumvill (c1735-1819) was an uncle of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836). We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages to Janis Hendrick.

Milton Keynes
14 February 2012

Stubbs Family

I have found useful your info on Dumville family and am wondering if anyone in the family has done the Stubbs family. I am in contact with the daughter of Thomas Stubbs Baxter who tragically died in 1939 at beginning of the 2nd World War. Please feel free to contact me.

Peter Stanley

Elizabeth Ann Dumville (born 1848/49), daughter of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878), married Thomas Coxon Stubbs.

13 October 2011

Dumville-Thorpe Query

I found your website last night, and it's made an amazing difference to the family tree I was drafting. With regard to the queries on Mary Dumville, she married Richard Hall Thorpe and had several children including:

Sarah Dumville Thorpe, baptised 26 Aug 1837 (abode: Hoghton Parsonage)
Richard Joshua Thorpe, baptised 23 Sep 1838 (abode: Hoghton Parsonage)
Elizabeth Dumvile Thorpe, baptised 25 Oct 1840 (abode: Hoghton Parsonage)
Stephen Thorpe, baptised 9 May 1841 (abode: Hoghton Parsonage)
James Arthur Thorpe, baptised 30 Oct 1842 (abode: Hoghton Parsonage)

I don't know about the others, but I am descended from Richard Joshua, who travelled to New Zealand aboard the Cissy in 1867 with his wife Charlotte and their two eldest children.

N.B. There were two Richard Hall Thorpes in Lancashire at the same time; the one that married Mary was the cleric, the other was a surgeon.

I hope that's of use to someone

K. Warrener

Mary Dumville (christened 1805) was a daughter of Peter Williamson Dumville of Knutsford (christened 1778) and Mary Dumville née Bond, and a great-granddaughter of William Dumville of Chelford (1722-1779). There are messages on the Guest Book about Mary Dumville from Michael Thorpe, dated 24 May 2009, and from Lasairíona Duignan, dated 29 October 2010.

14 July 2011

285 Park Street South, Hamilton - Doll House

I currently live in the house at 285 Park Street South, Hamilton. I loved viewing the Doll House pictures of my current home. I had thought that the current dining room and my bedroom were later additions to the house, which I can see from the pictures that they are. I live on the main floor of the house, which is now divided in 3 apartments (one apartment on each floor) and an addition approximately the same size as the original house was added to the back of the house. The fireplace in the living room still works and I enjoy it on cold winter nights. The room I use as my home office was the original kitchen.

I love history and old achitecture and I found your web site to be most interesting. Thank you so much!

Victoria Hostein

Percy Domville (1867-1951) built the Domville Dolls' House in 1899.

County Antrim
1 May 2011

We walk at Redburn most days

We live in Belfast and drive to Redburn for a walk. The views are astonishing with aircraft landing at the City Airport, helicopters taking off and landing at Victoria Barracks, with the wonderful views of Belfast's Titanic Quarter, the docks and the ships, the Cavehill beyond with its Napoleon nose makes a great setting.

A wonderful resource for Belfast people.

Jack and Anne Storey

See photographs of Redburn House and the story of The Dunville Family of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky .

13 April 2011

Interesting to find material on my family here.

Geoff Bramham, great, great grandson of Joshua Bramham

The creators of this website are also great-great-grandchildren of Joshua Bramham (1824-1890), landlord of The Old Ball Inn, Horsforth, Yorkshire. See the photograph taken in about 1880 of Joshua Bramham standing in front of the inn.

15 March 2011

Robert Lawson

Great work on the Dumville site!

I was born in Hunton but am now living in France and have just started working on my mother's family tree. I became addicted to family trees doing my father's. Do you have any information on Robert Lawson who married Elizabeth Dumville, the daughter from the second marriage of Robert?

I think that Robert may have been my great-great-grandfather and his son Robert my great-grandfather. Let me explain: Robert may be the father of Nicolas who was a landowner of approximately 10 acres at Southfields, Hunton. Nicolas was the father of Thomas, Cyril, William and Emily, who was my mother. Which would make Robert Dumville my great-great-great-grandfather.

When I was a kid, my Uncle Tom taught me how to catch moles, which he learned from his father. Maybe there's something in there.

Alan Bowe

Robert Lawson (1823-1906), who married Elizabeth Dumville (1830-1907), was a son of Robert Lawson (b c1790).

14 March 2011

The Windes of Bayou Chicot

Great story. So great in fact that I took a trip to Ferguson Cemetery in Bayou Chicot in 2010.

That's my family in there!

Carol Ferguson

Enoch Windes (1765-1834) married Sarah Dumville (b c1775). One of their sons, Robert Dumville Windes (1799-1867), a successful planter and doctor of medicine, married Eugenia Ferguson. Their son, Robert Dumville Windes Junior (1830-1911), fought in the Civil War and later published two volumes of poetry.

North Carolina
20 January 2011

I just found your site recently. I enjoyed looking at it. Some great work has been done! Thank you. My third great-grandmother is Mary Dunville, born 1784 SC, daughter of Robert Dunville/Dumvill c1735-1819. So Robert is my fourth great-grandfather. Mary Dunville married Eleazer Clay in 1802, Grainger County, Tennessee. I research both the Clay family and the Dunville family. Mary and Eleazer Clay had about thirteen children and moved to St. Francois County Missouri where Mary died in 1852. Here are some death notes for her. You can view a photo of her cemetery stone on the site.

There is a death notice in the Pioneer Time Volume Five that reads: "Mother Clay late wife of Eleazer Clay of St. Francois County died 16 April. Reverend Alvin Rucker was her son-in-law. She was the daughter of Reverend Robert Dunville, pioneer Methodist preacher, and was born near Camden South Carolina. Married Eleazer Clay Jan 22, 1802 in East Tennessee, and came to Missouri at an early date. Left children and grandchildren." by J. C. Berryman.

Extract from the Bible of Eleazer Clay (now in the hands of Mrs. J. S. Clay of Farmington MO): "Mary Clay died April 16, 1852, half after one o'clock in the morning. She went to bed as usual and slept for about six hours and then waked up with a strangled cough and died in half an hour." (from Clay Family History by Davis). She died in St. Francois Co, Missouri.

The sister of Mary Dunville, Eleanor, c1778 SC who married William Sims lived in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri for awhile. Eleanor and William Sims had about five children born in St. Genevieve County, which is next door to St. Francois County, Missouri where Mary lived. So they were close for awhile in early 1800s. I just happened across Eleanor and matched her up with this family. I have not done much Sims family research.

Janis Hendrick

29 October 2010

Mary Dumville, chr. 1805

I noticed this query from Michael Thorpe, dated 24 May 2009. I may be wrong, but I think that Mary was married to Richard Hall Thorpe, not John Hall Thorpe; he was perpetual curate of Hoghton, and died in 1846. I would be delighted if anyone could confirm this (or otherwise!). I do know that Mary and Robert had a daughter, Annie (or Agnes?), who emigrated to New Zealand, and married a man named John Holloway.

Lasairíona Duignan

Mary Dumville (christened 1805) was a daughter of Peter Williamson Dumville of Knutsford (christened 1778) and Mary Dumville née Bond, and a great-granddaughter of William Dumville of Chelford (1722-1779).

Victoria, Australia
4 September 2010

Dumville - Lymm/Chelford Connection

For years I have been trying to establish the link between the DUMVILLEs of Chelford and Alderley (Cheshire) and the DOMVILLEs of Lymm, being the primary branch of the family; at last I think I am somewhere close.

I found basically three family groups in mid and south Cheshire in the late 1500s/early 1600s, who were presumably offshoots from the Lymm family tree.

One family (DUMVALL) lived in Audlem (close to the Staffordshire border) and within two generations had become DENWALLs.

Another family group lived in the arc Davenham/Over/Middlewich and at some point in the 1700s seem to have become DOBELLs. The progenitor of this line was a Ralph Dumville (born c1560) who married Anna HOLFORD in Middlewich in 1584.

The largest family group was that started by Edmund DUMVILLE (born c1570) in Rostherne. Branches from this family moved south to Mobberley, Chelford and Knutsford, and largely retained the original spelling. Hopefully this pedigree will be posted on this site soon.*

The clearest link we have between this Edmund and the Lymm Domvilles is this record from the National Archives:

Marriage settlement. Thor 1/1/14/1 11th February 1627. Signed Elizabeth Massye; seal missing.
Parties: William Millington of Millington co. Chester gent. and Elizabeth Massye widow late wife of Hugh Massye late of Denfield in Rostherne gent.
Property: the manor of Millington with lands there and in High Leigh and Partington as in Thor 1/1/13/2.
Consideration: a marriage between John son and heir of William Millington and Anne Massye daughter of Elizabeth.
£500 to be paid to William Millington.
The property to be granted to trustees Edmund Dumville of Lyme esq. and William Massye of Mossehouse in Audlem gent.
Conditions: to the use of John Millington for life, then to Anne Massye for jointure for life, to the heirs of John and Anne, to the heirs of William as regards the property set out in Thor 1/1/13/2 above.
As for the rest of the manor and property: to William Millington for life, then to the heirs of John and Anne William Millington the right to have his portion apart from the capital messuage and demesne lands. The right of William Millington to make a jointure to a wife to the value of £20 per annum.
Elizabeth Massye to give the wedded pair one year's table or pay £16 and William Millington to give the same.

The groom's father William MILLINGTON of Rostherne was a grandson of Roger Millington and Elizabeth Domville of Lymm, and was born in 1576, about the same time as our Edmund Dumville. Therefore there is the distinct possibility that he and Edmund were related, possibly cousins. This would make Edmund's grandfather Peter DOMVILLE of Lymm (1522-1569) who was Elizabeth's only sibling. Peter had 2 daughters and 6 sons, of whom either Peter Jr. or George are the most likely to be Edmund's father - unfortunately he was probably born just before Lymm parish records started in 1568.

In following all this through I have found some outrageous spellings of the name - DOWNBILL, DUMLIL, DUMBWELL, DOMBALL, etc. so it pays not to take exact spelling too literally and accept that permanent mutations like DENWALL and DOBELL did happen!

Steve Brown

* We have added part of Steve Brown's research to a new page, for Edmund Dumville (b c1570), and we will update other pages which can be reached through links from that page with more of his research. Elizabeth Domville, who married Roger Millington and whose brother may be a grandfather of Edmund Dumville (b c1570), is a descendant of Hugh Domville

8 July 2010

Had a recent trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland

My wife and I took a two week trip to the British Isles and spent some time in Belfast. We were able to locate the site of the old Dunville Irish Whisky distillery as well as spent time in the Dunville Park. We had a tremendous time on our trip. Was great to see a piece of the Dunville history in person. Richard A. Dunville who came to America as a young man and settled in Western Kentucky is my great, great, great, great grandfather.

Kerry Edwards

16 May 2010

William Kellock brother of Mary Kellock born 1796 Modbury

Hi, Great to find your website! My husband is a descendant of the above William Kellock and your site has provided me with some much valued information regarding the Kellock family. William, like Mary's husband James Dumville, was a surgeon. Perhaps that is how they met!

Yours gratefully,
Christine Gill

William Kellock was a grandson of Alexander Kellock (d 1776) and a father-in-law of James Bell Domville (1778-1846).

Cape Town
South Africa
29 March 2010

Dumville Family

Hello to all my Dumville cousins in England and around the world. My brother Kenneth and I (Jean Margaret) were born in Middlesbrough. In 1936 our parents came to live in South Africa. My father Raymond Clive Dumville (1900-1983). My grandfather Alfred Dumville (1874-1922). My great-grandfather James Dumville (1824-1887). My great-great-grandfather Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). Thanks to Miles for making the Dumville family feel so special.

Margaret Jones (née Dumville)

26 March 2010

Fred Dumville (1898-1919)

I am a member of the Snape Local History Group. I am in the process, as part of a long running project, of gathering background material, before it is lost in time, on all those from the villages of Snape and Well, who lost their lives in the two World Wars.

We now have some information on many of those on the 6 different war memorials in the villages but nothing really on Fred. We have his grave and that of his mother and father in Well. On your most comprehensive web site there is the story of James and Elizabeth, his parents and Mary his sister but I want to know more about Fred and the Great War. We know from the CWGC that he was in the South Staffordshire Regiment, they have good war diaries but can only go so far: we know that he died in a Military Hospital in Newport but without more detail of when he was wounded, it is not possible to say what action he was involved in. His military records appear to be amongst the many that were destroyed in the London Blitz.

John Knopp

Fred Dumville (1898-1919) was a grandson of Mary Ann Dumville (1833-1911). We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages to John Knopp.

East Sussex
1 January 2010

Hi, My family are from Croydon, Surrey and surrounding areas. I have an accurate family tree back to the mid-1700s. If anyone needs information for this side of the family I would be pleased to help.

Peter Dumville

• We will be happy to forward any e-mail messages to Peter Dumville.

17 December 2009

New Arrival

Time to bring the dynasty up to date! Another New Dumville has arrived…

Jonathan (b. 1970) and Jacqueline Dumville are proud to announce the birth of their second son, Alexander Luc Dumville. He was born in Bristol, England on the 25th July.

Baby Alex, brother to Sean (b. 2006), has David John (b. 1942) as grandfather and Eleanor May (b. 1922) as great-grandmother.

Best Regards,

Alexander Luc Dumville is a great-great-grandson of George Dumville (1893-1964).

6 November 2009

Edward Dunville

I have just come across your site whilst researching ships from north-east ports lost during WW2. I would just like to tell you that Edward Dunville, who was lost on SS Creofield in 1940, will be remembered on my site. This won't be for some time as I have to get right through to 1945 - but he will be remembered.

Neville Bougourd

Edward Dunville was a great-grandson of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878).

10 September 2009

More Liverpool Domvilles

As a burgeoning young genealogist, I found this wonderful site a few years ago, and have periodically browsed through it ever since. Then just recently, I found an older entry in the guestbook from a distant relative [17 January 2008] …

My great-grandfather was Cyril Domville, brother of Wilfred, Len, Sid, and Enid… I know the family spread out quite a bit but my grandfather still maintains correspondence with some of his cousins - just not sure which ones! I know Cyril worked on ships - possibly the White Star Line - and made several transatlantic trips before finally emigrating, but I'd love to hear about the other members of the family!

Kate Domville

8 September 2009

The Dumville/Domville Line

I found your site yesterday and what a breakthrough that was! I had spent fruitless hours trying to find the ancestry of Martha Dumbwell, also called Dumville, born 5 October 1732 in Marston by Congleton, Cheshire. She was my 5x great-grandmother. She married George Corner on 9 June 1754 in Chelford, Cheshire and had nine children.

Martha, her husband and at least five of her children (not daughter Elizabeth who is my 4x great-grandmother) emigrated to America, where she died in 1803. Martha is an ancester on my mother's side of the family and until fairly recently the descendants of Elizabeth Corner, her daughter and husband Thomas Snelson, seem to have lived in Cheshire.

Thank you for the wonderful site plus the information it provides.

Diana Metcalfe

Martha Dumbwell/Dumville was a granddaughter of John Dumville (d 1703).

North Carolina
29 August 2009

I'm so sorry to hear of Jill's death. She made a difference in so many lives. My condolences to her family and friends.

It's been a while since I looked at your site and I'm delighted to see many names that I recognize from my childhood in Kentucky. I'm the daughter of Ralph Emerson Dunville and Thelma Dees Dunville. Your information is fascinating, especially since I lost touch with many of my relatives when we moved away at the age of 12. I'll be checking back more often!

Thank you for your work.

Julia Dunville Sallin

Julia Dunville Sallin is a granddaughter of Robert Anderson Dunville (1861-1945).

Orchard Lake
29 July 2009

Thank you for operating this wonderful site. I am Michael D. Dunville, son of Martin Dunville. My father spent twenty years researching the Dunville, Domville, Dumville families from 1971-1992 before suddenly passing away. I am just becoming interested in the history of my family. I sort of became bored with the subject watching him spend about four hours a day and all weekend doing research. I watched him write all the time to many family members. I participated in trying to figure a way to log all the information in a manner that made sense. There were a lot of issues to take into consideration.

One of the interesting moments was when we found out that we were related to the Dunville's Whisky family. I see that one of your articles mentions that Martin Dunville gave or donated family material to Austin State University in Texas. I never knew that. I have all the material that my father generated. I am willing to share any of his research with anyone that is interested. I am sure that I might be able to get answers to a lot of questions that family members have. Thanks for your site.

Michael D. Dunville

Michael D. Dunville is a great-grandson of Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896).

24 May 2009

Mary Dumville

I am looking for information on an ancestor, Mary Dumville, who married John Hall Thorpe around 1830 and they lived near Manchester in the UK. Her father was (possibly) Peter Williamson Dumville, and may have been a doctor. A large number of Mary's children emigrated to New Zealand in the 1860-1870s, I am on that branch.

The family still has some English silver, engraved with D, we call it the Dumville silver. Where did it come from?! In our family Dumville still occurs as a Christian name, for example it was one of my father's names.

I am inexperienced in searching, maybe there are registers I should check.

In hope and with best wishes!
Michael Thorpe

Mary Dumville (christened 1805) was a daughter of Peter Williamson Dumville of Knutsford (christened 1778) and Mary Dumville née Bond, and a great-granddaughter of William Dumville of Chelford (1722-1779).

San Antonio
26 February 2009

Jane Augusta Dumville

My great-grandmother was Jane Augusta Dumville and she married Sidney Plumb October 6, 1886 in North Adams, Massachusetts. My grandmother, Helen Plumb, was born on August 9, 1887 in North Adams. She passed on handwritten notes about her mother and aunts. I found your site as I was looking for my great-great-grandmother, Jane Martin, married to Thomas Dumville, son of Benjamin Dumville, born April 18, 1768 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England. Jane Martin according to my grandmother was from Ireland, perhaps coming over as a result of the potato famine?

I had fun reading your site as it confirmed much of my grandmother's handwritten notes. I do not have much on the Dumville family and thinking that they were French, I was surprised with the Buckinghamshire births.

I hope others will add to the site if that is possible.

Ward E. Hobby

Ward E. Hobby is a great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830). Three of Benjamin Dumville's sons, Benjamin (1807-1887), Thomas (1813-1871) and William Edmund (1816-1884), emigrated to the USA in 1827.

4 February 2009

William Dumville (1912-1997)

I knew William Dumville when I was a child. He lived in Appleton Road, Middlesbrough. I remember him being wounded and getting the M.C. I think it was at Dunkerque for rescuing someone under enemy fire. I think he was wounded in the leg. He was a Major in the Green Howards at the time. This is a famous North Yorkshire regiment.

He owned a large brown Mastiff dog and we all called him Bill. I was nine at the time.

Peter Watson

William Dumville (1912-1997) was a grandson of James Dumville (1824-1887).

8 December 2008

Dunville Descendant

My name is Sally Joanne Roy. I am the daughter of Anna B Haagensen and granddaughter of the late Nahja Dees (Dunville) Haagensen. After my grandmother's death I began to research my family's history and this site is what I found. I'm very honoured to be a part of this family. There is so much background on this site. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you very much!

Sally Roy

Sally is a great-great-granddaughter of Robert Anderson Dunville (1861-1945).

Small lane
3 November 2008

Mobberley Brickworks

Very interested to read about Mobberley Brickworks, I assume on Small lane, Mobberley, and the several Dumvilles employed there. The brickworks closed in 1935 but Wood lane is only just around the corner, and still very rural!

Pete Grassby

John Dumville (b 1842) [145M] and his sons Joseph Dumville (b 1871) [196M] and Alfred Dumville (b 1873/74) [197M], son and grandsons of John Dumville of Mobberley (b 1806/07), worked at the brickworks.

18 October 2008

Tribute to Edward Legg

This is a tribute to Edward (Ted) Legg, the author of The Clock and Watchmakers of Buckinghamshire, who died early this year of Motor Neurone Disease. I knew Ted all of my life, until his death, when I was just 37, and my father was a lifelong friend of his and executor of his will. Ted had no family apart from ours and I wish that readers of this site realise his kindness, generosity and utmost dedication to give in his life, more than he ever received.

God bless you Ted.

Laura Berrill

Virginia Beach
29 August 2008

American Cousin

Thanks for this site. I am glad to be a part of the clan.


Samuel Lawrence (Larry) Dumville is a grandson of Samuel Dumville (1883-1951).

25 August 2008

Guess there's a lot of us

My name is Brandy Dunville. My husband is Matthew Dunville, the youngest son of Robert E. Dunville Jr. We have 3 boys: Matthew Jr. (9), Memphis (5), and Mathias (2). We were so happy to find this web site. Now we can show our boys where their family is from and who their relatives are.

Matt and Brandy Dunville

Matthew Dunville is a great-great-grandson of Thomas Dumville/Dunville (1843-1925).

22 August 2008


I very much enjoyed your website. Ancient family seat is Lymm Hall, Lymm, in Cheshire. It still stands but no longer occupied by Domville/Dumbills. Many Dumbills (my relatives) remain around that part of Cheshire. So far as I can see my family lived in villages/towns local to Lymm for centuries. I left Cheshire on leaving University – and finally broke the mould.

On view in Lymm Hall and in the church at Lymm is the coat of arms of William Dombille of Lymm 1687. Motto on Arms is: QUI STAT CAVEAT NE CADAT. I discovered that this is taken from Corinthians, I, 10 (12): "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall."

Alex Dumbill

Admiral Sir Barry Edward Domvile quotes the motto in the Preface of his book 'From Admiral to Cabin Boy'.

Richard's Landing
17 July 2008

More Dunville Distillery Line Descendants!

I am having so much fun to learn more about my family tree.

I am the granddaughter of William Gustavus Dunville (1900-1956). My grandfather passed on in 1956 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada months before my birth of October 23/56. My mother was Shirley June Dunville and her sister was Avis Pamela Zoe Dunville. Both daughters had children as follows: Avis gave birth to Michael William Clifford Daynard and Shirley gave birth to myself, Kirsten Young, Lori Desjardin, Erin Lawrence and Tylar Thorkilson.

Although I never had the opportunity to know my Grandpa Bill, I hear numerous stories of him and I did know my grandmother Ivy Evelyn Dunville extremely well. I spent numerous hours with her as a child until she passed on July 24th, 1967. She was such a lovely person and I am so pleased to say that I have Dunville history in my family.

I am from Canada but am visiting in London, England with our daughter Tarina (great-granddaughter of William Gustavus Dunville) and son-in-law who just on July 13th delivered a beautiful baby girl named Freya, who is a great-great-granddaughter to William Gustavus Dunville. Another great-great-grandson to William Gustavus was born on May 17th, 2008 to Trevor Daynard and Sarah Taylor, his name is Isaac William Michael Samuel Daynard.

I would like to hear from other Distillery Line Dunvilles (I have had the opportunity to meet with Miles on my husband's and my last visit to England in 2007) as I believe myself and my sisters and brother may be one of the closest living distillery line descendants to John Dunville Dunville (my great-great-grandfather). Any thoughts… would appreciate any information. Thanks so much!

Kirsten Young

24 March 2008

Yet Another Descendant!

Hello there! I was very pleased to come across your website. So interesting and such a help too.

Robert Dumville was my great-great-great-great-great- (5!) grandfather from my mother's side, my mother's maiden name being Morton (born in Ripon in Yorkshire). I have been doing a great deal of family history research recently and discovered how very addictive it is. I, like my father, was born in Wales and so I have a wide variety of ancestry to go at!

Congratulations on all the research you have done - and good luck for your future efforts.

Best wishes, and nice to meet you!
Davena Hooson

5 March 2008

Another Dumville Descendant

Hello, Congratulations on an excellent site… organized, informative and interesting! I believe Robert Dumville was my great-great-great-grandfather. The pathway is:

My great-great-great-grandfather: Robert Dumville 1767-1857
His son, my great-great-grandfather: James Dumville 1824-1887
His daughter, my great-grandmother: Elizabeth (Dumville) Pearson 1860-1930
Emigrated in 1883 to Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada
Her daughter, my grandmother: Jennie (Pearson) Rogers ?-1930
Her daughter, my mother: Bessie (Rogers) Thomas 1915-1983
Me: Martyn Boyd Thomas 1946

Martyn Thomas

North Carolina
11 February 2008

Hello! What a wonderful site to see! I am of the Kentucky Dunvilles! I am the great-granddaughter of Robert Anderson Dunville and the granddaughter of Robert (Bob) Murphy Dunville. My grandfather grew up in Kentucky and had a flair for vaudeville! He moved to Richmond, Virginia where he married Glenyce and had four children of his own: Robert Murphy Jr., Carol Dunville Carpenter, David Anderson Dunville and then John Emerson Dunville. John Emerson is my father. He married Linda Frasia Wright and went on to have two children. First born was a girl, Frasia Morgan Dunville and then second was my little brother, William David Dunville a.k.a. Beau. The majority of our family is still easily found in Richmond, Virginia, however I have relocated to the Charlotte, North Carolina area and would love to meet any other Dunvilles in the area!

Thanks so much for putting together such a wonderful site… I will be sure to share this with the rest of the Robert Anderson Dunville family!

Frasia Dunville

9 February 2008

Dunville Family

We are descendants of Susan Jane Jackson (granddaughter of Richard A. Dunville, Sr. and daughter of Jane Dunville and Charles King Jackson). Susan Married William Massilon Henry. We are trying to find out something about her side of the family. Do you know anything about her?

Thanks for your help,
Joan Henry

17 January 2008

Domville family - Liverpool

Very interesting site, thanks. My mother was Enid Veronica (Brice-) Bennett (née Domville), daughter of Mary Domville (née Kenny). Uncles included Wilf(red), Len, Cyril, Sid… Some I believe went to the USA… I worked with Wilf for a short while before his retirement from Liverpool Corporation in the mid 1960s.

David Brice-Bennett

15 January 2008

Today while taking another trip down my family tree I noticed that the last name Orton shows up in the Dunvilles of Kentucky. I grew up in the small town of Onton in Webster County, Kentucky, where many, many Dunvilles have lived and farmed, several still do. My dad once told me that our town was named after someone by the last name Orton, but when the name was sent in to be registered with the state the lower case r looked like an n, which is totally feasible to me, and so the town was named Onton instead. Nothing particularly ground breaking here, but a neat little tid-bit nonetheless.

In addition Martin Dunville, who provided much of the research and information available on a lot of the Dunville family history, was a good friend of my grandfather, Benjamin Dunville, who died in 1980. The story I've been told behind that is that Martin, who at the time lived in Michigan, was told by either his mother or aunt that he had family in western Kentucky, and so he traveled south to search for them. He wound up in Webster County and the first Dunville he found in the phone book was my grandfather. The two met up and talked for hours, became good friends, and went on to organize many annual family reunions. I only wish I had been able to know them both! I hope someone will find this at least a little interesting, as I love to read other people's stories about the family.

Brennan L. Dunville

See 'The Dunvilles of Kentucky'. Brennan Dunville is a great-great-grandson of Richard Lee Dunville.

St. Mary's Church
4 January 2008

Domvile Graves in Wiltshire

Rev. Charles Compton Domvile was Rector of our church (St. Mary's, Nettleton) in the late 19th century, and we have graves of two family members Capt. John Russell Compton Domvile and Eva Kathleen Domvile in our churchyard. We are keen to restore their memorials, which should cost maybe £100-£200, and would very much like to hear from living family members willing to contribute. Such costs are formally the responsibility of relatives, although we may be able to provide something from our very limited church funds.

In the meantime, we would welcome visits from interested family members, and would like to put anything anyone can tell us about the late Rector in our church guidebook.

Alistair Caie
Secretary to Parochial Church Council

Reverend Charles Compton Domvile (1816-1898) was a great-grandson of Christopher Pocklington (d 1766). Captain John Russell Compton Domvile (1856-1893) and Eva Kathleen Domvile (1868-1897) were two of his children. See also a photograph of the memorials and information on the project to restore them on the page titled Domvile Family Gravestones.

Thunder Bay
4 November 2007

My father is Harvey Clayton Dunville and my grandfather was Wilfred Leslie Dunville, great-grandfather was George Robert Dumville, then great-great-grandfather was John Dunville and great-great-grandmother was Ann Baldwin Dumville.

Patsy Cote

17 October 2007

Dunvilles (Redburn)

As a child I grew up a stone's throw away from the Dunville house in Redburn. We were always mystified by the building, and of the stories that went with big empty houses. The Dunville family have always intrigued me, and wherever possible I look for things about them, from the Victoria Cross which is in the Church of Ireland on Church Road, to the cemetery in the Old Priory. I have read through the site and have enjoyed it, and thank you for making this site accessible.

George Carson

See The Dunville Family of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky and photographs of Redburn House.

1 October 2007

Dumville Street, Manchester

Hello, My grandmother was Clara Dumville, born in Salford, 1895 - 1997, daughter of Edward Dumville 1870, granddaughter of William 1845 and great-granddaughter of Peter. There used to be a Dumville Street in central Manchester which she insisted was named after her grandfather. Does anyone know who it was actually named after? Incidentally, it is quite amazing how many Dumvilles actually lived in Dumville Street!

If you can enlighten me, thank you.

Anne Dumville Carroll

Anne Dumville Carroll is a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandaughter of William Dumville of Chelford (1722-1779).

22 July 2007

Richard W. Jenkins

Many thanks for a fantastic site. I came across it while looking into my grandfather's history. He was a traveller (sales rep) for Dunville's Whisky. I live close to the site of the distillery and, apart from Dunville Park, had no idea the influence the family had on Belfast as a whole.

Tony McCann

See The Dunville Family of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky and Engravings of Dunville & Co. Ltd. Buildings.

West Yorkshire
15 July 2007

Susannah Dumville

I knew that the above-named married my great-great-great-grandfather, William Pearson, in 1817. Your website has provided me with information relating to Susannah Dumville's parents, Robert and Margery Dumville (née Smirthwaite) and William Pearson's father. Thank you.

If anyone has any further information relating to William and Susannah Pearson's daughter, Eleanor Pearson (c1817-1902) (my great-great-grandmother), or is a descendant of hers, I shall be pleased to hear from them.

Brenda Lodge

Susannah Pearson née Dumville was the eldest child of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) and Margery Smirthwaite.

5 June 2007

Hello, I happened upon your website by chance. I am a Foxton and the rest of the (large) Foxton family lives in North Yorkshire (and my grandfather bears considerable resemblance to your piccies!). Not sure if we are any relation but will be doing a bit of homework tonight as it seems a coincidence.

Sarah Foxton

Francis Foxton (1824-1900) married Mary Ann Dumville (1833-1911).

Apple Valley
24 May 2007

Dunvilles of Kentucky descendants

Hello! I am Steve Sikkenga, son of Louis Robert and Dickey (Dunville) Sikkenga. My mother was one of two sisters of Marty Dunville who did a lot of research on the Dunvilles, particularly the Dunvilles of Kentucky. It is great to see a lot of his research kept on this site. My mother also kept copies of much of Marty's research, and I have found great joy in now possessing some of that research. For your records, my mother, Dickey Marie (Dunville) Sikkenga passed away on February 19, 2006 at the age of 75. Of her four other siblings, only Jeanette (Dunville) Marshke survives. Dickey is also survived by myself, Steve Robert Sikkenga of Apple Valley, MN and daughter, Nancy Jeanne Hutchison of Milford, MI. Thank you for this great site and source of information.

Steve Sikkenga

Steve Sikkenga is a great-grandson of Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896).

12 May 2007

The Family Tree!!

This is so totally impressive! We just hear of families and long time ago generations but to see pictures and hear stories make it a reality. It is my pleasure to know a Dunville and he's immensely proud of his heritage and it's evident that the person who started this is to be commended. It has been a delight reviewing these pages.

Thank you,
R. Fuller

11 May 2007

Grandfather clock

Hello all!

I am a maintenance supervisor. I found a grandfather clock at work next to the trash dumpster, about to be crushed by my grounds keeper! As it turned out he could not pick it up by himself. This is where I come in. It was a snowy day so I had to go in to work early!! 5:00 am!! I walked by the dumpster and I saw this beautiful clock! I said to myself, "It must be broken." Well let me tell you, it was in GREAT shape! It is signed John Dumvile Macclesfield.

I have done some research, which is how I came across this guestbook. The clock has never been cut and it has the original finials, crank and pendulum. I believe the clock may be from the 1750s, if not from the father of John Dumville of Alderly, John of Astle. If anyone can shed any light on the origin of the clock or can tell me which Dumvile may have built it, I would really appreciate it. If I get any responses, I would be happy to send some pictures.


See Dumville Watch- and Clockmakers in England.

Prince Edward Island
29 April 2007

Good day…

Hello there everyone, just browsing one day and I found your site. My name is Peggy Dumville from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have a daughter named Lilli Ann Charlotte Dumville. We are the daughter/grand-daughter of Kenneth Roy Dumville of O'Leary, West Point, son of the late Charles Dumville and his mother Mary Dumville of West Point, PEI. My father has 10 brothers and sisters as well. I can't wait to show my father this site. I expect he will have a lot more info to add… especially regarding how his father came to PEI.

Kind Regards
Peggy Dumville

Peggy Dumville is a great-great-granddaughter of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

24 April 2007

Daughter of Thomas I'Anson

Hi, I am the daughter of Thomas I'Anson (born in Victoria, Canada) the 3rd, and granddaughter of Thomas I'Anson (born in Scotland) 2nd, and the great-granddaughter of Thomas I'Anson, son of William I'Anson. I am looking for details too. My grandfather's horseracing life (a chain of 15 to 20 horses and an Alberta Derby Win) led me to the William I'Anson chain, (my father and grandfather were silent on the issue of their relatives), and I beleive that my brother, Richard Mark I'Anson, is the last in that chain, as he had no children due to health issues. I have a daughter. My father and grandfather are deceased. Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
Maureen P. (I'Anson) Jorgensen

Jane Dumville (b 1858), daughter of Charles Dumville (1826-1885), married John Ianson (b c1857).

13 April 2007

Arthur George Royal Dunville

Hi there, My name is Amanda Nicole Koski, granddaughter of Arthur George Royal Dunville and Nadia Nadine Wettick.

I'm very glad I stumbled upon this website, and I know that Chanel, Madison and Paige (daughters of Shannon Lee Dunville) have also been to visit this website, so if this is the place to send additions to the tree, it would be very nice to see all of our names on it!

I'll be sure to visit often! Thanks again for putting this together.

Amanda Koski

Amanda Koski is a great-granddaughter of Wilfred Leslie Dunville (1894-1976).

7 April 2007

Happy Childhood

I spent many long hours playing in the ruins of the Dunville mansion as a child, fond memories that will remain with me always.

Many thanks,

Redburn House was the home of the Dunville family of Northern Ireland.

17 March 2007

Hello, This is a fantastic web site. I stumbled across it doing a Google search for my family tree. I am the granddaughter of Martha Keturah Dunville Tuck, who was born on Prince Edward Island. I am really looking forward to my vacation this year as I will be traveling north to visit with my second cousin, Ruth Kinley Gibbs Dwyer (daughter of Jessie Jean Dunville Gibbs) and then continuing on to visit our other cousins on the Island. I'll return to this web site often.

Sandra Penny

Martha Keturah Dunville Tuck and Jessie Jean Dunville Gibbs were daughters of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

5 March 2007

Dunville's Memorabilia

Hi there, Just visited the Dunville's Whisky collectables site. Nice site and interesting info on the collectable, advertising products. I looked it up just out of interest as we have a brown enamel tray with the name DUNVILLE'S WHISKY and VR, as shown on your site, but we don't think of it as a collectable. It was in general use by my wife's grandmother, then her parents, and now we use it daily to carry our tea cups etc in from the kitchen. So it's still in in regular use, and has been since new, about 100 years ago.

Thanks again, best wishes,
Walter and Carole Wigmore

See the Dunville's Whisky Collectables ('Dunvilliana').

15 February 2007

Hi, my name is Sharon Lelonek, granddaughter to George Dunville, Northwich, Cheshire.

Sharon Lelonek is a great-great-great-granddaughter of John Dumville (b 1806/07) of Mobberley, Cheshire.

10 December 2006

Ernie Dunville

Having been in contact with Miles and having seen the Guest Book message of 10 May 2006 from Roy and Judith, from Florida, I have seen some of Roy's relations about a year ago. I am the grandson of Edward Dunville of Sunderland, who was the brother of Thomas Ernest, who was Roy's grandfather. I used to walk to and from the docks at Sunderland with both of them on occasions, and I was employed by the same company where he worked as a Coal Trimmer/Teemer.

One day, the two of them were supposed to have a dispute and they decided to "have it out on the top of the Coal Drops at 5 o'clock". Quite a crowd congregated to see the Battle. When both of them started to "spar up" they got hold of each other and started dancing. What a wind up. Always game for a laugh. Here's wishing all of the relations and friends, all the very best of the Season.

Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is a great-great-grandson of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878),

24 November 2006

Michael J. Dumville

23 November 2006

Hi, just visited your website after about three years, it is nice to see my daughters Claire and Sarah have both signed your guest book. It is nice to see there are lots of Dumvilles out there and the site has got so big.

Alan Dumville

Alan Dumville is a great-grandson of George Dumville (1835-1875).

16 November 2006

Shelby Leigh Dunville

Shelby Leigh Dunville's husband Brennan is a great-great-grandson of Richard Lee Dunville.

Overland Park
15 November 2006

Bayou Chicot

A few years ago I was travelling by car from Destin, Florida to Kansas City. Having read on the internet about a Windes/Dumville family cemetery near Bayou Chicot, Louisiana, I made it my purpose to find the site. It is truly off the beaten path, remote and isolated, but I was happy to succeed in locating it. I would like to spend more time there on a future trip.

William Harrison Windes (Bill)

See George Windes' manuscript on The Windes of Bayou Chicot and Holmesville, Louisiana.

British Columbia
11 October 2006

Margaret Ellen Dumville

Hi everyone, It was overwhelming to find so much on the Dunville/Dumvilles. My grandmother was Margaret Ellen Dumville married to William James Baines. My Dad, William Henry Baines, came to Saskatchewan, Canada as a young man and became a successful farmer. I have all the children of Wm. James Baines and Margaret Ellen and must send them to you, Jill. Thank you for the work that you've put into this site.

Darlene Vickery

Darlene Vickery is a great-granddaughter of Charles Dumville (1826-1885).

Co. Down
3 October 2006

Redburn House

What a delight to find this site. My memories of Redburn House came flooding back as I recalled the happy days of my childhood playing in the grounds of the house during the late 1950s. I remember with sadness the night that the house was destroyed by fire as we watched from our bedroom window. I also remember the gamekeeper's house and the area in which the private zoo had been, also the stories of Bruno the bear. It was indeed a magical place and only rarely did we as children gain access to the interior of the house as it was well protected by a local man who was caretaker. Many thanks for a great website.

Martin J. Patton

North Somerset
5 September 2006

A New Dumville!

Jonathan (b. 1970) and Jacqueline Dumville are proud to announce the birth of their son Sean Presley Dumville. He was born in Bristol, England on the 13th August and weighed in at 8lb 9oz.

Both mum and son are doing very well.

Baby Sean has David John (b. 1942) as Grandfather and John (b. 1923) as Great-Grandfather.

The Dumville dynasty continues!

Best Regards,

Sean Presley Dumville is a great-great-grandson of George Dumville 1893-1964.

San Jose
1 September 2006

Dumville Family History

Hello Cousins:

I was astounded to find your wonderful website and enjoyed reading through the research you have all done. Thank you!

I would love to be able to add my Dumville family to your site - if appropriate.

James DUMVILLE at the head of my Descendancy chart is my 7th great grandfather.

Mary Elizabeth DUMVILLE (Knutsford, Cheshire, England 1852) is my 2nd great grandmother.

Mary Elizabeth married John Dooley WALKDEN (1852-1882) in Manchester, Lancashire, England (1872) before their immigration to South Africa. John Dooley WALKDEN died at a young age leaving Mary Elizabeth DUMVILLE his wife a widow with two young children to rear. She was a brave and courageous woman who can be considered a true pioneer in the British Colonies.

I would be most excited to hear from cousins who are interested in sharing further research on this "twig" of the family tree.

Fr. Basil
Revd. Fr. Basil G. Royston, D. Min.

"As far as we can discern the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being" Carl Jung

Father Royston is a descendant of John Dumville (d 1703).

Lake Saint Louis
9 August 2006

Sarah Elizabeth Dunville

This is the greatest find I have ever had on the internet. I am the great-granddaughter of Sarah Elizabeth Dunville (née Tongue) (1853-1921). My grandfather was Thomas Craighead Dunville (Toby) and I am the daughter of his son Thomas Dunville (Tommy) and Mary Catherine (Reeves) Dunville. My father was the only child of Grandpa's marriage to Hazel Woolsey and Agnes Gertrude van der Maden was my step-grandmother. My father died in March of 1980 and my mother in February of 1998. I have had so many questions that I wanted to ask and no answers since everyone is now gone. I came across this site and started looking and as I was scrolling through all of the information I was thinking "oh, it's probably some other family" and then there was a picture of my Great-Grandmother! This has been so much fun and so informative. Although I am not personally aquainted with the makers of this site, I appreciate all of the hard work I know it takes to maintain so much information. I have two daughters and five grandchildren of my own and this will help me to pass on my heritage.

Thank you and God Bless you and all of the distant relatives who read this!

Debra (Dunville) Herndon

Debra Herndon is a great-granddaughter of Thomas Dumville (1843-1925) and Sarah Elizabeth Dunville (née Tongue) (1853-1921).

26 July 2006

Hello. My name is Danica Mary Dunville. I am the daughter of William Dunville. I liked your website.

Danica Mary Dunville is a great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles Poindexter Dunville (1856-1939).

North Somerset
1 June 2006

Hello Dumvilles!

Have just spent a couple of the most informative hours reading up on the ancestors! Brilliant website, your efforts are most appreciated. As the son of David John Dumville (b. 1942) it appears that I'm the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). My wife, Jacqui, is expecting a baby Dumville (our 1st child) in August. I shall keep you updated on this new generation of Dumvilles!

All the best,
Jon & Jacqui

Jon Dumville is a great-grandson of George Dumville 1893-1964.

Virginia Beach
16 May 2006

Thanks for all the hard work on this site.

Samuel Lawrence (Larry) Dumville

Samuel Lawrence (Larry) Dumville is a grandson of Samuel Dumville (1883-1951).

10 May 2006

The Dunville family of Sunderland, England

We are the only Dunville family from the the north-east of England who have lived in Sunderland, in the north-east, for the last few hundred years, although we (Roy and Judith Dunville) are living in Florida for the time being. I don't know if there is any connection to the Belfast family, although I would think that there probably is. Roy's father Alfred John sadly died four weeks ago. He was the last of his generation and was the youngest of four brothers, James, William, Ernest and Alfred. Their father was called Thomas Ernest and was married to Margaret Christian and he was born in Sunderland in 1886 and died in 1971.

There is of course a whole new generation of Dunvilles and it is quite a large one, all one family and all connected. They live mostly in the north-east, Sunderland, but a few are scattered in Australia and South Africa, and of course our family, now in Florida.

We have researched the name, Dunville, and as far as we know it originates from French fishermen, who landed in Ireland, hence maybe Dunville's Irish Whisky. Some may have travelled to Sunderland which was a huge port and used to be the biggest shipbuilding city in the world.

We would love to hear from whoever you are to see if there maybe is a connection in the name. We know that there are other families in England, in Manchester, Liverpool and Devon, and we have spoke to them and again the families are definitely connected.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Roy and Judith Dunville

The Dunville family of Sunderland are descendants of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878), and of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) of Hunton, north Yorkshire. One of Thomas Dumville's descendants was Thomas Ernest Dunville, born in 1889 in Sunderland. Could he be Roy Dunville's grandfather?

6 May 2006

John Domville born about 1831 in north-east England


I have been trying to trace my Domville roots, my grandmother Jane Ann Domville being born in the north-east of England. Her father was Joshua born Darlington 1849 and his father John Domville born about 1831.

My father did remark during his lifetime that we were related to Compton Domville and now retired I have finally got to grips with the family tree. Any help with this would be gratefully accepted.

Patricia Riddle

Sir Compton Domville (b 1773) was a grandson of Christopher Pocklington (d 1766).

Western Australia
3 May 2006

Elizabeth Dumville

Thanks for a great website - I really enjoyed reading the information on the Dumville family. I am a direct descendant of Elizabeth Dumville and William Ray. I'd be very interested to know if anyone had further information on William's ministry at the New Jerusalem Church.

Fiona Van

Elizabeth Ray née Dumville (1803-1863) was a daughter of Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830).

El Paso
23 April 2006

Capt. McIntosh and Mikell

My husband is a descendant of John McIntosh and Ursela Mikell. We found your site while looking for information on Society Hill for a trip we are planning to learn more about his heritage.

Francie McIntosh

Captain McIntosh and Major Mikell are mentioned in George Windes' manuscript 'The Windes of Society Hill, South Carolina' under the sub-heading 'Croly Hill Plantation'.

28 March 2006

Mary Windes and William Lang

Thank you so much for your information on the Windes family. This has proven most interesting and has likely led me to more of my ancestors. It is very well written. I have sent an e-mail describing my interest in this family.

Bob Ann

Sarah Dumville married Enoch Windes (1765-1834). See George Windes' manuscripts on Enoch and Sarah Dumville Windes: The Progenitors of the Modern Day Windes Family, The Windes of Society Hill, South Carolina and The Windes of Bayou Chicot and Holmesville, Louisiana.

Co. Down
25 March 2006

Hi there. What a wonderful site. I was on your site a few months ago and was wondering if anybody had any photos of the house dating back to 1970 or thereabouts. Be nice to them as I was born close to the house as a child in the 60s. Thanks again for your site. Keep up the good work.

Raymond McCormick

Redburn House was the home of the Dunville family of Northern Ireland.

Tyne and Wear
12 March 2006

Very interesting website! I am very distantly related through the Lawson family of Elizabeth Dumville.

Chris Garrett

Elizabeth Dumville (1830-1907) married Robert Lawson.

7 March 2006

I love your website and often have a 'further read'! I was born Margaret Dunville in Newark, Nottinghamshire - daughter of John Dunville and Lucy Toynbee. Frederick Dunville - born 1880 in Sunderland and married to Margaret Dono was my Grandfather. I now live at Bingham near Newark and was interested in an entry from Lee Dunville who lives in Farnsfield and believes he is the 'last senior' Dunville in the area. I was born in 1933 so perhaps he is not alone! I would love to hear from him. Thank you for the fantastic website.

Margaret Tomlinson

Margaret Tomlinson née Dunville is a great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878).

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia
6 March 2006

Camp Borden and TCTI

My name is Harry Winter and you were my instructor on airports in the air traffic control school at Camp Borden. I was on course ATCA 6401 and if you have a picture of the course I was in the last row second from the left. I ran into you again in Cornwall at TCTI when I was on the VFR controllers' course 8102. ATC has a web site now which has a wide range of info of the trade including pictures as far back as 1948

This message refers to Clifford Dumville, who is a grandson of Joseph (Jo) Dumville (1856-1933) and a leading genealogist.

Elk Rapids
5 March 2006

Another Dumville


I ran across your website while trying to do a little genealogy research on my grandfather, Lloyd Lavern Ross, to have a commemorative plaque placed at our AmVets Building showing his WW I Army Air Corps Service in England and France, since it appears his official military records were lost in a fire at the St. Louis, Missouri storage facility.

Your website came up on my google search since he married my grandmother Harriet Dumville of O'Leary, PEI, where we still go for family reunions including one coming up this summer.

About ten years ago I also spent quite a bit of time developing family tree information and entering it into Family Tree Maker Computer Program. I have been idle in that department for the past ten years, but my brother and sister-in-law did a lot more research last year, and I hope to do more research within the next year or two. Your website should prove helpful.

I have some information from a cousin of my mother, regarding the Lidstone family tree which we may branch off, and the cousin's records from England show us going back pretty much to William the Conqueror if I am able to tie it all together.

Take Care,
Jim Datsko

Jim Datsko's grandmother Harriet Ross née Dumville (b 1885) was a great-granddaughter of James Henry Dumville (1776-c1850).

1 March 2006

Emily Dunville


Have just come across your site, it's great and informative. My grandfather Thomas Lusby married Emily Dunville in June 1897. They had a son Thomas born June 1898. Unfortunately Emily died in childbirth and granddad was left to bring up Tom on his own (with great help from Emily's family!). When Tom was nine years old, granddad married my grandmother, Margaret Bradley, and went on to have three more children, Jennie (died at 21 from pneumonia), Charles and my father Arthur who is a sprightly 91. My dad has often said that the Dunville family took to my nana and she was made to feel part of the family.

Tom grew up in Sunderland and married a lovely lady called Mary. They had one daughter Carrie who is now in her eighties and residing in New Zealand.

I hope this info can be added to your site and if you want any further info, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kath Hughes (née Lusby)

The first wife of Kath Hughes' grandfather Thomas Lusby was Emily Dunville (1875-1898), who was a granddaughter of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878).

1 March 2006

A Relative

Miles, Nice to have met you last year. Enjoying your Web site.

Best Wishes,

Trevor Dumville is a grandson of Joseph (Jo) Dumville (1856-1933).

28 February 2006

My people!!!!

It's so good to see the history of our family and name displayed as it is on this website, and I'm so glad I've found it! Not to mention my dad, Benjie Lee Dunville, who loves keeping up with our family history as well. Best wishes to all!

Brennan L. Dunville

Brennan Dunville is a great-great-grandson of Richard Lee Dunville (1866-1937).

Bardon Mill
26 February 2006

Joseph Moxham

A search for Joseph Moxham found your guest book. I don't think the Joseph Moxham I am related to (he is my grandmother's uncle) is related to your family, but he may be the one referred to by Rose Moxham Aaserude on 15 January 2005. I have a letter written by Joseph Withey Moxham to my grandmother in 1913 when he arrived in Montreal from England. There is also a detailed account of the journey of the family (Joe, his wife Clara, and daughters Doff, Ciss and Nora) from Caerwent in Monmouthshire where they lived to Birkenhead and their voyage as 2nd class passengers on the S.S. Laurentic.

I would love to hear from Rose as to whether this is her Great Uncle Joe.

Julie Gibbon

Alice Moxham (1779-1848) married Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830). Rose Moxham Aaserude contacted Julie Gibbon. Julie's grandmother's uncle Joseph Withey Moxham is Rose's great uncle Joe. Rose met his daughters over thirty years ago in Montreal.

1 February 2006

The Dunvilles

I have the good fortune of being the daughter of Nahja Dees (Dunville) Haagensen and granddaughter of Ralph Emerson and Thelma Dees Dunville. They are a wonderful, kind and generous clan. This site was a marvelous find.

Thank you,
Anna B.

Anna B. is a great-granddaughter of Robert Anderson Dunville (1861-1945).

25 January 2006

William Dunville

My mother-in-law was Annie (Nance) Dunville. She and her parents lived in Sunderland around 1930. Her father William Dunville was born about 1878. My husband John William Bennett was born in her parents' house in 1934. This house was in Briary Vale (Road?). I think number 10.

I would be most grateful for any information on this branch of the family, i.e. if there is a connection.

Lesley Beatrice Bennett née Biggerstaff

Lesley's husband's grandfather was John William Dunville (1878-1964), who was a grandson of Thomas Dumville (1822-1878).

Prince Edward Island
23 January 2006

Hi. My name is Tashia Lilla Milligan. I would be the daughter of John Lloyd and Sandra Adele (née Dumville) Milligan. The granddaughter of Edsel Ford and Mary "Thelma" (née MacNevin). The great-granddaughter of Benjamin Beer and Helen Isabelle (née MacDonald). The great-great-granddaughter of William Caloway Francis and Alice Susannah (née Kinley) Dumville. I find your site very interesting and helpful to help me research my family history for my own children. Thanks so much!

Take care,
Tashia Milligan

Tashia Milligan is the great-great-granddaughter of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

12 January 2006

Very Interesting

It was great to come across your site. I am thinking about creating my family tree and thought I would check and see if I could find any information about my family name. At the present time I don't have a lot of information on this subject. All I have is where the name came from. I was told it also came from England. I will visit your site again.

Shelley Dumville
(great job)

Co. Antrim
9 January 2006


What a wonderful site this is. I stumbled across it while looking up the famous 'Dunville's Whisky'. Anybody visiting these parts must travel to 'Holywood Co. Down' and visit Redburn Country Park (where the Dunville mansion once stood). It's got great views over Belfast Lough.

William Armstrong

Redburn House was the home of the Dunville family of Northern Ireland.

5 January 2006

Old Memories Of 'Redburn House'

I stumbled across the website - simply out of curiosity and as a 'long shot' having entered the word 'Dunville' for my search. Why? Well I am now 44 years old and recalled my time in Northern Ireland, when my father was serving in the army at 'Palace Barracks', Holywood.

At the tender age of seven I would go for walks in the nearby woodland and pass the 'Haunted House', known as Dunvilles'. The year would have been 1968 and I was at the time served all manner of scary tales by older children about the house and its contents.

I left Holywood in 1970 and didn't return until I made a brief visit in the early 1980s. The house was my first port of call and I was saddened to see that it had been demolished - The 'BP Social Club' occupying some of the site. Despite the passing of several decades, I have vivid recollections of the House and Grounds and foremost recall:

The empty cages, from the long defunct zoological collection.
The Game Keepers House - Which was derelict by this time.
The headstones of past, family pets.
An ornate waterfall.
The walled garden (and that many fruit plants still grew, amongst the undergrowth!).
The Coach House and Stable Block - I recall that there were the remains of a large number of 'willow pattern' plates and what appeared to be the decayed remains of a carriage…

The Main House was in a poor condition and I was for some time afraid to enter it - due in part to the lurid stories. When I did so, my main recollections are of the Grand Staircase and being impressed by its scale (particularly given my stature at the time!) and of ornate plaster work and faded colours. The house enchanted me and then and since filled me with a deep sense of sadness and many unanswered questions - mostly as to how it ended up in such a tragic condition.

The website has done so much to inform me and to 'fill in the blanks' - Until this evening I didn't know that the correct name of the property was 'Redburn House'.

I hope my recollections are of interest - Even if they are of a period well after the golden years of Dunville's Whisky and the family itself.

Yours faithfully,
Stephen Robbie

Redburn House was the home of the Dunville family of Northern Ireland.

Victoria, Australia
4 January 2006

DUMVILLEs of Chelford

I saw your website with some interest, having researched Cheshire DUMVILLEs a bit myself over the last year or so. My ancestor, Betty Dumville (b Chelford 1760, d Stockport 1847), daughter of Nathaniel (husbandman of Over Peover) was married to Thomas HALDERN of Astbury. Her brother, John, was married to Thomas' sister, Martha Haldern. Both couples were married in Astbury, Cheshire in 1780.

Thomas and Betty moved first to Over Peover, where two sons were born, and thence to Stockport, where they had 4 more children.

John and Martha lived in Over Peover and then also to Stockport around the same time, having 4 children (the eldest named Nathaniel). Martha died in 1792, and was buried in Chelford. John remarried and had other children in Stockport.

I can only assume the two couples were in touch with their presumed relative Nathaniel Dumville, watchmaker of Stockport, although I have yet to work out the exact connection.

Steve Brown

We have started adding Steve Brown's impressive research to the website: JOHN DUMVILLE (d 1703) and JOHN DUMVILLE of Alderley (1720-1796).

3 January 2006

Dumvilles, Domvilles, Dunvilles, etc.

I first learned some about my history in 1978, but just recently started research. I would love to hear from anyone who has information or would just like to say hello. ty.


Carl Dunville is a great-grandson of Charles Poindexter Dunville (1856-1939).

25 December 2005

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

I am at my daughter Cheryl Ann's (I do not have a computer) & we visited your website, it is great to see all the family names. I wanted to wish my cousin Clifford (Aunt Emily & Uncle Ed's son) & all of his family, Holiday Greetings from me and daughter Cheryl Ann and grandsons Sean & Ryan Conklin.

Thank you for the Dumville Chronicle, I really enjoy reading about all the coming and goings of your family.

Have a great holiday season.

Kathy MacGregor-Lewis is a granddaughter of Joseph (Jo) Dumville (1856-1933).

15 November 2005

Harry Dumville '53 Corvette

Just a note to let you know the '53 Corvette Harry owned and installed a V8 for racing is still running. My dad purchased it in about 1964 and is still in the family and driven in the summer on nice days. Thanks for the web site and the information on Harry.

Dar Becker

Harry Charles Dumville (1907-1992) had a fine collection of classic cars, and was a member of the Antique Auto Club of America.

3 October 2005

Col. Abel Culp

I found your site while researching my ancestor, Col. Abel Culp (Kolb). My mother is a Culp, and I am a direct descendant of Abel. Thank you for the information.

Nancy Ryan Sullivan

Colonel Abel Culp (Kolb) and his monument are described in George Windes' manuscript, 'The Windes of Society Hill, South Carolina'.

26 September 2005

Hello, My name is Dawn Louise Williams. I am Donna Helen Dunville/Williams' daughter. My grandparents are Laurence Joseph Dunville, born in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, and Elva J McDonald/Dunville, who were married in 1936 in Winnipeg. They had four kids Donna Helen Dunville, Joan Marie Dunville, Douglas James McDonald Dunville, and William (Bill) Campbell Dunville. Donna Helen Dunville/Williams has two kids Michael Laurence Williams and Dawn Louise Williams. William (Bill) has three kids, Tammy, Rhonda and Billy Dunville. Douglas James Dunville has two kids, Toni and Doug Dunville.

Thank you,
Donna Helen Dunville/Williams and Dawn Louise Williams

Dawn Louise Williams is a granddaughter of Laurence George Dunville (1896-1957).

St. Catharines
19 September 2005

Adding To The List

Colin Smirthwaite

Thomas Smirthwaite (c1720-1790) was the first father-in-law of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). We received messages for the Guest Book from Geoff Smirthwaite on 15 August 2004, from Jason Smirthwaite on 18 September 2004, from Tracey Smirthwaite on 14 December 2004, from Robert Smirthwaite on 14 January 2005, from May Walker, who is also researching the Smirthwaite family, on 28 April 2005, and from Mark Smirthwaite on 30 April 2005.

23 August 2005


What an interesting site! Some really interesting tidbits of life in the early years of our family history. My brother Kyle has done some pretty extensive research on all of this but since he's the retired one I let him handle it! I'm very proud to be descended from a long line of people who were confident and curious enough to look beyond their comfort zone and discover a whole new life. I believe our branch of the family is descended from William Windes, the circuit riding preacher. But if you know something I don't, please enlighten me. Thanks for having this interesting site.

Sue Windes Krug

William Windes, from whom Sue believes her branch of the family is descended, was a son of Enoch Windes (1765-1834) and Sarah Windes née Dumville (b c1775). The history of Enoch and Sarah Windes and their descendants was researched and provided by George Windes.

20 August 2005

Moxham Family, Longford, Ireland

I have just come on your board, and notice in October 2004 Greg Davy from Canberra asked questions about the Moxham Family of Longford. I am a descendant of them and have a considerable amount of info. Also I am organising a family reunion here in Sydney early next year. I was hoping Greg may see this and get in contact with me or maybe someone may know his email. We would love to see him at the reunion.

Adele Munns

Adele has made contact with Greg. The only person on the website with the surname of Moxham is Alice Moxham (1779-1848), who was born in Berkshire and married Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830).

30 July 2005

James Allison Domville

My husband was James Allison Domville, the only son of Walter James Dumville who changed his name to Domville. I have been looking over your site and found all of this information and some of the similarities to our descendants. I felt compelled to write.

Walter James was born in Prince Edward Island and there is a lot of information on Google about his ancestry. If anyone is interested you can go to Google and type in James Allison Domville. There is a wealth of info there.

James Allison Domville was born in Lockport, Nova Scotia. Graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a BSc. He was a civil engineer who was well respected in his field. Most of his work was done in the province of Nova Scotia. Member of the Association of Professional Engineers. We do have a lot of family history available in places.

He has a sister in Fredericton, New Brunswick who is still living. If you are interested in finding out about this line I will do my best to try to help you.

Janet (Gaillard) Domville

James Allison Domville was a great-great-grandson of James Henry Dumville (1776-c1850).

27 July 2005

Andy Moore, Head Grounds Keeper at Redburn House

Good Afternoon. My name is Paula. I currently reside in Canada. I am doing research on my family history and I found your website. Andy Moore the Head Gardener for the Redburn Estates is my great-grandfather.

Thank you,

Redburn House was the home of the Dunville family of Northern Ireland.

21 July 2005

Joe Rayl Windes

Joe Windes may be a descendant of Enoch Windes (1765-1834) and Sarah Windes née Dumville (b c1775).

15 July 2005

Dumvilles of Prince Edward Island

Excellent website! Job well done. My name is Tim Milligan and originally from PEI, I joined the military in 1996 but still go back to the island often. I'm son to Sandra Milligan, née Dumville, and grandson to Edsel Dumville. I've spent time researching my own surname but never got to my mother's maiden name as of yet. Your site is great and I'm sure I'll be checking in often.

Take care


Edsel Dumville was a son of Benjamin Beer Dumville (1890-1952) and a grandson of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

13 July 2005

Distant Relation

My grandfather's sister Inez married a Dumville, Reverend Charles Benjamin Dumville (1915-1976). I may have met him when I was little, but I don't remember him. He did perform a marriage service for my grandfather back in 1941 while he was in boot camp before the war. Inez is doing well; she visits my grandfather occasionally.

Great site! I enjoyed looking.


Reverend Charles Benjamin Dumville (1915-1976) was a son of James Martin Dumville (1887-1922).

Grosse Ile
5 July 2005

Richard Martin Dunville (Marty as we called him) was my Grandfather … father to my Mother, Dianne Marie Paisley. My Grandmother, June, was Marty's wife. I'm very pleased to see so much great historical information regarding this part of my family tree, including the origins of those from Belfast who started the Dunville Distillery in the early 1800s.

Fantastic website.

Thank you.

Michael Paisley

Michael Paisley is a great-great-grandson of Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896). Michael Paisley's grandfather, Richard Martin (Marty) Dunville, did an enormous amount of research into the Dunville and Dumville families.

15 June 2005

We're related

I've just started looking at my family tree and found your site when looking for infomation about Hunton. I am (I think) a direct descendant of Elizabeth Dumville (born 1830). She is my great-great-grandmother. Thank you for sharing your information. I will read all your pages with great interest.

Jo Papiz

9 June 2005


Hi, I've been reading your web site with great interest. I was born a Dumville, my father being Alan Richard Dumville and his brother Barry. Dad now lives in Plymouth and Barry is in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Both their parents passed away when they were very young and I don't really know of any other family. So if you think you might be related it would be great to hear from you.


Claire is a great-great-granddaughter of George Dumville (1835-1875) and a fifth cousin of the compilers of this website!

24 May 2005


While searching in Google I found your interesting website. I have never thought that a similar name existed in the UK, at least with the same sound. The name of DONVIL exists in Belgium but they are not very numerous. So far our name has never been traced, but my father always told me that this name was Spanish or from the south of France. By the way, in Normandy there is a small village called Donville (just type the name in to see the map*). Reading in your site that this name could date back to the Middle Ages it can always be possible that it is a kind of French dialect. Don is a Spanish word meaning "Lord" and Vil can have something to do with Ville (city or village) or villa (house). Does DONVIL comes from the Spanish conquistadores or has it more to do with Normandy? Anyway it is fine to know that there are Dumvilles in the UK.

Photographer and Reporter

* Type Postcode: '50350' and City, area: 'Donville', select 'France'. The scale of the map can be adjusted on the left side.

24 May 2005

Wife of James A Domville

I was searching Google and I came upon this site when entering my husband's name and birthplace. I was really excited about it and ran off seven pages of ancestry. I am going to continue reading through the whole site.

Sincerely Yours
Janet Domville

James A Domville was a great-great-grandson of James Henry Dumville (1776-c1850).

30 April 2005


Hi, I have researched my side of the Smirthwaite family in Yorkshire and have reached up to 1804.

Mark Smirthwaite

Thomas Smirthwaite (c1720-1790) was the first father-in-law of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). We received messages for the Guest Book from Geoff Smirthwaite on 15 August 2004, from Jason Smirthwaite on 18 September 2004, from Tracey Smirthwaite on 14 December 2004, from Robert Smirthwaite on 14 January 2005 and from May Walker, who is also researching the Smirthwaite family, on 28 April 2005.

28 April 2005

Methley Smirthwaites

I am researching history of Smirthwaite House, Methley and the Smirthwaite and Wigin families who lived there. Would like to know more about the Smirthwaites of Bridge Farm and Hazel Farm please.

May Walker

British Columbia
16 April 2005


The web site is most interesting. Until viewing the web site I never realized there were so many Domvile "cousins" living abroad especially in Canada.

The family may be small but certainly has its share of characters. Stories on the Domviles are very entertaining.

Thank you for your research.

Barry Domvile

Barry Domvile is a great-grandson of Sir Compton Edward Domvile G.C.B., G.C.V.O. (1842-1924).

Prince Edward Island
10 April 2005

Not more Dumvilles! That is all I need ... ha ha

Hi, my daughter Taffy Milligan told me about your site. Nice to be here. There are not many of us around. Like to hear from any of you.


Sandra Dumville Milligan

Sandra is a daughter of Edsel and Thelma Dumville. Edsel Dumville was a son of Benjamin Beer Dumville (1890-1952) and a grandson of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933). Taffy Milligan sent a message to the website on 28 March 2005.

Saffron Walden
8 April 2005

The Dunvilles

Fantastic site. My grandfather was the Dunvilles' head gamekeeper at Redburn and my father was brought up on the estate.

Gordon Thompson

See 'The Dunvilles of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky' and Photographs of Redburn House.

Prince Edward Island
28 March 2005

My mom's maiden name is Dumville.

Taffy Milligan

Taffy Milligan is a granddaughter of Edsel and Thelma Dumville. Edsel Dumville was a son of Benjamin Beer Dumville (1890-1952) and a grandson of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

15 March 2005

The Dunville Family Tree


Just stumbled across the site - wow!! Very interesting to say the least. I've not really studied my family history in any detail but would love to learn more. I would happily like to provide more information for your records if this would in some way help?

My immediate family are located around the Nottinghamshire area of England (Very close to Sherwood Forest - But not related to Robin Hood!) As far as I'm aware, I am the only surviving senior Dunville now as my Father recently passed away and his Father passed away about 5 years ago. I have 3 sons - Samuel, Alexander and William but no senior relatives.

Hope this helps in some way but as I mentioned earlier, I would be more than happy to delve deeper if it will help with your research.

Kind Regards
Lee Dunville

South Yorkshire
23 February 2005

Found Old Bottle of Whisky

Hi, can anyone help me? I have found a full bottle of Dunville's Irish Whisky. It has a reddish label and a lead seal on the top. It has a date of 1900. Can anybody give me a history of my find and is it worth anything?

Andy Williamson

You may be interested to read a copy of a newspaper article about tests which were carried out on some antique bottles of whisky.

21 February 2005

Dumville Family


Just visited the site for the first time, really great site. My grandmother's maiden name was Clara Dumville, who married a Robert Wall, born in Droylsden, Manchester in 1899. Her father was called Joseph, not sure where he was born.


Denise's grandmother Clara Wall née Dumville was a great-granddaughter of John Dumville (1806/07).

Sun City West
19 February 2005

Son of Sarah Martin Dumville

If any other relatives are out and around and reading this infomation, I would love to hear from them! I'm Thomas A. Brooks, grandson of William Carroway Francis Metherall Dumville. Son of Sarah Martin Brooks (née Dumville). Please e-mail me any comments or questions!


Thomas Aldine Brooks

9 February 2005


I am so very pleased to have all this wonderful site. For many years I have longed to find out what happened to the family that were so highly thought of around Holywood Co. Down.

I grew up on Redburn estate which was built in the grounds of Redburn House. I spent my childhood wandering through the grounds, climbing trees, going on long walks up to the top of the hill behind the house with my father and spending many hours looking over Belfast Lough watching sunsets and sunrises. I can still see that magnificent house as it was in my childhood, so majestic. I was lucky enough to see the inside of the house. It was almost as if the family had just left and it was waiting, patiently, I cannot say what for, but I remember standing in the great hall closing my eyes and the house came to life. I could imagine myself gliding down the grand staircase in a beautiful Ball gown and into the ballroom, which to me at the time seemed to go on forever.

I still to this day cannot believe that someone in all their wisdom decided to have Redburn House demolished. I feel it's a tragedy to lose something of such historical value but I am so grateful for the wonderful memories of the House and grounds in which I spent my childhood.

Once again thank you for all the hard work you have put into this site and for bringing so many memories flooding back.

many many thanks

Sonja Johnson

See 'The Dunvilles of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky' and Photographs of Redburn House.

7 February 2005


A message from an ex "Huntoner". My family and I moved to Canada almost eight years ago. We lived at a small farm a little north of Hunton called Wyvill Grange. I remember when I was small that the mole man used to walk the fields. Maybe he was another descendant. Hunton is a beautiful little village. For all that have never been, you really are missing out. My family and I miss it very much.

I was looking at the photograph of Hunton and for a moment didn't believe it was my Hunton, but for anyone who knows Hunton will realize that it is a shot of the ford, the beck looking on the Bremners' house and to the side where the field is, is where Green acres is now.

Good luck with the research.

Chloe Holmes

6 February 2005



I am Jeremy Exelby and am researching our family history.

I was born in Zimbabwe in 1955 - my father is Ronald George Exelby from Yorkshire and my mother is Barbara Exelby née Sheperdson - also from Yorkshire.

Do you know if there is an Exelby Society or something similar to help people trace their family history - alternatively, perhaps you have some information about the Exelbys that you would like to share.

Many thanks

The 1881 census recorded Charles Dumville (1826-1885), a mole catcher, and his family living in Exelby. Some of his family were born in Exelby: his son George in 1848, his daughter Jane in 1858, his granddaughter Leila Jane in 1874, and his grandson George (surname Ianson) in 1888. Exelby is shown on the map of the towns and villages of the Dumvilles in north Yorkshire. We do not know of any ancestors or relatives with the surname of Exelby.

Jeremy, we tried a couple of times to send you a reply but your e-mail service provider would not accept them. Do you have another e-mail address?

Sherwood Park
15 January 2005

Joseph Moxham

I was just noticing info on Joe Moxham as being French. My great uncle, Joe Moxham, came from England and stayed in Montreal. My dad's name was also Joseph Moxham, son of Alfred Moxham, brother to Joe Moxham who stayed in Montreal when they landed in Canada. Just wondering if there is any connection here ... are we related?

Rose Moxham Aaserude

Alice Moxham (1779-1848) married Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830). On 16 October 2004 we received a message for the Guest Book from Greg Davy of Canberra, Australia, asking for information on the Moxham family of the Granard area of County Longford. On 10 December 2004 we received a response to that message from Ed Molloy of Granard, County Longford.

Newport City
14 January 2005

Family Tree

Just came across guest book. I'm from South Wales. My grandparents are from Cardiff and my great-grandparents are from Bath. Grandparents' names are Leighton and Nancy. Great-grandfather is called Laurie and my great-grandmother is Margarie.

Robert Smirthwaite

Thomas Smirthwaite (c1720-1790) was the first father-in-law of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). We received messages for the Guest Book from Geoff Smirthwaite on 15 August 2004, from Jason Smirthwaite on 18 September 2004, and from Tracey Smirthwaite on 14 December 2004.

Robert, we do not seem to have your correct e-mail address. Could you please send a short message to us at so that we can receive it again.

New Brunswick
14 January 2005

Member of Dumville family

I was from the Dumville family that resided on the Gaspe Coast in the province of Quebec. We were raised in a small community on the Gaspe Coast called Fleurant Point. It is now called Escuminac and a few Dumvilles remain there to this day.

My father was Raymond Dumville who was born in 1908 and passed away in 1976. There were six in our family and four of us have moved out of Quebec. I moved to Moncton, N.B. in 1969 and have remained here. My mother, Gladys Dickie Dumville, still resides in Escuminac and was born on July 3, 1919.

Colin Dumville

Colin Dumville is a great-grandson of James Dumville (b 1837).

Belleair Beach
31 December 2004

David M. Dumville, Jr

David M. Dumville, Jr is a grandson of Samuel Lawrence Dumville (1883-1951).

31 December 2004

I am the step-daughter of Kenneth Charles Dumville. My mother, Margaret Luella Dodds, married Kenneth on July 9, 1962. I also have a brother Patrick Wayne Boyd of Viabank, Saskatchewan. I have four step-brothers, Kevin, Richard, Trent, and Lynn.

Connie Luella Sothmann

Kenneth Charles Dumville is a grandson of Joseph (Jo) Dumville (1856-1933).

Red Deer
26 December 2004

It has been a long time since I checked out this web site. I am very impressed. A lot of work has gone into this. Great job.

Kevin Dumville

Kevin Dumville is a great-grandson of Joseph (Jo) Dumville (1856-1933).

previously of Manchester
14 December 2004

Jason Smirthwaite from Sept. 18, 2004

I was looking up our family name (Smirthwaite) when I came across your site. It was most interesting to see a posting from a Jason Smirthwaite (also my brother's name - but the posting wasn't from him) on Sept. 18, 2004. I'm not sure if we are related … our whole family moved to Canada in 1976. If you could send him this message maybe we could be in contact.


Tracey Smirthwaite

Thomas Smirthwaite (c1720-1790) was the first father-in-law of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857).

Co Longford
10 December 2004

Moxham Street

Hi. Just passing looking for some Kiernans in Perth and found your site.

I live in Granard but have very little information on the Moxham family, except to say that they are of French Huguenot stock and also there is a street named after them still in Granard. The family were carters, e.g. horse-drawn vehicles, also they owned property and land. The street was named after them in 1809. I'll try to find out more from some local historians and will let you know the results as soon as I get anything of value. Granard is one of the oldest inhabited towns in Ireland and can be accurately dated back to a document called "The Annals of the Four Masters", which goes back over three thousand years. Its history is very chequered, having being razed to the ground on at least two occasions, moved from its original location to its present location some five hundred years ago. I think its central position allowed it to become a good trading area from the four corners of the country in bygone days, but also this made it an area prone to attack from rival forces etc. I'll research as much as possible, as soon as possible.

Regards to you all.
Ed Molloy

Alice Moxham (1779-1848) married Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830). On 16 October 2004 we received a message for the Guest Book from Greg Davy of Canberra, Australia, asking for information on the Moxham family of the Granard area of County Longford.

6 December 2004

Family Connection

Through researching my own family history I found this site. My Auntie is married to Richard Dumville who is Great Great Great Great Grandson of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). Interesting site!

Stephen Sangster

Richard Dumville is a grandson of George Dumville (1893-1964).

22 November 2004

I Know a Dumville!

I think this web page is fantastic - my friend, Andrew, is also a Dumville and very surprisingly is lovingly nicknamed 'Moley'!

I'm sure he'd be most interested to read through his family history so I shall be forwarding him this page and perhaps I shall get him one of the charming mole mugs for Xmas!

Best, Helen

4 November 2004

Dunville Information

I am the great-great granddaughter of Richard Lee Dunville who lived on and farmed the land in Onton, Kentucky. My father, Jerry Dunville, is still farming that same land. I would be glad to help you update the Dunville family tree and give some insight on points you addressed on your website.

Jerri Anna Dunville

27 October 2004

The Dumville Family

Been looking around your site and found it very interesting. My father's name is Alan Richard Dumville of Plymouth.

Many thanks
Sarah Jane Dumville

Sarah is a great-great-granddaughter of George Dumville (1835-1875).

24 October 2004


Hi There - I read with interest a connection with an I'Anson family with Hunton. I'm doing my family tree which has got me back to Hunton. And looking for a William I'Anson born in Hunton apparently in 1705. But we don't think his parents married until 1710. Unless it was a different marriage. Or second one. Just thought I'd try. Thanks for any help I get.

Brenda Pullan (I'Anson)

Jane Dumville (b 1858), a daughter of Charles Dumville (1826-1885), married John Ianson (b 1856/57). We received a message for the Guest Book from Cheryl Ianson on 9 March 2004.

Australian Capital Territory
16 October 2004


I am researching the Moxham family of the Granard area of County Longford, Ireland. Anyone having any knowlege of this family would greatly be appreciated.

Greg Davy

The only person on the website with the surname of Moxham is Alice Moxham (1779-1848), who was born in Berkshire and married Benjamin Dumville (1768-1830). We do not know where her parents came from. On 10 December 2004 we received a message from Ed Molloy of Granard, saying that there is a street in Granard named after the Moxham family and that he would do some research.

Apple Valley
11 October 2004

Orton Family

I am a descendant of Robert N. Orton from Kentucky. He was my great-grandfather. I find your site very interesting as it relates to the Dumville family. Eleanor Dunville was my great-great-grandmother. If you would like to contact me regarding my tree, please feel free to do so. I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for such a wonderful wealth of information.

Carol Shaffer

Eleanor Dunville (1803-1848) was a daughter of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836).

1 October 2004

Children of Jessie Jean Dumville and James Nelson Gibbs

Can you give me information on the children of Jessie Jean Dumville and James Nelson Gibbs? I have been told their daughter's name was Ruth after a daughter James Nelson Gibbs lost from his first marriage. The information I found in Charlottetown said they had two sons also.

Jessie is the daughter of William Caloway Francis Dumville.

Thank you for your help.

Robyn Lewis

Thunder Bay
20 September 2004

Hello Fellow Dunvilles!

A Big Hello to fellow Dunvilles. My grandfather is the son of George Robert Dumville. Grandfather's name Wilfred Leslie. My father's name Lawrence Leslie.
So very nice to find this web page.
Please keep up the good work.

Thank you..
James Dunville

18 September 2004

Need information

I've been a Smirthwaite ever since I was born, but have had no family since I was 15 and am now 26. I'm just trying to find out as much information about my ancestors which is possible. Please please e-mail me back .

Best wishes

Thomas Smirthwaite (c1720-1790) was the first father-in-law of Robert Dumville (c1767-1857). We do not know of any recent Smirthwaite descendants, other than possibly Geoff Smirthwaite, from whom we received a message for the Guest Book on 15 August 2004.

Alice Town
New Zealand
16 September 2004

Hello as you can see I to belong to the long tree of Holroyds. My grandfather was Fred Holroyd born in Liverpool. He then went on to live in Northern Ireland were I was born. Would you by any chance know of this family?

Jason Holroyd

Nova Scotia
10 September 2004

My father has an uncanny resemblance to Ann Dumville

Hello fellow Domvilles or Dumvilles

My ancestors are by all accounts from North Cape P.E.I. I was looking on your web site and found John and Ann Dumville who are the names of my great great grandparents. Ann bears a striking resemblance to my now deceased father James Allison Domville, son of Walter James Domville and Ella Pearl Hudson Domville. According to any research I have done, my grandfather Walter changed our family name back to Domville (I guess it's obvious why). Any chance they are the same John and Ann?

We all have that high forehead and sunken eyes ... amazing.

Christine A. Domville-Ward

Walter James Domville was a son of John James Dumville (b 1851), who was a grandson of James Henry Dumville (1776-c1850).

30 August 2004


I am researching the Moxham family, Shrivenham and would love to confirm that 'my' Alice Moxham is the correct one that married Benjamin Dumville in 1802. I am not convinced! If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

I have quite a bit on the children of Benjamin and Alice. I live very near to Olney and have been through all the parish records. Have taken a photo of the very well preserved headstone at Olney for Edmund and Pattee.

Happy to help with English research on the Dumvilles and share info.

Very good site and easy to use.

Janet Mears

26 August 2004

Dumville family

A very informative page. My grandmother is Alma Dumville.

Robert Gray

Bladnoch Distillery
21 August 2004

Dunville's only Scottish distillery

As the Northern Irish owner of Bladnoch Distillery in South West Scotland (a short distance as the drunken crow flies from Belfast), I have been interested to see on the distillery's title deeds the references to Dunville's who owned Bladnoch between 1911 and 1937. I managed to acquire a few of the original bottles of Dunville's Whisky, (not for sale) and they do come up from time to time at auction in Glasgow. Pictures on our website

If you are ever visiting Belfast there is a Dunville's lounge bar up near Stormont owned by Russell Bros. It has a lot of Dunville's pub memorabilia and is well worth a visit, as is Bladnoch.


Raymond Armstrong

See also the essay on this website. Click 'The Stories', 'The Distillery Line', 'The Dunvilles of Northern Ireland and Dunville's Whisky'.

20 August 2004

2004 Signing

I'm just re-signing the guest book for 2004. I'm of Kentucky Dunvilles, being Martin Dunville's brother Harry's Grandson. My father Larry and I own the business Harry, Martin and Austin Dunville started in 1947.
Best wishes to us all -

B. Tad Dunville

B. Tad Dunville is a great-great-grandson of Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896).

Huntington Woods
20 August 2004


I am the GGGgranddaughter of Jane Dunville. She was married to Charles King Jackson. Thanks for all the information on the Dunvilles.

Beverly Oglesby

Jane Dumvill/Dunville (1807-1880) was a daughter of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836).

15 August 2004

Robert Dumville and Smirthwaite

I wonder if my family are connected with: Robert Dumville First marriage to - Margery Smothwaite - Father Thomas Smirthwaite?

I am a Smirthwaite and the 100th male in line from Richard Smurfit of Wakefield b1635 - the next generation changed the name to Smirthwait and also Smurthwaite and Smirthwaite. I have a family will - 1750 for Richard Smirthwaite of Outwood Side in the Township of Stanley in the Parish of Wakefield. He was the brother of a Methley Smirthwaite and I have now found evidence of a Richard Smithwaite, yeoman of Bottomboat leaving a Will dated 4 April 1648 yet to be confirmed, so the Smurfit/Smirthwaite is being further investigated. My direct family lived in Methley and were farmers. They lived at Bridge Farm (Methley Bridge 1700s) then Hazel Farm (Family Bible 1842) and in 1861 owned Park Farm all in Methley. I have a painting of the Dairy House on the farm in the 1860s. All these farms are still in use today.

If anyone has any ideas or information about the possible link please contact me. I will be pleased to pass on any information I have to hand.

Geoff Smirthwaite

15 June 2004

Richard Slaton Dunville

Richard Slaton Dunville was my step-father and a fine man, born December 6 1906, died November 25 1987. He had brothers younger than himself. Ashby and Cooney I believe were their names.

J.M. McPherson

J.M. McPherson is a great-grandson of Charles Poindexter Dunville (1856-1939).

Washington State
31 May 2004


I see that Alan Domville is considering issuing a reprint of the book 'We Came With The Conqueror'. I would like to know if the errors will be corrected before the reprint? My photo appeared toward the end, but was credited as being that of my aunt Enid. It was the 'usual' family photo at Donville-les Bans with my grandfather Sidney. I was about nine years old at the time. I have recently sent my copy of the book to Enid's daughter Mary, and would like to replace it.

Thank you.
Ann Hyder
(Ann Elizabeth Domville)

11 May 2004


Hi there. Great grandson of Benjamin. Grandson of Hubert. Son of John. Married to Helen and have 3 sons - Benjamin, Dominic, Jonathan and one daughter Bethany. Belong to Olney side of family I believe.

John Manton Dumville

John Manton Dumville is also a great-great-great-grandson of Thomas Asprey Dumville (1772-1844)

21 April 2004

My father worked for R. E. Dunville

As a kid I remember hearing Robert Dunville's name being mentioned from time to time around the house back in Hamilton, OH. My father was Joseph Cella, who worked at WLW in Cincinnati as Director of Publicity and Promotion from 1957 until shortly after Mr. Dunville's death. Mr Dunville's successor, John T. Murphy, apparently purged the ranks upon taking the helm and my father was a victim of that action. I remember my mother telling me how much my father liked working for Mr. Dunville.

I had been going through some memorabilia of my father's and ran across a few internal WLW publications from the 1960s and decided to check the web for a few names. Robert Dunville is in a few of them.

D. Jan Cella

Western Australia
9 April 2004

Dumville Donville Dunville

Could you please advise the correct spelling of the family name?
As a member of the 1st The Royal Dragoons, I was always lead to believe that John Spencer Dunville was a Dun not a Dum or Don ville.
The exellent web site you have shows Dumville as being the most common version.
If Dunville is not correct then our Regimental History books need to be changed and I am willing to help in that way if I can.
As a member of the band we often played a fanfare called John Spencer Dunville VC.

Paul Graver

This is part of our reply: Yes, the spelling of John Spencer Dunville's surname was with an 'n'. In earlier generations there was a variety of spellings of the name, and the spelling of the name was changed by some branches of the family.

8 April 2004

What fun! I came across this website just by Googling my mother's name. I am the daughter of Allie Glee Dunville Nance, the granddaughter of Clarence W. Dunville of Onton, Ky., who was the grandson of Richard A. Dunville and Sarah Ellen Morris, who are listed on your site. I remember Martin Dunville from the family reunions he organized in Kentucky when I was a young girl.

Mary Ellen Morris

5 April 2004

Dumvilles of Olney

I am one of the direct descendants of old Edmund, the hatmaker, of Olney.
I mailed off copies of everything I was able to find about the Dumvilles of Olney to this site ... perhaps you will see the material posted some day soon.
My compliments to you on your fine work on this web site.

Jim Dumville

We have started to add Jim Dumville's information on Edmund Dumville (c1701-1762) and his descendants to the website.

Royton, Oldham
17 March 2004

I enjoyed perusing your web page. Are the family originally from North East England?

Roger S Norris

We received another message from Roger Norris, not for the Guest Book, asking for information on Marion Bolton and her husband Walter Howard Dumville. Walter Howard Dumville was a grandson of William Dumville (1840-1907).

10 March 2004

Great Site

I have been looking for information about the Dumvilles. This is what I was looking for. I will be back often. Thanks

Helen (Dumville) MacArthur

Helen (Dumville) MacArthur is a great-granddaughter of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

New South Wales
9 March 2004

George Pearson I'Anson

Hello Dumvilles, especially any in the line of Charles Dumville m Jane Pearson, daughter Jane b 1858 Exelby and married to John Ianson of Carthorpe.

According to George I'Anson's m/c his parents were John Ianson and Jane Dumville. At times he has a middle name Pearson.

I have not been able to find sufficient details to obtain a b/c. He is not listed on Dumville page Charles Dumville (1826-1885), however information above leads me to believe I have the right family.

Thankyou for such a clear page of details - as soon as I can prove my George Ianson is definitely a child of this marriage I will be thoroughly into the Dumville page. If anyone can assist please email.


Clifford Dumville found the reference for the 1888 birth certificate for George I'Anson. We have added details of the birth certificate to Charles Dumville (1826-1885): Source Documents.

British Columbia
2 March 2004

Father of Frederic James Domville Of Detroit (1885-1959)

I am trying to identify the father of Frederic James Domville of Detroit (1885-1959).

Frederic James was my grandfather.

Alan Domville, author of We Came With the Conqueror and Mary Percy Ross-Ross (deceased) of Ancaster Ontario have both suggested that Frederic was likely the son of one of the sons of Alderman Charles Kellock Domville (1857-1940) of Wolverton, Cardiff, Belfast, Hamilton Ontario and Woodstock, New York.

Frederic's name doesn't surface in any of the information on that line of Domvilles but there were suggestions that he had been disowned for marrying below his station thereby explaining the lack of information.

He reportedly had a sister Milly and brothers Charles and Herb. The closest fit we can see is Alfred Edward of Hamilton, Philadelphia and Woodstock (1863-1944).

The unsigned photo (attached) is the only reference we have.

If anyone can help us identify the photo it would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Domville

Since he wrote this message, Rob has succeeded in establishing that his grandfather Frederic James Domville (b 1886) was the son of Charles John Domville (b 1856), who was the son of Charles Kellock Domville (1831-1904) and the grandson of James Bell Domville MD (1778-1846). The photograph was of Charles John Domville (b 1856) and it has been moved to the page of photographs of Charles Kellock Domville (1831-1904) and descendants.

Prince Edward Island
25 February 2004

Very Nice Site

This site is so informative with all the photos. I love it.

Mary A. (Dumville) Ellis

Mary Ellis née Dumville is a great-granddaughter of William Caloway Francis Dumville (1854-1933).

18 February 2004


I am a direct descendant of Andrew W Hancock and Elizabeth Claiborn Hancock and am interested in any info anyone has on them or any other of my direct descendants. My direct descendant is also their son Louis Hancock.

Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock is a descendant of Major Hancock, who married in 1765. Three great-great-granddaughters of Major Hancock married descendants of the Dunville family of Kentucky.

3 February 2004

Family Trees - Place named Whitwoodmere, Yorkshire, England


I am researching my family tree and have a marriage certificate for the parish of Whitwoodmere, in the county of York. On searching the Internet, yours was the only reference to this place!

The marriage took place in 1876, but the place does not appear in any modern maps. Do you have a location for this parish? I can only guess it will be near Leeds or Pontefract, as this is where this branch of the Jacksons came from.

Good luck with your family searches. The site looks very good.

Helen Jackson

This is part of our reply: On 28 December 1886 Arthur Dumville (1861-1947) married Jane Beedle (c1862-1940) of Whitwoodmere at the Parish Church of Whitwoodmere in Yorkshire, in the registration district of Pontefract. Whitwood is three and a half miles north-west of Pontefract. Mere means a lake or pond, and so Whitwoodmere could have been by a lake or pond near Whitwood. Whitwood is now adjacent to junction 31 of the M62.

County Durham
20 January 2004

Are the Dumvilles, Domvilles related?

I wonder that because of some spelling mistake on a birth certificate the Dumville name was changed to Domville or did we really come with William?

Michelle Burke (nee Domville)

This is part of our reply: The Dumvilles and Domvilles do seem to belong to the same family, with the spelling of the surname in the family varying over the centuries, using 'u' or 'o', 'm' or 'n', one 'l' or two 'l's, one 'e' or no 'e's, and so on. There is a well-documented line of Dumvilles and Domvilles from Cheshire, which descends from Hugh of Avranches (near Donville, Normandy) and Oxton. He came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Descendants of this line migrated from Cheshire to other parts of England and to Ireland.

12 January 2004

"I didn't know that!"

Incredible! I love this site!

Amber Fedor

30 December 2003

Dumvilles (London)

I am interested to know if there are any Dumvilles living in the New Malden area where I was born in 1955 to Alan and Elizabeth Dumville who both died in the early 1960s.

Alan Richard Dumville

Since we received this message, we have found that Alan Dumville is a great-grandson of George Dumville (1835-1875).

New York
18 December 2003


I did a search and was surprised at how many Dumvilles there are. Your site is very interesting.

Gary W Dumville Jr

Yorba Linda
11 December 2003

American Dumvilles

Enjoyed your website very much. I'm a direct descendant of Enoch Windes (1765-1834) and his wife, Sarah Dumville. They traveled with her parents from Society Hill, SC to Grainger County, Tenn., and finally on to Ste. Genevieve County, Mo. in the decades around 1800. "Dumville" was then used in the Windes family as a given middle name for two generations. Our published family poet was Robert Dumville Windes Jr (1830-1911).

George Windes

11 December 2003

Christopher Domville

11 December 2003

RE: Paul

Regarding Paul, I'm from the greater Manchester area, Bolton. My dad is Paul and grandfather John.

Amy Dumville

9 December 2003

Any relatives out there?

Hello. I am Paul Dumville, son of Arthur and grandson of the late Arthur. We are British and from the north Manchester area. Are there any other Dumvilles from these parts or any funny stories?



New Haven
7 December 2003


I am of the KY Dunville family, now at Yale for graduate school. I came across this website during a Google search. It's really amazing! I'm fascinated by the work of our cousin Martin Dunville, which traces a lot of the KY family's roots. It's great to see so much history from the old country!

Richard Louis Dunville, Jr.

5 December 2003

Very interesting!

There were nine in Dad's family. Not too sure how many brothers or sisters Granddad Dunville had. They were from Gaspe, Peninsula, Quebec. Granddad's name was William Dunville. I will present you with further information when I find out. PS. I didn't really know all the Dunvilles or Domvilles or Dumvilles but I guess there are lots. My son found this site out when he was on the internet and it's very interesting to me.

Garth Dunville

5 December 2003

Oh this is amazing! I'm only 19 and have not known any other Dumvilles. Just at university messin about when I saw this. It's really cool!

Amy Dumville

Prince Edward Island
4 December 2003


Just dropped by your page for another visit. I will have to surf back again to see it all, but I'm looking forward to it. Keep up the great work!

B.B. Dumville

26 November 2003

As you can see I have the same surname and know nothing of the history so all this is very interesting for me. To find out some history is great.

Steve Dumville

28 October 2003

I'm a part of the tree

Just letting you know that I know most of the George Robert Dumville (Dunville) (1865–1938) tree branch. Actually I know the entire Wilfred Leslie Dunville branch b/c he is my great-grandfather, and I have been given the task of taking care of the family tree.
Any questions I'll try to answer.

(Ian James Lawrence Dunville)

• Ian Dunville is a great-grandson of Wilfred Leslie Dunville (1894–1976).

Rhode Island
24 October 2003

Well, I think I better sign this guest book as I am the subject of one of the photos on the site! Thanks very much for compiling all of this information on our wonderful family.

Anthony Charles Dumville

10 October 2003

B. Tad Dunville

• B. Tad Dunville sent another message to the Guest Book on 20 August 2004.

Fort McMurray
6 October 2003

Miss you!

Hi there, great site! Miss you all back there. Hope to see you all Christmas 2003!

Jo Ann Shave

23 September 2003

Just signing in.


S. Lawrence Dumville
Attorney at Law
Norris & St.Clair, P.C.
Virginia Beach, VA.

• Larry Dumville is a grandson of Samuel Dumville (1883-1951).

This message refers to Clifford Dumville:

17 September 2003

Your Website

Good Morning Mr Dumville,

I stumbled onto your website quite by accident last evening while looking for history on the Flying Control School at Grand Bend.

Enjoyed your biography immensely and remembered you quite well as the epitome of an officer and a gentleman.

Perhaps you remember me; l was a Sgt GCA controller in 2 Wing from 1960-1964.

I have not kept in touch with anyone from those bygone days and often wondered where some of the more colourful ones are today. In particular, the SATCO F/L Al Deller, Sgt Bob Young, ex Typhoon pilot and Sgt Harold Smith, ex Air Gunner with two tours of Ops, both unflappable GCA controllers and great mentors.

I was fortunate when l joined up in that many of my colleagues were ex aircrew with wartime experience and so of course were looked up to with a considerable degree of awe. In retrospect, as an 18 year old kid from Saskatchewan, l looked at most people in a uniform with awe and respect. Although l didn't appreciate it at the time, their influence and example were to remain with me throughout my career.

For my part I was privileged to spend a total of 38 years in the RCAF/CAF, 17 of those years in Europe. My last tour as the BWO in Baden-Soellingen. subsequently retired as the ATC Other Ranks Career Manager in 1991. Like yourself l went to work for Transport/Nav Canada until 2000 when we finally called it quits, bought an RV and took to the road. We now spend most of the winter in the southern US and the rest of the year here in Ottawa and travelling in Canada.

It was most enjoyable reading of past events and even more so when the main character is someone that you have worked with.

With best regards,
Lynn H Kent

10 September 2003

The Dumvilles Continue

Hi there,
I had stumbled upon the website one afternoon as I delayed my homework and was amazed by all the information. Obviously you all have been doing your homework. I have always felt that it is important to know who you are and where you come from, and I couldn't be more proud to have come from the Grand Old Molecatcher, Robert. So many wonderful stories, my favorite, however, was the one on the "Black Sheep" of the Dumville family. Also a note for your family tree, actually not so much a note as it is a correction, but anyway, my birthday is September 8th, and you have me listed as the 11th. Anyway, I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress a college kid and I couldn't have been more excited to find this site! Thanks so much for what you have done here!

Robert Graham Dumville
Son of Harry Charles Dumville the 3rd

From the author of the book 'We Came With The Conqueror':

13 August 2003

This is a splendid website packed with information. Had the internet been invented when I started my research things might have been a little easier! As it was we didn't even have photocopiers back in the 1960s! Hopefully, when I get some time, I will be able to add all the Domville family trees to yours.

Best wishes,
Alan Domville

20 July 2003


What a fantastic website. Stumbled across it when I was searching for information on Irish Whiskey. I am the great-great-great-great grandson of Richard A. Dunville as referenced in "The Dunvilles of Kentucky USA" on your website. I have visited both his and his son's grave at the Old Salem Cemetary in Webster County, KY on numerous occasions. There is a wonderful book, The Heyday of Onton, that gives a great description of the Dunville family in Onton, Webster County, KY. Martin Dunville was instrumental in providing much information for that book as well. I will visit often. Thanks again for putting together such a comprehensive site.

Kerry I. Edwards

5 July 2003

Thomas Dunville and Sarah Tongue

Have not completed my tour of your site, what I have seen is VERY interesting. Clifford Dumville referred the site to me after seeing one of my postings. ( not sure if on GenForum, Ancestry, or Rootsweb as I have listings all over the place.)

I descend from Thomas Dunville and Sarah Tongue by way of their eldest child, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dunville Craighead (b 1872/1873 MO d Oct 5, 1945 MO. (Have not gotten a death certificate for her as of yet) Lizzie's Married John Thomas Craighead on Apr. 27, 1892 in St. Louis; their elder son Thomas Gorman (aka Gorman) Craighead(b 5/16/1895 St. Louis MO d Mar 14?, 1941 in New York state) was my grandfather.

I do have death certificates for Thomas Dunville and Sarah Tongue. Thomas' certificates gives "unknown" as parents' names. I know that Thomas was from Leeds, England but do not know if he was born there. Sarah Tongue was born in Brantwood (or Brentwood?) England. Her father was James Tongue, according to Thomas Dunville.

According to the death certificates, Thomas was born on Sep 25 1842 in Leeds England and died Oct 27, 1925 in St. Louis. [I believe the date of birth was not correct, 1880 census he was 34; 1900 census he was 54; 1920 census he was 76?] (informant was his son Walter) Sarah, according to the death certificate, was born Oct 12, 1852 and died Jan 5, 1921 in St. Louis. (informant was Thomas Dunville, her husband)

I have more descendants than listed on your web site, Sarah gave birth to 9 children; 8 were surviving in 1900 (according to the census). I will send those in a later email. The Thomas Craighead Dunville listed on your web site was also my step grandfather. (TOO long a story for here.)

An anxious to see if my Thomas Dunville ties into your Dumvilles. I had hit a huge brick wall in my research of the Dunvilles.


Mary Craighead Nolte

3 July 2003

I enjoyed your website very much. My name is Diane Morgan, daughter of Fredrick Edward Dumville (1925-1997), granddaughter of John Edwin Dumville, niece of Clifford Dumville of Ottawa and Elaine Burrett (nee: Dumville) of Vancouver. I have always been very proud to be a Dumville - I grew up in such a splendid family!

Thank you for all your work!!

Diane Morgan

27 June 2003

Chance Discovery

The chance discovery of this site has most certainly made my week!

Richard Dumville
Great-great-great-great Grandson to the first Robert

British Columbia
20 June 2003

From Domvilles of Canada

Most interesting.

Edward Alan Domville's book "We Came With The Conqueror" suggests that he has not been able to confirm linkage between Domville/Domvile and Dumville. The book is a difficult read and I must go through it again to try and follow more clearly.

I am the only son of Frederic James of Detroit, only son of Frederic, of Detroit and Canada who is believed to have been disowned by his family in England. I'm trying to match family from the couple of photos we have of my great grand father and the few photos contained in Edward Alan's book. I will forward photos once retrieved from my elder sister Joan.

Rob Domville

Since he wrote this message, Rob has succeeded in establishing that his grandfather Frederic James Domville (b 1886) was the son of Charles John Domville (b 1856), who was the son of Charles Kellock Domville (1831-1904) and the grandson of James Bell Domville MD (1778-1846).

South Yorkshire
20 June 2003

My Little Tree

My name is David Arthur Dumville, born 1964 in Pudsey, Doncaster, I think!! I am now married to Dawne Wilson and live in Kimberworth, Rotherham. My father is Arthur Dumville who was born in Bradford and is 66 years of age and he married Marjorie Loxam, also from Bradford. I also have a sister (Kathryn Dumville) who is now married to Gary Parnham. They have two children, Nicole 15 years and Daniel 13 years. That is about as much as I know at the moment but I shall return with more!!!

Speak to you soon.

David Dumville

28 April 2003

Wonderful Site!

What a wonderfully informative and interesting site!
The amount of information collected is staggering and shows an immense dedication to providing a concise history to all the Dumvilles and their relations.

Great work!

Jodi Fedor

Daughter of Kim Dumville
Granddaughter of Clifford Dumville